When do you need nursing care services?

Traumatic events, strokes, falls and surgical procedures can lead to temporarily or permanently homebound. In such cases, nursing care can help you reach your healthcare goals. Our team is committed to providing quality healthcare to everyone who is in need of our services.

Scope of nursing care services

Injections and IV Infusions-

Save the time and money of travelling to a hospital every time for injections and IV infusions. Get an experienced nursing at home to do it for you, at the comfort of your home.

Oxygen administration-

Oxygen administration may be required at different stages by different patients of both acute and chronic problems. Our nurses are diligent and experienced and rightly provide the required care at all times.

Injury care

Wound care is critical as different kinds of wounds heal differently. Our nurses are skilled and experienced to handle all kinds of wound care such as surgical wounds and infected wounds.

Urinary Catheterisation Care

Our nurses are experienced and professionals providing urinary catheterisation care at home. From catheter insertion, catheter removal, to wash, our nurses can address all issues at hand.

Post-surgical Care

A healthy, speedy recovery is a result of good post-surgical care. Get care under the most critical conditions by our experienced nurses in Pune. From pain management to self-care assistance, heal better and quicker with our nurses- at your home, at your convenience.


Get vaccinated against various diseases at your convenience. Our highly experienced nurses handle vaccinations professionally, providing a smooth experience. Stay protected against H1N1, typhoid, hepatitis, and much more with our vaccination facility.

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Why Portea Nursing Care Services?

Our team of in-home nurses is highly trained, professional, and skilful. They are experienced in post-surgical care, wound care, and a wide range of in-home care services. Each nurse is supervised by a senior doctor, making your care even more personalized. If you are looking for nursing care near me, then worry not! We are here to provide supportive relationships to you and your family members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Pune.
Our Nursing carers help you with following conditions –
Wound Dressing | Vital Check | Vaccination | Ryle Tube Insertion | Nebulization | Injection | Infusion | ICU Care | ECG Electrocardiography | Oncology | Catheterisation