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iv drip services at home in hyderabad

Administering a saline drip is a procedure that is most commonly followed in hospitals during the treatment of a person. However, for some individuals, visiting the hospital during their treatment is not possible. For them, getting a saline drip at home is one of the most suitable options. It is important to make sure that the person administering the IV drip is qualified and an expert in the related task. So, that is why most individuals choose trained nurses for the job. You don’t have to go to the hospital again and again to get the IV drip. 

Choosing the IV drip at home in Hyderabad will allow you to get the procedure done from the comfort of your own home. This way, you don’t have to wait in lines at the hospital. During recovery, staying at home is the best way to speed up the process. You can be near your near and dear ones during the recovery. In order to avoid the additional stress of going to the hospital, it is important to choose at-home IV drip services. You can experience the best medical attention and care if you opt for this service. 

why do you need saline/iv services at home? 

IV Drip services are a common practice in hospitals. But for some individuals, going to the hospital can be a challenging task. Whether it is due to any illness or an injury or your age, it is important to have these services at home to ensure the comfort and care of a person at home. This is one of the main reasons why you need to choose the at home IV treatment. With the help of this service, you will be able to recover at your home while the trained professionals come to your door and administer the IV in the most professional and convenient manner. 

benefits of having iv drip at home in hyderabad


There are many benefits of choosing the at home IV treatment but perhaps the most important one is comfort. It can be difficult for people to reach hospitals due to their illnesses and injuries. So, in that case, having the service come to your home will be a more convenient option for sure. 

Safe for Children 

When it comes to administering IV drips to children, it is important to ensure the utmost attention and care. This is where trained nurses can help a great deal. They will not only administer the IV properly but will also take care of the child. 

Saves Money 

Another main benefit of using the IV drip at home near me is that you can save a lot of money in the process. You don’t have to worry about spending money during hospital visits. Not to mention that you will be saving a lot on transportation charges and doctors’ visiting fees. 

No Risk of Infection 

Visiting hospitals can sometimes be risky for people who have a weak immune system. They often have a high risk of catching germs and viruses that can further worsen their health. That is why choosing the IV drip at home services can actually be a great help for sure. 

how portea helps?

Infusion treatment can be a tricky thing when you are getting it at home. However, with the at home IV services of Portea, you can ensure that the best infusion treatment is provided to you and that too at affordable rates. The nurses here are completely trained for the jobs and the specialists have proper knowledge about the therapy and procedure. The nurses are kind and sensitive to ensure that you get the best medical attention and care while the IV therapy is proceeding at your home.

Portea also offers the best prices of 12/24hr Nursing Care In Hyderabad near you with some of the best doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to help you heal and recover comfortably at home.

With Portea, you’re not just getting a infusion services in hyderabad in hyderabad; you’re gaining a partner in your journey to recovery and well-being. We also offer a range of superior healthcare services, including doctor consultations, medical equipment, physiotherapy, and dedicated trained attendants

iv drip at home near me

Your endless search for a quality and reliable ‘Iv drip near me’ or ‘Iv drip services at home near me’ ends here with Portea home healthcare Hyderabad. So, just give us a call and allow us to take care of your loved one and nurse them back to good health.

We also offer services such as nebulization, ICU care, injection, mental health care, post operative care at home and so on. Rely on us for top-tier healthcare solutions tailored to your requirements.


Q – What is the qualification of the nurses providing iv drip service at home?

A – The minimum qualification that is required for a nurse is to have a B.Sc. Nursing degree and at least 2 years of work experience in the related field of service. 

Q – How long the nurse visit for iv drip visit will last?

A – If you opt for a service of Saline IV near me, the normal duration of the nurse visit will be around 2 hours based on the complication of the procedure.

Q – Can I ask the nurse for iv drip at home to do other tasks, like giving injection”?

A – Yes, you can ask the nurse to give you an injection if there is an immediate requirement. 

Q – How many times can I book iv drip at home service at home?

A – You can book the services as many times according to your health requirements and dosage times. 

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