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what is short term nursing care?

As the name implies, short term nursing home care is when a care arrangement is required for a short length of time, often to support a person who has either left hospital following a period of sickness or surgery, or for people in need of convalescent care. Short-term nurses give nursing care for 1-4 hours or for a set amount of time. Short-term nursing care is medical aftercare that is provided temporarily following surgery, injury, or another medical condition that is expected to improve. It can be utilized by a family who needs to take a vacation from caring for a loved one. Many people feel that if they require short-term care, they must go to a residential care facility or a hospice for individuals who require palliative care.

Short-term home care provided by a trained and experienced live-in caregiver and supported by clinical experts, is a real option that allows a person to be cared for in the comfort and familiarity of their own home, with their family around them for support, while minimizing as much unnecessary disruption to their routine as possible. According to a recent poll performed by the Live-in Care Hub, 97% of respondents would prefer to receive care in their own home if given the option.

Short Term Home Nursing Care services begin on the recommendation of a medical practitioner, and some of the fundamental medical treatments that a nurse at home in a particular city may provide:

  • Diet and nutrition monitoring for the patient
  • Regular check-ups as prescribed by the doctor 
  • Monitoring of blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate
  • Ensuring the patient’s safety at home
  • Educating the patient on the need of self-care.
  • Regularly updating and coordinating with the doctor to ensure optimum health care.

A few things you may do before obtaining Short Term Home Nursing services to get the most out of home healthcare are as follows:

  • Make a personal emergency checklist.
  • Prepare your prescriptions and reports, as well as a list of your doctor’s contacts.

what is short term nurse do?

A Short Term Nurse is responsible for taking care of the wounds, and injecting the necessary injections or IV infusion (only if required). Taking care of Stoma, Catheterization, and Vaccination conducting all the vital checks including ECG at home, blood pressure, diabetes check, heart rate and others to ensure the patient’s recovery status is well and good.

Post-Surgical Care and Oxygen Administration is also one of the responsibilities of Short Term Nurse which also includes the task of wound dressing.

when you need nurse for short term service?

The short term nursing care is required during the following situations:

When an alternative to hospitalization or placement in a nursing home is needed?

Receiving short-term live-in nursing care can help you avoid hospitalization and readmission after surgery or sickness. A live-in caregiver may assist you with everyday duties such as dressing, while also assisting with house maintenance such as cleaning and cooking. Having that extra support can help lower your risk of falls and other issues following a hospital stay.

To help with end-of-life care

Short-term live-in care can also be quite beneficial near the end of life. A short-term caregiver can assist you and your loved ones in accomplishing specific goals, such as preparing the home for at-home palliative care or developing a care routine that your loved ones can offer in the later phases.

why choose portea for short term nursing home care?

Portea is the country’s most dependable and high-quality home nursing service provider, with a strong team of trained physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, and home healthcare aides to assist you obtain the best medical care at cheap rates, all in the comfort of your own home.

short term assisted living near me

You no longer need to worry about attending a clinic or hospital and aggravating the injury now that Short Term Nursing Services are available at home. Simply Google Short Term Nursing Services near me to schedule an appointment with one of Portea’s skilled and experienced in-home nurses. You will be assisted by the best-trained nurses in resuming your usual life as soon as possible.


Which cities can avail Short Term Nursing Services at home?

Currently, our Short Term Nursing Services are offered in major Indian cities including: Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, Hyderabad, and Mumbai and more. Please visit the link to check the places where Short Term Nurse availability is present.

How to find find a Short Term Nurse near me?

To discover Portea Short Term Nurses near you, you may book online, request a call back on our website, or just contact 1800 121 2323. Our experts will put you in touch with the most qualified nurses in your area who can treat your ailment.

Can I choose nurse of my choice from the available list at Portea?

You can select the nurses but Portea would recommend the best nurse required for your patient’s specific needs. 

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