Physiotherapy dates back to 460 BC. Since then physiotherapy has evolved a lot and proved effective in a number of pediatric, pulmonary diseases and neurological disorders. It is now being considered as one of the most effective treatment methods to treat disability, illness, and injury. It minimizes the dysfunction and the pain. Get Physiotherapy Treatment in Hyderabad to treat areas including neurology, musculoskeletal, Rheumatology, Orthopedics, respiratory, and injuries. If you are new to Hyderabad, then search Physiotherapy near me to find out the best Physiotherapists.

Techniques of Physiotherapy

Over the years, many techniques have been developed in the field of physiotherapy. Some of them are listed below:

1.Soft tissue mobilization

The soft tissue mobilization technique is used to break up the fibrous or inelastic muscle tissue. It relaxes the muscle tension, moves the fluids in the tissues, lengthens fascia, and repairs the scar tissues after an injury. This method is mostly used for the spine, especially the musculature area around the spine. It involves the application of deep pressure and rhythmic stretching of the muscles. The layer –by-layer assessment of the tissue offers great relaxation.

2.Range of Motion (ROM) exercises

The range of motion is a measurement of movement around a joint. There are a series of Active ROM exercises that improves the functioning of the joint. It improves the movement of the joint in different directions. These exercises make your joints more flexible, improve the strength and balance of the body, and reduce pain. It allows joint to access its full range of motion.

3.Strengthening exercises

As the name suggests, these exercises are used for lifting heavy weights and bulking up the muscles. Depending upon your goals, there are different strengthening exercises that can specifically address your problems. They increase the muscle strength, which is an essential component of physical fitness. These involve static as well as dynamic activities. Your physiotherapist will guide you through these specific exercises.


This Physio Treatment is used for treating localized areas of prostate cancer. It deadens an irritated nerve by freezing it. It is also used in treating abnormal skin. It is a safe and effective method for treating the irritation in the nerve. In this method, a probe in inserted in the tissue right next to the affected nerve. The nerve is then frozen by dropping the temperature of the probe. It helps in relieving the body from the pain of the irritating nerve.

5.Heat Therapy

As the name suggests, heat therapy uses heat to relieve you from the pain. The best products are the ones that maintain their temperature to the proper warmth and not rise to the point where it starts burning your skin. It is important that heat penetrated through all the layers of the tissues. Depending on the type and the extent of the injury, the duration of the heat is decided. For minor injuries, 15 to 20 minutes of heat therapy are sufficient, whereas, for intense injuries, the duration of the heat therapy can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

6.Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation treatment is used to treat pain and spasm in the muscles using electrical stimulation. It is also used to strengthen the muscles after injuries. It also improves the range of motion. After any spinal cord injury, electrical stimulation can be used to keep the muscles active. Electrodes are attached to the skin of the patient which causes the muscles to contract. It helps reduce the wastage of the strength that is caused by the lack of usage of the muscles. It can also help patients maintain the tone of their muscles. Get Physiotherapy Treatment in Hyderabad today to treat problems like sciatica, arthritis, sprain, and back pain scoliosis.

7.Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilization

The Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilization (PIM) technique is used to mobilize the peripheral joints and spine. It uses an instrument loaded with a mechanical spring. It is a safe and effective technique that is mostly used for joint mobilization. This technique is relatively new and thus there are very few PIM-trained physiotherapists. This technique helps the patients lose the stiffness of the joint and get rid of the pain.

8.Joint Mobilization and Manipulation

Joint mobilization is used to attain a normal range of motion of joints. There are specific joint techniques that are aimed at removing every single restriction in the movement of the joint. Manipulation, also known as adjustments are performed by chiropractors. It is important to not over stretch a joint and create instability.
Characterized by the classic pop and click sound, joint manipulation involves the separation of the articular surfaces of the joint. This is used to reduce the pressure in the joint cavity. This technique deforms the intra-articular tissues and the joint capsule.


Physiotherapists are trained in several massage therapies. The massage therapy involves the application of deep pressure on the area with the pain. Whenever there is an injury, there will be some areas containing painful, rigid tissues that will cause inflammation and pain. The physiotherapist reaches into the deep layers of the muscle and breaks down the adhesions, restoring the muscle function to normal.
Common physical conditions which can be treated using physiotherapy
Back Pain | Knee Pain | Arthritis | Cerebral Palsy | Joint Pain | Paralysis | Parkinsons Disease | Sciatica | Shoulder Pain | Spondylitis | Stroke

Physio at Home in Hyderabad

Physiotherapy is considered as the best treatment for injuries. You can avail Physiotherapy at home to get rid of your health problems. All the different methods of physiotherapy treatment offer a variety of techniques that deal with a specific muscle in the body. Here are some more benefits that will indeed make you google physiotherapist near me the next time you get an injury:


Depending on whether it is chronic pain or the pain after an injury, Physio treatment offers a variety of pain reducing techniques. This helps you resume your daily activities and thus, improving the quality of life. Instead of taking painkillers on the regular basis, it is better to treat the underlying cause of the pain.

2.Range of Motion

The range of Motion is usually affected after an accident or as a side effect of a condition. Without physiotherapy, you will find yourself incapable of carrying out the day-to-day activities. The physiotherapy exercises help you regain the mobility so that you can return to your work.

3.Cardiopulmonary diseases

Cardiopulmonary conditions involve breathing issues. These issues can sometimes reach worse conditions such that they start interfering your work and daily activities. Through guided exercises, physiotherapy can be a boon to the patients by helping them regain their confidence.

4.Neurological disorders

Conditions like Parkinson’s disease can damage the mobility of the body. After having a stroke, muscles tend to deteriorate and lose their partial or full functionality. Physiotherapy plays a key role in restoring these functions and repairing the damage.

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