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the best physiotherapists in mysore

Portea offers one of the best home physiotherapy service at Mysore and is highly sought after by the people of Mysore . What sets Portea physiotherapy at home Mysore apart from others is its team of highly qualified and experienced team of physiotherapists.

Portea has tied up with some of the best physiotherapists in Mysore specialising in varied branches of physiotherapy. Some of the prominent physiotherapists in Mysore associated with Portea are;  

  • Sohan Raj – muscosketal and sports – MPT – 14 years of Experiance
  • Arjun – MPT – 10 years of Experiance
  • Swati – muscosketal and sports – MPT – 1 years of Experiance

physiotherapy – overview

Physiotherapy is a therapeutic process in which the trained professional/physiotherapist examines the root cause of the injury and assists patients with particular exercises, manual therapy such as massages, etc.

Physiotherapy treatment is highly effective as it prevents a range of health conditions and promotes physical well-being. It helps you avoid the need for surgery, restore functional ability & movement and maintain physical strength.
Moreover, the best part of physical therapy treatment is that there are no side effects and helps you to get rid of the problem from its root completely.

best physiotherapists in mysore

Your health is of paramount importance to us. Hence, we focus on delivering reliable and world-class healthcare services with utmost care. Portea home healthcare is well known for superior & well-experienced physiotherapists that provide the best physio treatment within the comfort of your home.

what are the benefits of physiotherapy at home in mysore?

  • Travelling to and from the physiotherapist can be troublesome. Without having to undergo the pain of travelling, you can relax & receive treatment from Portea’s highly experienced physiotherapists comfortably at home with just a phone call.
  • Receiving treatment at home is cost-effective as you save on the travelling costs along with personalized care & attention from the physiotherapists, which is not possible at a clinic or hospital.
  • As observed, in a familiar environment along with family support, patients tend to recover at a much faster pace rather than they would in a hospital. Plus, your on-house call physiotherapist can always guide and educate on the treatment plan to the family members at home.

The best thing about Portea’s at-home treatment is that the physiotherapist can visit your home at your convenient schedules rather than the other way round.

what are the different types of physiotherapy we provide?

Portea, Mysore offers world-class services in several categories of physiotherapy treatment. Our services mainly include:

  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in Mysore
  • Geriatric Physiotherapy in Mysore
  • Sports Physiotherapy in Mysore
  • Neurological Physiotherapy in Mysore

how to get physiotherapy at home in mysore?

If you are looking for an affordable yet renowned home physiotherapy service, Portea ensures reliable and the best healthcare services in Mysore. Your health matters to us, hence with the help of our team of physiotherapists that are well-resourced plus caring you will heal faster, recover soon and gain full mobility.

To receive the best treatment at home, call Portea’s home healthcare services and schedule an appointment at your convenience. You can also go on our website and book an appointment.

what is the cost of physiotherapy in mysore?

We focus on providing the best and quality physiotherapy healthcare services in Mysore. The services and assistance given by our physiotherapists are quite affordable and cost-effective. The treatment plan charges are dependent upon varied factors listed below:

  • The type of physical therapy treatment being requested
  • Number of physio sessions needed
  • Severity and diagnosis of the problem 
  • Duration of the treatment.

Portea’s Physiotherapy Cost in Mysore starts at Rs. 450 per visit.

Other Major cities cost as below-

CityStarts price*/visit ( in Rupees)

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porter’s physiotherapy services in mysore-

Portea’s physiotherapy services in Mysore are one of the most reliable and renowned physiotherapy services available in the city.

Not only are the physiotherapists well-certified and experienced but are also very compassionate and caring to their patients. They offer a much holistic treatment plan specially designed as per the patient’s lifestyle

Patient Testimonials


Mr. Mahesh

I had a serious L4 & L5 disc prolapse when I sought Portea’s physiotherapy. Thanks a lot to Dr. Amitava and Portea for their prompt service. Keep up the good work.


Nikhat Begum


I am a premium package member ( patient name: Nikhat Begum)

I just wanted to thank the customer support team. Especially Partha Sarthy, he has been extremely helpful and prompt in solving my concerns. I am very happy about how he went out of his way to make things happen in a timely manner and followed up post-resolution.


Virginie BARON

To whom this letter of recommendation may concern.

Dear Sir,

I would like to share our very positive feedback concerning your business partner Vinay Venugopal.

He has been nothing but diligent and efficient in organising PCR tests for the whole family on behalf of Portea. And this several times being particularly proactive in paving the way through the registration and payment processes of the company, smoothing the way out for us right form the start until we received our results.

Kindly take this recommendation as a priority as Vinay Venugopal is certainly an added value to any company he would offer his services to.

Not to mention being able to communicate in English with him really took the stress off the whole medical process, which can certainly not be said for other laboratory partners.

This is one of the reasons we will carry on giving our business to Portea.

Best regards,

Johanna SALVADO and Family