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Receive the best physiotherapy in Vizag with the most unique and effective treating methods for all your health problems. Physiotherapy is a part of medicine to efficiently relieve pain and treat ailments like muscular dystrophy, vertigo, pelvic floor dysfunction, physical injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, and various other respiratory and cardiac issues. In Vizag, all our physiotherapists are dedicated to target and restore your life. With the best features and latest technology in physiotherapy, we help improve the freedom of movement, flexibility, and strength. Thereby we are sure to change your way of living.

best physiotherapist in vizag/visakhapatnam available with portea

Portea has tie-ups with various physiotherapy clinics in Vizag, who can treat all patients with empathy to their prevailing condition. With the latest medical equipment to enhance all the physiotherapy treatments, Portea also offers nursing services. This nursing service is of extreme importance to patients who have limited to no mobility. We also provide in-house physiotherapy treatments, which is an added benefit to our Vizag branch. The physiotherapy at home in Vizag aims at better rehabilitation, intervention and prognosis. Our team ensures that all our patients are treated equally with good facilities. 

what are the different types of physiotherapy we provide at portea in vizag/visakhapatnam?

Portea offers unique treatments and provides good access to various physiotherapy centres in Vizag. The location is mentioned on our webpage to help all our patients spot it easily. A few of the reputed physiotherapy treatments that we offer in Vizag are:

Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries

This particular physiotherapy session helps prevent and manage the different kinds of injuries caused by sports and exercise. It can happen to people of all ages, and this therapy helps control swelling, enhance performance, relieve pain and aid recovery. It corrects joint problems and allows people to participate safely in their physical activity again.

Physiotherapy Post -Surgical Rehabilitations

Post-operative physiotherapy helps people restore their overall body functions and disused muscles that have lost optimal mobility. It aids in building muscle strength, improving posture, body balance and reducing pain through manual therapies. 

Neurological Physiotherapy

This service is for patients with neurological conditions like stroke, Parkinson’s disease, vestibular issues, multiple sclerosis, and other injuries that have affected the brain and spinal cord.

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Geriatric rehabilitation helps to improve the quality of life in older people by restoring their functional capability. This is aimed at adults with disabled impairments or frailty to offer well-being to them. It treats cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis, arthritis, back pain, knee and hip replacements and stroke.

Paediatric Physiotherapy

This type of treatment helps kids and babies to attain their optimal physical development and reach milestones. This involves stretching, tissue massages, posture correction and specific therapeutic exercises. As they are miniature adults, all these therapies offer play and age activities along with fun quotients. 

how to get physiotherapy at home in vizag/visakhapatnam?

Are you looking out for a physiotherapy session in Vizag? Various therapists are highly experienced and skilled and offer excellent service at government physiotherapy in Vizag. Portea aids with choosing the right physiotherapists near you to provide high-quality therapy. All you have to do is log in to our Portea webpage and opt for physiotherapists near me to treat your various ailments like joint problem, spine issues, stenosis, etc. Visit our site right away and schedule an appointment for a desired date and time of your choice and convenience. 

what is the cost of physiotherapy in vizag?

Physiotherapy is a very affordable treatment as it charges based on the number of sessions and the type of treatment. The physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre in Vizag are well equipped with the latest equipment to aid therapies in the best possible way. The approximate cost of physiotherapy treatment will range between 600-1000 INR and depends on the patient’s condition and problem. Portea organizes at-home treatment options too for all the different types of physiotherapy treatments. These will cost slightly higher than those offered in clinics as it saves your time and energy. Our medical team with the top physiotherapists ensures that both in-house and clinic sessions are provided with the same quality of treatments. Book an appointment with us today on our website. Get treated with the latest technology along with nursing services.

how can portea help you get the best physiotherapists nearby?

Portea provides physiotherapy home service in Vizag with just one click on our site. For people seeking the best physiotherapy doctors in Vizag, you can always look at our list of experienced therapists associated with Portea on our site and opt for the ones of your choice. Every physiotherapy clinic in Visakhapatnam offers introductory body biomechanics and posture analysis followed by strength tests to determine the root cause of the problem. You have the liberty to book an appointment with any therapist for any time slot and date with Portea. 

physiotherapy in vizag’s various locations

The various locaions in Vizag that offer physiotherapy services through Portea are:

  • Physiotherapy in Madhurawada Vizag
  • Physiotherapy in Gajuwaka

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