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what is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a therapy that is a branch of medicine that makes use of physical activity to treat various ailments like lymphedema, physical injuries, muscular dystrophy, respiratory and cardiac problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, vertigo, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, pelvic floor dysfunction, etc. Physiotherapy is vital for almost everyone in today’s scenario as we are all exposed to various life-changing food habits, stress and technological addiction. The stages of physiotherapy treatment are examination, diagnosis, prognosis, history check, intervention, rehabilitation and therapy.

physiotherapy in salem

Get access to the best physiotherapy clinic in Salem to obtain an excellent line of treatment for all your ailments. In Salem, all our physiotherapists aim at restoring the system by organizing accessibility with the best clinics. We target improving flexibility, improving movement, restoring body capability and maximizing strength.

best physiotherapist in salem available with portea

Portea provides various physiotherapy plans with the latest medical equipment. We are proud that we have the best physiotherapy in Salem as all our physiotherapists are well qualified with many years of experience and highly knowledgeable. Portea also provides nurses to take care of patients with limited mobility to aid with their physiotherapy treatment protocol. Our team renders their service with utter compassion and empathy. 

what are the different types of physiotherapy we provide at portea in salem?

Physiotherapy has various types of treatment for different health issues. Portea is outstanding in all its physiotherapy treatments as we offer easy access through our physiotherapy near me option on our webpage. Some of our good physiotherapy clinics in Salem offer reputed physiotherapy services like:

  • Neurological Physiotherapy to treat all the neurological conditions in the body.
  • Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy, which aims at lung health.
  • Geriatric Physiotherapy is a treatment for older adults to cure conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, joint replacements and balance disorders.
  • Physiotherapy for women aims at treating their more common problem of back pain. Hence it can also be referred to as back pain physiotherapy. 
  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy is for treating tissues, muscles and joints that are impaired.
  • Paediatric Physiotherapy helps children who are physically challenged and have other related problems.

how to get physiotherapy at home in salem?

Do you prefer getting your physiotherapy session at home in Salem? Here we are to help you. With professional physiotherapy doctors in Salem, we offer excellent service at your home in your comfort zone. The Portea site enables you to choose the right physiotherapists who will help you with quality therapy for neck pain physio, knee joint problems, arthritis, stenosis, etc. Visit our webpage now and schedule an appointment immediately with the desired date and time at your convenience. 

what is the cost of physiotherapy in salem?

Physiotherapy is not a very expensive treatment when compared to various other medical forms of treatment. The price is based on the nature of the treatment, duration and number of sessions taken by the patient. The at-home physiotherapy service will cost a little more than the one opted for at the clinic. Portea offers you the best medical help with our team of trained & experienced top physiotherapists.

portea’s physiotherapy services in salem

Portea’s physiotherapy treatments are becoming highly popular with their solutions to problems related to spine, joint, physical disabilities and injuries. With the best physiotherapist in Salem, we offer the best line of treatment to all the patients at home. Hence, we are widely preferred as it saves much on their time and energy spent on travel. The healthcare services by Portea does not compromise on their quality and offers world-class treatment at all times. 

physiotherapy in salem’s various locations

Various sub local areas in Salem that offer Portea’s physiotherapy services are:

  • Physiotherapy KR Thoppur
  • Physiotherapy Gorimedu
  • Physiotherapy Hasthampatti
  • Physiotherapy in Salem East
  • Physiotherapy in Salem South
  • Physiotherapy in Poonthandalam

what can you expect from physiotherapy in salem?

Portea makes physiotherapy available at your doorstep with just one click. The primary assessments are done with the posture and body’s biomechanics. Then a series of diagnoses is done with the help of strength tests to address and determine the fundamental issue. Then we devise the treatment program with the best physiotherapy in Salem. All our therapies are done with the help of an expert who is both skilled and certified. Book your appointment with us right away for the best guidance.

what are the benefits of physiotherapy when done at home in salem?

The benefits of physiotherapy when done at home include:

  • It allows the patient to relax and exercise in their comfort zone.
  • The patient gains personal care with one-on-one sessions, which is far better than attending the physiotherapy center near me. 
  • In-house therapy allows the caregiver or family member who helps the patient during the other times to understand the procedure and its progress better. 
  • The post-care needs of the patients are made transparent to the helper. 

physiotherapy in poonthandalam

Receive the best treatment in Poonthandalam, Salem, with at-home services for all types of health problems. We have an excellent facility equipped with the latest physiotherapy machines and equipment to offer standard high-quality treatments.

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