What is in-home-nursing service?

It comprises of all the nursing services you receive in a medical institution, but now in the comfort of your own home. That’s right, no need to go to the hospital every now and then. Treat long-standing illnesses with better, more efficient means in your home.

Our range of services

Injections and IV Infusion-

Nursing at home can be exercised for various other procedures like Injections and IV Infusion. Get this service in Chandigarh now while enjoying the dignity and serenity of your home.


Nursing nearby is one of the best options to be chosen for Catheter care. We understand the trouble that comes with it and aim to ease you out with assistance like insertion, removal and wash.

Post-surgical Care

Recovering in the hospital after a surgery is a rather stressful experience than it is supposed to be otherwise. Save yourself the ordeal and recover at home now with the help of our nurses.

Oxygen Administration-

Oxygen therapy is now made easier with the option of exercising it at home. Get the best units installed at your home and avail round-the-clock care.

Recovering from Injury-

Our nurses will take care of your daily tasks to allow you seamless and smooth recovery from a painful injury. Get in the best of health faster, better.

Assisting ageing family member-

From bathing to light housekeeping, our nurses will assist you with everyday tasks of elderly family members. We help with daily needs and provide a positive environment with the best we can – we help them achieve the best of health, both mentally and physically.

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Why Portea Nursing Care Services?

Nursing Care services in Chandigarh by Portea aims to provide the best nursing care you can ever experience. Our staff of the doctors, nurses and related technicians are the best in business who exhibit as much compassion as they do professionalism. We understand our role in getting you in the best of health as quickly as possible and we vow to deliver on it!

Our Nursing carers help you with following conditions –
Wound Dressing | Vital Check | Vaccination | Ryle Tube Insertion | Nebulization | Injection | Infusion | ICU Care | ECG Electrocardiography | Oncology | Catheterisation

If you are looking for nursing care near me in Chandigarh, check out our website now and find out your suitable plans. Or better yet, give us a call and get talking with us.