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what is urethral stricture

It is a condition in the urethra of a person where the urethra’s lumen narrows down, resulting in restricted urine flow. It mostly affects men but in rare cases urethral stricture in females can also be seen. Urethral stricture is often associated with different degrees of the spongiosum’s fibrosis. This term is basically used to explain a condition where the anterior urethra narrows down.

Most people prefer to go for urethral stricture treatment at home since it is more convenient. For the prevention of this condition, there are urethral stricture home remedy methods as well.

causes of urethral strictures

There are many urethral Stricture causes and it is good to be aware about them. Any kind of inflammation that happens in the urethra causes it to scar and that could often be the cause of a stricture. Most common urethral stricture causes happen to be tumors, trauma, infection, urethral instrumentation, complicated surgeries and a lot more.  Urethral Stricture in females is not that common and it affects a small population. Doctors all over the world are trying to find out the perfect cure for urethral structure and there have been some good developments.

It is important to know about the urethral stricture definition and its causes so that you can understand the urethral stricture remedies and cure for urethral stricture in a better manner.

Here are some of the most common causes that are responsible for the urethral strictures in females and males. These factors and causes cause the narrowing of the urethra, which in turn, is the reason for the urethral stricture in different people.

  • Injury or trauma that is caused by an accident that happened to the bladder or most importantly, the urethra. Falling and straddle injuries are the common ones
  • Trauma or injury to the pelvic area in men
  • Surgical procedures that involve the urethra or the prostate. Also, urinary catheters and cryoscopy could be another one of the causes
  • Enlargement of the prostate
  • Urethral cancer, although it is a very rare. Urethral stricture treatment for this could be quite long and complicated
  • Certain infections that happen in the urethra such as urethritis, gonorrhea, STDs, Chlamydia and a lot more
  • Inflammation and infection in the prostate of men
  • Hypospadias surgery and congenital malformation in the urethra
  • Brachytherapy which is a common treatment for the prostate cancer
  • Irritations that are related to baby diapers cause urethral structure in children and call for immediate urethral stricture treatment
  • Knowing about the causes of this condition helps the doctor or the physician to find out a suitable option for urethral stricture treatment.

signs and symptoms of urethral stricture

There are rare cases where the urethral stricture symptoms don’t show at all in people. However, some common symptoms include discomfort and urinary retention as well.

Urethral stricture diagnosis involve observing any one or more symptoms that are listed below.

  • Hesitancy in the flow of urine
  • A painful or discomforting process of urination which is also known as dysuria
  • UTI or infection in the urinary tract
  • Urine retention
  • An incomplete process of emptying the bladder
  • Urine dribbling and double streaming of the urine
  • Improper bladder control
  • Blood found in the semen or urine
  • Urethral discharge
  • Pain in the pelvic region
  • A lessened force of ejaculation
  • Bladder stones
  • Urine straining
  • Pelvic pain

If these urethral stricture symptoms often happen, then it is wise to quickly go for a urethral stricture home treatment or treatment at a health center.

diagnosis of urethral stricture

The doctors diagnose the urethral stricture in females and males by a careful examination of their medical history, several tests, and some other studies.

Medical History

It is possible to report the symptoms and detail about illnesses in the past to the doctors in order to diagnose urethral stricture.

Physical Examinations

Some tests and examinations of the pelvic area and the urethral area can help the doctors in urethral stricture diagnosis as well. They will check if there is any redness in the area or not.


There are many different tests that are used for the diagnosis of this condition. Tests such as urine flow measurement, cystoscopy, Chlamydia tests and other options are used for the diagnosis.

It is after careful diagnosis that patients are admitted to the health centers. Also, they can opt for the urethral stricture treatment at home.

treatment of urethral stricture

Mentioned below are treatment options for Urethral Stricture. Urethral stricture home treatment is provided by Portea.


Urethral stricture treatment without surgery often include urethral stricture dilation. In this process, the doctors use a dilator. These dilators help in increasing the size of the urethra. In the process of urethral stricture dilation, the patient doesn’t have to stay at the hospital for long. They can go home and focus on urethral stricture care. Catheters placement is another important non-surgical procedure used by the doctors.


Surgical procedures may also be opted by the doctors for the treatment of this condition. Urethroplasty is a common procedure in this case. After discharge, the patients are allowed to go home and focus on the urethral stricture care at home.

prevention of urethral stricture

There are several urethral stricture remedies which people can try to prevent this condition.

Practicing safe sex is a great urethral stricture home remedy as STD is one of the common causes for the condition.

It is really advisable to go for a urethral stricture home remedy if you further want to eliminate the symptoms.

how portea help with nursing care for urethral stricture

Portea doctors and urologists offer care for people of different ages that suffer from urethral stricture. They also provide urethral stricture home treatment options for the patients.

Urologists offer a comprehensive form of cure for urethral stricture. You will be able to get options for urethral stricture care at home, urethral stricture home treatment options and much more.


Q – What are the symptoms of urethral stricture?

Few major of symptoms of urethral stricture are:

  • Dark or bloody urine.
  • Blood in sperm.
  • An increase in the frequency of urination.
  • Spraying urine in a stream.
  • Abdominal discomfort or pain
  • Penile swelling
  • Infection in the urinary tract.

Q – What doctor treats urethral strictures?

The doctor who treats urethral strictures is called Urologist.

Q – What are the complications of urethral stricture?

Few common complications of urethral stricture are:
• Hydronephrosis, or kidney swelling
• Increased bladder wall thickness.
• Urinary tract infections that keep happening.
• Infection near the urethra.
• Prostate or testicular infection
• Sepsis.
• Long-standing strictures and obstructions that cause kidney failure

Q – Can i recover from urethral stricture?

Depending on how severe the obstruction is and how much scar tissue is present, there are various urethral stricture treatment options for urethral strictures. A urethral stricture can be treated in various ways, including:
• Active surveillance, which entails keeping a tight eye on the restriction
• Treating the symptoms by dilating or stretching the stricture, or by performing a urethrotomy or cutting the stricture with a scope
• Surgery to repair the urethra, or urethroplasty, is frequently the most successful method.
After the surgery you can recover at home with the help of trained nurse.

Q – How to find nurse management for Urethral Stricture?

Urologists and portea nurses provide care for urethral stricture sufferers of all ages. For the patients, they also offer urethral stricture home treatment options.
Urologists provide a thorough method of treatment for urethral stricture. You will have access to choices for home care for urethral strictures, home treatments for urethral strictures, and much more.

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