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what is multiple sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological disease that can potentially disable the central nervous system (brain and spinal cords). The immune system of a person attacks myelin, which is a protective sheath over nerve fibers, in the condition. 

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis can vary according to the level of damage done to the nerves. Mild symptoms of MS include numbness weakness and vision problems, while in severe condition; a person might even become unable to walk. 

However, no matter how sever the symptoms might be, physiotherapy can help in treating them. 

how can physiotherapy help?

physiotherapy involves a number of exercises that help in strengthening the muscles and maintaining balance while walking. other than that, it can stop muscle spasms from happening. a good physical therapist can help you in increasing your mobility. but these are some symptoms that occur in later stages of multiple sclerosis. physiotherapy for multiple sclerosis can help even in earlier stages by:

  • Increasing your stamina
  • Making you learn how to cope up with the changes happening in your body
  • Avoiding worsening of symptoms

a good therapist will tell you about that the potential changes that can happen in your body as your condition will progress. this can make you prepare your mind and adapt your lifestyle accordingly. primary

physiotherapy at various stages

It does not matter which stage of multiple sclerosis you are at, MS physiotherapy treatment can help you in one way or another. 

  • At the time of diagnosis: Physiotherapy for multiple sclerosis can help in diagnosing the condition by examining your physical capabilities. By making you perform various physical activities, your physical therapist will check physical limitations and will evaluate how the condition will affect the activities in the future.
  • At the time of relapses: The period in which symptoms of multiple sclerosis show up frequently with peak intensity is called an exacerbation, or flare, or relapse. During the time of relapse, you will find it difficult even to perform basic tasks like bathing, cooking, and walking. 

Your physical therapist will conduct a physical examination to compare your physical capabilities done at the time of diagnosis. After relapses, physiotherapy can help you in gaining the strength that you had before relapses.

  • Progressive multiple sclerosis: In progressive sclerosis, a person does not experience relapses or flare. Instead of that, his or her health will deteriorate gradually and constantly. 

In progressive multiple sclerosis, it is necessary to go to a doctor as soon as possible because the right type of physical exercise can compensate for the damage done by multiple sclerosis to your body. Your physiotherapist will also teach you about how to use different aids like a wheelchair for increasing your mobility.

  • Advanced multiple sclerosis:It is the type of multiple sclerosis in which symptoms are very severe. The mobility of the affected person gets reduced down so much that it becomes impossible for him or her to even walk. Physical therapy can even help in advanced multiple sclerosis treatment by increasing the upper body strength and helping the person with sitting and using mobility aids. 

where can you have physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy gives you the option of getting treated at the place of your choice. There can be many locations where you can have your MS physiotherapy, such as: 

  • At MS treatment Center: This type of physiotherapy is called inpatient physiotherapy. Your therapy will be conducted in a hospital, care facility, or some treatment center in inpatient physiotherapy. Mostly, people with advanced stages of multiple sclerosis are treated at treatment centers. 
  • At Outpatient Facility: If the affected person is capable of walking, then physiotherapy can be done at some therapy center or a doctor’s office. The patient can leave the premises once the physiotherapy is done.
  • At Home: The physiotherapist will come to your home to help you with your multiple sclerosis physiotherapy management. This can prove to be most helpful when the patient is unable to move because of the damage done to the central nervous system by multiple sclerosis. 

how can we help?

At Portea, we extend home care physiotherapy for multiple sclerosis, providing peace of mind even in challenging situations. Our approach involves personalized consultations with patients to tailor treatment plans for Multiple Sclerosis, recognizing its unique nature for each individual. Our cost-effective treatments alleviate financial concerns, ensuring sustainable care for the long term. Equipped with world-class facilities, we prioritize efficient and effective solutions, aiming for swift recovery. Beyond physical care, our empathetic physiotherapists understand the emotional aspects of dealing with Multiple Sclerosis, emphasizing the importance of emotional support alongside the physical assistance in the treatment process.

With Portea, you’re not just getting a service ; you’re gaining a partner in your journey to recovery and well-being. We also offer a range of superior healthcare services, including doctor consultations, medical equipment, nursing home care, and dedicated caretakers. Rely on us for top-tier healthcare solutions tailored to your requirements.


Does yoga benefit those with multiple sclerosis?

Existing empirical research extensively demonstrates the advantages of practicing yoga for individuals with MS. These include diminished depression, pain reduction, fatigue alleviation, enhanced lung capacity, improved bladder function, and increased strength.

What diet is optimal for individuals with multiple sclerosis?

Optimal for homemade meals whenever feasible. Integrate a variety of fresh, colorful fruits, and vegetables into your daily diet. When opting for grains, prioritize whole grains over refined ones. Minimize the consumption of processed foods and added sugars as much as possible.

Are there workouts suitable for Multiple sclerosis?

The exercise component involves repeated activities aimed at achieving specific goals. Effective exercises for MS encompass aerobics (cardio), stretching, and progressive resistance training, coupled with exercises to enhance balance and coordination.

Is it possible to halt multiple sclerosis when detected early?

Early intervention is proven to enhance long-term health, slowing the progression of irreversible damage and minimizing relapses. Commencing MS treatment promptly is optimal, but even if initiated later, it can still yield certain benefits..

Is there a lasting cure for multiple sclerosis?

Presently, there is no cure for multiple sclerosis (MS). However, medications and various treatments can aid in managing the condition and alleviating specific symptoms. The course of MS treatment is contingent on the disease’s stage and the individual’s specific symptoms. Approaches may involve addressing relapses of MS symptoms through steroid treatments.

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