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nursing care in chandigarh

Are you looking for nursing care in Chandigarh? Well, you have come to the right place! Portea in-home nursing services have made it possible for you to get the nursing care you need in your own homes. We are the providers of quality nursing services and we deliver them with utmost compassion and care. Your wellness means the world to us! Get in-home Nursing Care Services in Chandigarh.

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what do we mean by in-home nursing care services?

It comprises of all the nursing services you receive in a medical institution, but now in the comfort of your own home. That’s right, no need to go to the hospital every now and then. Treat long-standing illnesses with better, more efficient means in your home.

Home nursing care services is nothing but availing the services of a professional nurse, to provide medical care to patients, in the comfort of their home. Home nursing services include both medical and non – medical care, like – elderly care, caregiving, wound care, vaccinations, ostomy care, palliative care, respiratory care, catheter care, ICU care and much more. Home nursing services in Chandigarh can be availed for long term or short term depending upon the patients condition and need.  Portea is the leading home nursing services provider in Chandigarh that offers both full time and part time nursing services.

what are the different kinds of home nursing services available in chandigarh?

There are a number of medical and non – medical care coming under the purview of nursing services, most of of which can be easily availed at home with the help of a skilled and experienced nurse. Some of the many home nursing services offered by Portea Chandigarh include;

Home nurse for wound dressing: As simple as it may appear, wound dressing still requires the expertise of a professional nurse, whose services you can easily avail at your home, through Portea home health care. The professional nurse would assess the type and condition of the wound and make appropriate decision regarding the type of dressing to be used and the care required

Home nursing care services for blood cancer:  Home nursing care plan for a blood cancer patient include – monitoring body temperature, documenting correlation between elevation of body temperature and chemotherapy treatment, prevent chilling, encourage frequent turning and deep breathing, auscultate breath sounds, providing thorough skin care and encourage increased intake of food and fluids.

Home nursing care services for Lung Cancer: Portea’s home nurses are fully trained to provide respiratory care to lung cancer patients and support the patient by maintaining patent airway by positioning, suction or use of airway adjuncts, assist with deep breathing exercises, observe patient’s response to activity, encourage rest periods and limit activity as per the patient’s capacity.   .

Nursing care services for Ryle tube insertion: Ryle tube Insertion at home is a delicate procedure and our home nurse can help you in it in the most nimble and painless way possible. Besides that the home nurse would also be required to slightly change the position of the tube every 24 hours, assess the patient’s serum electrolytes and monitor their skin condition especially the nares

Nursing care services for Cerebral Palsy: Our home nurse can help cerebral palsy patients through therapeutic communication, build their self – esteem, provide emotional support, prevent injury and deformity, encourage mobility, enforce therapeutic measures, increase oral fluid intake and manage sleep, rest and activity periods.

Post-surgical Care: Recovering in the hospital after a surgery is a rather stressful experience than it is supposed to be otherwise. Save yourself the ordeal and recover at home now with the help of our nurses.

Injections and IV Infusion: Nursing at home can be exercised for various other procedures like Injections and IV Infusion. Get this service in Chandigarh now while enjoying the dignity and serenity of your home.

Catheterization: Nursing nearby is one of the best options to be chosen for Catheter care. We understand the trouble that comes with it and aim to ease you out with assistance like insertion, removal and wash.

Post-surgical Care: Recovering in the hospital after a surgery is a rather stressful experience than it is supposed to be otherwise. Save yourself the ordeal and recover at home now with the help of our nurses.

why portea nursing care services?

Nursing Care services in Chandigarh by Portea aims to provide the best nursing care you can ever experience. Our staff of the doctors, nurses and related technicians are the best in business who exhibit as much compassion as they do professionalism. We understand our role in getting you in the best of health as quickly as possible and we vow to deliver on it!

If you are looking for nursing care near me in Chandigarh, check out our website now and find out your suitable plans. Or better yet, give us a call and get talking with us.

what are the prime responsibilities of a home nurse?

 The prime responsibility of a home nurse is to provide one – to  – one attention and care to the patient. Some of the many tasks that a home nurse might be required to do in this regard include;

  • Monitoring vital signs and symptoms
  • Monitoring the patient’s daily diet and nutrition
  • Administering medications and IV as indicated
  • Giving sponge baths if needed 
  • Regular check-ups as indicated by a doctor
  • Pain management
  • Educating and informing about coping mechanism
  • Ensuring the safety of the patient in their home

what are the benefits of home nursing services in chandigarh?

There are several advantages to availing this new age home nursing services offered by Portea, like;

  • It is far more convenient and easy than traditional medical care at hospitals/clinics.
  • It boosts the mental condition of the patient by enabling them to recover at home amidst family members, thereby facilitating a faster and better recovery process. 
  • It helps in cutting short hospital stays in cases where the patient does not require intensive monitoring and medical procedures, thus, helping you save money on hospital bills.
  • Home nursing services also enables the patient to get a more personal and one – to – one attention from the visiting doctor/nurse.
  • Home nursing services also eliminates the need for travelling to the hospital/clinic to seek medical care thereby, resulting in a lot of time and money saved on commuting. Thus, making home nurse in Chandigarh cost effective and affordable. 

how to prepare for home nursing services?

Some of the preparation required prior to the home nurse visit include;

  • Listing out emergency family contact numbers
  • Listing out your doctor’s and physician’s number
  • Listing out the list of issues and tasks you want the home nurse to address
  • Getting all your reports and prescriptions sorted and in one place
  • Wearing loose and comfortable clothing to aid physical assessment by the home nurse

how can we help?

At Portea we offer world class medical and non – medical nursing services to patients in their home. Our team of home nurse Chandigarh are fully trained and experienced to carry out a range of skilled medical care in the patient’s home and assist them in making recovery and reclaim and maintain a better quality of life. 

Potea’s nursing team comprises of both male and female nurse so a patient can choose between them depending upon their comfort level. You can also avail the services of our home nurse in Chandigarh on fulltime or part – time basis as required by your treatment plan.  

why choose portea?

Portea home nursing services is one of the best home nursing services in Chandigarh offering the expertise of some of the best doctors, nurses and health aides in Chandigarh. What sets Portea apart from other home healthcare providers is the high quality of care and the doctors/nurses/caregivers compassionate approach towards the patient thus, healing them both physically and mentally. Just give us a call and experience our world class home nursing care service delivered to you in your home.  

home nurse near me

If you are looking for a reliable and quality home nurse near me in Chandigarh, then Portea is your one stop answer to affordable, reliable and quality nursing services at home. Don’t keep suffering from pain and get the quality medical care you need in the place you love.

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Mr. Raj Shekhar

Age 32, Chennai

My father had a surgery and required regular healthcare services. Portea has greatly helped him with their in-home healthcare services.

Portea has started home infusion of cerezyme 0.8 (cerezyme replacement therapy) of gaucher disease. From past 5years. I have been undergoing ERT at Delhi hospital. But now with the help of Sanofi Genzyme, Portea done our first home infusion of cerezyme. The team which visited our home (Raghvendra sir and pramod) in this thought condition COVID and rainy weather on time and attended us were highly professional. From the very first step till the and of therapy they did everything very well. They took every percuations, share every details with as regarding home infusion of cerezyme , used every necessary equipment (infusion pump) for therapy, monitored us thoroughly. This new intiative for ERT is very nice and impressive. Thank you Raghvendra sir Thanks to portea and Sanofi for this arrangement.

We would like to put on record that we found the services of Nurse Jeesha and Nurse Sridevi to be excellent. They were competent, dedicated and compassionate Nurses who were able to establish a good rapport with the patient and the family caregivers. Your Nursing Supervisor Anthony Michael responded promptly and effectively to our communications. We would be happy to recommend the services of Portea.