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Portea offers one of the best home physiotherapy service at Ghaziabad and is highly sought after by the people of Ghaziabad . What sets Portea physiotherapy at home Ghaziabad apart from others is its team of highly qualified and experienced team of physiotherapists.

Portea has tied up with some of the best physiotherapists in Ghaziabad specialising in varied branches of physiotherapy. Some of the prominent physiotherapists in Ghaziabad associated with Portea are;  

Amar Srivastav Ortho MPT 8 years
Ashutosh Kumar Ortho MPT 1 years

You can now get reliable health care from a professional physiotherapist in Ghaziabad. Whether you want to restore your muscle health or you want to improve the mechanical functions of your body, you can do all of that with the help of physiotherapists. Portea provides physiotherapy services in your town. 

You can get physiotherapy that includes regaining movement, improving physical functions, increasing your muscle strength that might be affected because of some kind of illness, aging, or even injury. Consulting with a physiotherapist in Vasundhara Ghaziabad can improve the quality of your life by many folds. 

If you think that you or someone you love is too weak to go to the hospital or clinic, you can also get physiotherapy at home in Ghaziabad. In the physiotherapy Ghaziabad service, a professional physiotherapist will come to your home and provide you with the required assistance. 

Apart from weakness or physical disability, not getting comfortable in the hospital environment might be another reason for not getting physiotherapy at the clinic hospital. In such a case, the comfort of the home gives mental support while you heal and recover. So, if you think you can better take rest and do exercise movements at home, you should take home physiotherapy service from a professional physiotherapist in Raj Nagar Ghaziabad.

best physiotherapist in ghaziabad 

At Portea, you can consult the best physiotherapist in Ghaziabad. We have a team of highly experienced and qualified physiotherapists who are dedicated to improving the physical conditions of patients. 

Our physiotherapists have required certification in physiotherapy. In addition to qualification, our physiotherapists also have years of experience in treating people with physical conditions like frozen shoulders, sports injuries, weak muscles due to aging, and so on. 

Before confirming the appointment, you can check both qualifications and experience of the physiotherapist. Since our team includes a large number of physiotherapists, you get the option of consulting with a therapist that has the expertise in treating your specific condition. This ensures that you get the best physiotherapy treatment at your home. 

what we provide in ghaziabad 

We provide reliable physiotherapy at home in Ghaziabad. There are various types of physiotherapy services that a patient might need. You can get the following type of physiotherapy from Portea:

What kind of physiotherapy you need depends on your particular physical condition. For example, if you are suffering from arthritis, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, or other similar condition because of aging, you might need Geriatric physiotherapy. Or if you are an athlete who got injured on the ground, you might need special sports physiotherapy. 

From sports physiotherapist to neuro physiotherapist, our team of trained physiotherapists includes every type of physiotherapist. If you do not know what kind of physiotherapy service you need, you can first book an appointment with a general physiotherapist and then he or she will tell you about the kind of physiotherapy you might need. 

how to get a physiotherapist in ghaziabad 

Getting a physiotherapist in Ghaziabad has now become easier than ever. For this, all you need to do is visit Portea’s website, click on the physiotherapy near me where Portea will bring a list of the best physiotherapists in your town. You can scroll through the list and find a physiotherapist who is best qualified to treat your specific condition. 

You do not even need to search for a physiotherapy clinic near me. Portea will suggest you a list of physiotherapists who give physiotherapists services near your home. So, instead of going to a clinic or the hospital, you can get consultancy right at your home. 

physiotherapy cost in ghaziabad 

Portea provides you with cost-effective physiotherapy in Ghaziabad. We understand that seeking help from medical experts can be quite expensive. Hence, we offer physiotherapists at affordable costs. The price is based on the nature of the treatment, duration and number of sessions taken by the patient. We provide you with the best resources at a minimum cost. This includes an exclusive appointment with a qualified and experienced physiotherapist. So, do not worry about the cost of Ghaziabad as we have done our best in order to make the pricing inexpensive. 

how portea helps in ghaziabad 

Portea helps by offering affordable physiotherapy at home in Ghaziabad. Our physiotherapists will help you in building your muscular strength, increasing the range of motion of muscles and bones, improving your body balance, reducing pain caused by an injury or illness, and treating inflammation of joints. 

Injuries and various physical conditions can drastically reduce the quality of life. But you can easily improve that with the help of physiotherapy. Portea ensures that everyone in Ghaziabad gets reliable physiotherapy of every type. If you think that you need the assistance of a physiotherapist, book your appointment from our website now. 

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