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what is nebulization?

Nebulization is a form of respiratory care. It is the medical process of administering medication directly by inhalation, with the help of a nebulizer that converts liquid medicine into mist, which is then given to the patient with the help of a breathing mask. Nebulization is typically administered to young patients with Asthma, COPD and patients needing respiratory care for other breathing problems and is unable to use inhalers. Nebulisation is sometimes also prescribed for severe cases of nasal and chest congestion.

nebulization procedure

The nebulization procedure in nursing is fairly simple however, caution needs to be exercised. The steps to be followed for the nebulization procedure are as follows;

  • Wash your hands properly.
  • Make the patient sit in an upright position.
  • Check the breath sounds, pulse rates and respiratory status.
  • Explain the breathing process to the patient during the therapy.
  • Then connect the hose of the nebulizer to an air compressor.
  • Then fill the medicine cup with the required medication and appropriate saline solution as prescribed by a doctor.
  • Connect the hose and mouthpiece or breathing mask to the medicine cup.
  • Now place the mouthpiece firmly in between your lips, if using a breathing mask attach the mask properly.
  • Then inhale the mist being sprayed on with the slow deep breaths.

In case of nebulization being given to infants take extra care and hold the baby and the breathing mask firmly in place.

effect of nebulization:

After undergoing a nebulization nursing procedure the effects are almost immediately seen with noticeable difference in breathing sounds and no further wheezing sound and less chest tightening feeling. Patients with nose and chest blockage also find instant relief from this therapy.  

Side Effects of Nebulization:

Although rare, some patients have been known to develop negative reaction to the nebulisation process like;

  • Vomitting
  • Tremors
  • Headache
  • Tachycardia
  • Broncho – spasms

nebulizer care

When using a nebulizer at home it is essential that proper care is taken regarding the care of the nebulizer, as the machine and the mouthpiece can build up bacteria over time. The mouth piece should be clean after every use with alcohol or hot water. If the hand held nebulizers gets clogged it should be replaced immediately.

advantages of nebulization:

The advantages of nebulization are as follows;

  • Nebulization therapy comes in really handy for little kids who are unable to use any other inhalation device.
  • Nebulization is also quite helpful for the elderly who can’t organize inhalers.
  • Nebulization is extremely helpful in an intense asthma attack situation at home for self use.
  • Having a nebulizer at home serves as a great mental boost to the patient that viable help is nearby in case of need.
  • Some extremely serious asthmatics get more help with nebulized drugs as compared with the standard inhaler devices available.

disadvantages of nebulization:

The disadvantages of nebulization are as follows;

  • The cost of nebulization treatment is higher as compared to normal asthma medicine inhaler. For a short period of time the high cost of nebulization treatment would not make any difference but in the long run the high cost can become a cause of worry for most.
  • There are odds of transmission of contamination from unsterile chambers or tubing into the lungs, particularly after long term utilization.
  • A considerable measure of medication is wasted through the vapor that escapes from out from the side of breathing apparatus.

about nursing services for nebulization at home:

Nebulization is a fairly simple process that can be easily accomplished even at home with some training from a doctor or nurse or better with the help of a trained nurse. Even though nebulizers might be easier to use than metered-dose inhalers, you might need good at home respiratory services to ensure the right use of nebulizers and smooth nebulization.

Trained and caring nurses for nebulization provide optimum respiratory care at home and teach the patient the right way of using nebulizer in order to facilitate positive, effective results and avoid any complications. Skilled nurses at providing home respiratory treatment take great care while you use nebulizer in comfort of your home. They train you in the correct breathing procedure during the nebulization process so you can obtain maximum benefit of nebulization and have noticeable relief in a short span of time. Nurses carefully monitor you as you use nebulizer, particularly if oxygen is being delivered simultaneously, and provide the best respiratory care at home to prevent the risk of possible complications. Nurses for nebulization at Portea provide the best quality home respiratory therapy services for nebulization at home for all age groups, no matter whether the patient is a kid, adult, or an elderly.

3 amazing advantages of getting at home respiratory treatment:

  1. Nebulization In Comfort Of Your Home: Trained and caring nurses teach you the right use of nebulizer and help you with smooth nebulization in the comfort of your home. With respiratory home health care services, you need not travel all the way to the clinic or hospital to meet your nebulization requirements. Moreover, pollution can have adverse effects on your respiratory problem, so it’s better to avail of at home respiratory therapy services and fulfill your medical requirements in a cool and unpolluted environment.  Nurses take the right care and educate you with the right breathing techniques in your home when you need nebulization therapy.
  2. Careful Nebulization For Kids And Elderly: Nebulization for kids and elderly can be a daunting task, as kids and aged individuals may not be aware of the right use of nebulizer. Also, kids might get panicked or scared of nebulization. However, caring nurses for nebulization would visit your home and manage patients of all age groups, no matter whether it’s a kid or aged person who need nebulization, and help the patient receive the treatment properly and safely. Also, nurses as part of the home respiratory services take all the necessary care to prevent the risk of complications and help the patient get relief as soon as possible.
  3. Relieves You From Worry In Your Absence:  If any of your family members happens to need nebulization when you are away from home for work, you need not have to worry about your beloved one. You can always count on our at-home respiratory treatment for nebulization to help your dear one receives the best nebulization care and assistance in your absence. Trained nurses acquaint the patient with the right techniques to use nebulizer properly and safely and ensure smooth nebulization in your absence conveniently at your home.

nebulization at home

So, if you need home respiratory services for nebulization in your place of abode any time any day, simply give us a call and our expert nurses will visit you to ensure you have smooth, complications-free nebulization.

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