Physiotherapy is one of the best choices if you are experiencing chronic pain. It can help you reduce or eliminate the need for medications or surgery over time. Get Physiotherapy Treatment in Chennai whether you are suffering from a sports injury, frozen shoulder or a lingering back pain. As per World Federation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), Physiotherapy is the treatment performed to develop, maintain and restore the maximum movement and functional ability of the body. If you are new to Chennai, then you can Google Physiotherapist near me to find the best physiotherapists around you. A physiotherapist will help you maximize the function, strength, and movement of the body.

It helps in the improvement of everyday functions. For people, suffering from cerebral palsy, physiotherapy reduces deformity. Restoring gait, regaining strength and flexibility, rehabilitating motor skills are some of the tasks that can easily achieve by physiotherapy. With its simple as well as complex techniques, physiotherapy helps the body to heal internally.

What are the Types of Physiotherapy?

Depending on the different parts of the body, here are the 4 common types of Physio treatment:

1.Neurological Physiotherapy

All the issues that affect the nervous system are assessed and treated by Neurological physiotherapy. The most common issue with the patients involves stroke. After a stroke, some parts of the body are compromised. The Neurological physiotherapy helps the body regain mobility in the affected areas. It also involves treatment of diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and Motor neuron disease.


Cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions like pulmonary fibrosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and heart attacks are treated using the cardiopulmonary physiotherapy that includes cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy. It improves endurance and functional independence.


All the parts of the body included in the musculoskeletal system like ligaments, joints, tendons, and bones use Orthopedic physical therapy. Most of the sports injuries use the orthopedic physiotherapy. Usually, there is a clinical assessment by the physiotherapist and accordingly, treatment is done. The physiotherapist aims to treat the underlying issues. It provides relief from pain, improved flexibility and strength, and restoration of the full functioning of the body.

4.Geriatric Physical therapy

The geriatric Physical Therapy mainly focuses on the old adults’ mobility and movement. It is used in the treatment of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, Joint balance and replacement, osteoporosis, and arthritis. It reduces pain, accommodates physical limitations, and improves physical fitness.

Common physical conditions which can be treated using physiotherapy
Back Pain | Knee Pain | Arthritis | Cerebral Palsy | Joint Pain | Paralysis | Parkinsons Disease | Sciatica | Shoulder Pain | Spondylitis | Stroke

Apart from these, there are several other physiotherapy techniques. Here, are a few of them:

Joint Mobilization and Manipulation

As the name suggests, this treatment is very common for issues regarding the movement range of the joints. This technique is used to treat the pain caused due to the stiffness of the joint. Physiotherapist use high-velocity movements to improve the movement range of the joint and also realign the joints.

Manual Traction

This technique is used for people who need to address the issues related to the cervical and lumbar spine disc. In this technique, the neck and the back are massaged gently that relieves the pressure on the affected area. It not only help you get rid of the pain, but also limits the tension and spasms in the muscles.

SpiderTech Kinesiology Therapy

This type of physiotherapy uses the kinesiology tape. It is mostly used to restore the strength of the injured area. It modulates the myofascial dysfunction. Any area where the motion range is restricted, it improves the mobility. Basically, it accelerates the recovery process.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is used to speed up the healing process. It improves the blood circulation at the site of the injury. It also helps in relieving the pain and softening of the tissues. You can use Diathermy, Infrared heat, ultrasound and hot packs.

Electrical Stimulation

In this technique, electrodes are put on the skin’s surface. It is used to prevent muscle atrophy in people suffering from paralysis. It helps in providing muscle strength.

Dry Needling

It is similar to acupuncture because of the use of filament needles in the process. But, the difference is that it aims a specific tissue within the patient’s muscles and stimulates it to get rid of the pain. This therapy is used in combination with other therapies. It forms a more intense pain-relief therapy.

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Physio at Home in Chennai

Get Physiotherapy in Chennai to treat various neurological diseases including Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and cerebral palsy.

With some exercises and training, problems like shortness of breath and reduced endurance can be overcome by cardiopulmonary conditions. With a healthy lifestyle, physiotherapy can make a huge difference in the person’s motor abilities. It is the key for better physical functions for chronically ill people. Get in touch with us at Portea to find the best Physiotherapists around you or search Physiotherapy near me.


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