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what is online physiotherapy consultation?

Online Physiotherapy Consultation helps the patient who is in need of physiotherapy but is unable to travel to the physiotherapist because of some reason. In Online physiotherapy, the Physiotherapist will explain What to do? How to do it? and all your other questions.

Portea offers you the best Online Physiotherapy Consultation to continue the care of the patients in need of Physiotherapy treatment. Our team of expert physiotherapists is here to help you follow your recovery and keep treating you online through phone consultations so that you can recover faster at the comfort and safety of your home.

what can expect in online physiotherapy session?

These online physiotherapy sessions include all the aspects of patients which physical care does like:

  1. Patient Assessment and Diagnosis
  2. Education and Training
  3. Maintenance Activities
  4. Suggesting Alternate Methods for Pain Relief
  5. General Fitness and Office Ergonomics while you work from home
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who can avail portea’s online physiotherapy consultation?

For individuals looking for treatment at the comfort of their home, Portea offers one of the finest Online physiotherapy consultations. can call to +1800 121 2323 (India) and +1 (979) 401-2323 (outside india)

  1. Pain that has not subsided for 3 to 4 days or any acute episode of pain.
  2. Poor posture and ergonomics while working from home, leading to discomfort.
  3. Underlying history of pain aggravated due to household chores or bad routine.
  4. Geriatric population facing issues due to restricted body movements.
  5. Maintenance of chronic conditions under guidance.
  6. People who have been missing their regular PT sessions or fitness sessions due to lockdown.

why choose online consultation?

While most of us are bound to be indoors these days and not sure how long this lasts. We do not forget to miss anything in the routine then why to compromise on good health? consult a physiotherapist online To have a sane mind, for a free body; this is where Portea’s Online Physiotherapy Consultation comes to the rescue.

  • Certified Physiotherapists
  • Safe
  • Personalized care
  • Convenience & cost-effectiveness
  • Faster healing process

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Nikhat Begum


I am a premium package member ( patient name: Nikhat Begum)

I just wanted to thank the customer support team. Especially Partha Sarthy, he has been extremely helpful ....

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Virginie BARON

To whom this letter of recommendation may concern.

Dear Sir,

I would like to share our very positive feedback concerning your business partner Vinay Venugopal.


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Uttam Kumar Jha

The physiotherapist behaved professionally and the service was good. Call center executives were also good at addressing my concerns Thank you Santosh You have honestly done your job here. I....

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