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what is foot care?

Foot care is basically the care of the feet. It involves all the preventive and corrective care of the foot and ankles. Doctors associated with foot care are called Podiatrists or Chiropodist. Podiatrists helps in the diagnosis and treatment of any infection or disease of the feet like, chronic foot pain, Joint inflammation, plantar warts, fungal infections, bacterial infections, tissue injuries, torn ligaments and nerve disorders in the foot.
Foot care is a preventive treatment plan that protects an individual’s feet from a myriad of infections and other diseases and deformities. Foot care is ongoing and daily foot care routine should be followed for the general health of the foot. There are also no risks attached to foot care, rather several risks arises if proper foot care is not followed.

importance of foot care

Paying proper attention to foot care is extremely important as it is prone to several types of infections and diseases which can result in pain and discomfort along with causing difficulties in walking in a few serious cases of foot disease. As such apart from following a daily foot care routine, an individual should see a podiatrist’s at the first sign of any infection to get to the root of the disease and its effective cure.
The importance of foot care is even more felt in people suffering from diseases like diabetes or circulatory disorders, where even a small foot wound takes a lot of time to heal. Diabetes wrecks havoc with the circulation and neurologic condition of the foot and as such, diabetics should religiously follow daily foot care routine apart from seeing a foot care doctor in case of infection.

foot care home remedies

Foot care isn’t glamorous at all and is often seen as a lowly regimen that does not require too much attention but not many people are aware of the serious complications of not caring for the foot enough. So here are a few foot care tips that can be easily followed;

  • Always wear proper and comfortable shoes, especially women. Although we know about the importance of high heels just make sure you pamper your feet after torturing them with high heels.
  • Don’t stand in one single position for a long time.
  • Do not sit with your legs crossed as it can lead to poor circulation
  • See a foot care doctor or podiatrist to remove corns, calluses, warts and other skin lesions, and never use chemical wart removers, razor blades, corn plasters or other types of removers on your own.
  • Protect your foot from extreme temperatures
  • Never walk bare foot even in the house
  • Trim your nails regularly to avoid any ingrown toe nail problem
  • Use a pumice stone to scrub off dead skin off your soles
  • Indulge in foot spa or a simple warm soak to relax the muscles and nerves of the foot
  • Regularly moisture your foot and apply foot care cream

how can we help?

Foot care is a crucial preventive treatment that most people don’t give much thought to, unless they find themselves in a lot of pain and discomfort in the foot/feet. As such we offer foot care at home, so you don’t have to devote any extra effort. Our foot care nurse and foot care doctors/podiatrist are experienced in foot care procedures and foot wound care and would provide quality medical attention to your foot that too at your home. So if you require foot care at home, just give us a call and our foot care nurse/doctor would visit you at your home at the time and day of your choosing.

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