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what is swine flu?

Swine flu is a respiratory disease. It is caused by the influenza viruses that infect the respiratory tract of pigs. It can lead to symptoms such as a barking cough, decreased appetite, nasal secretions, and listless behaviour; the virus can be transmitted to humans. The Swine flu vaccination or H1N1 vaccination is crucial to provide immunity against swine flu.

what is h1n1 ( swine flu) vaccine?

The swine flu vaccine or H1N1 vaccine is made from killed virus particles so a person cannot get the flu from a flu shot.

swine flu vaccination

There are several injectables vaccines for swine flu that can be used to prevent infection. The H1N1 vaccine is the most popular one.

h1n1 vaccination

H1N1 influenza virus can spread from one person to another through a number of ways. It can be transmitted via the saliva that gets expelled into the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The influenza virus can also be transmitted through contact with objects the infected person has touched.

The H1N1 vaccination is used to prevent infection caused by the pandemic of 2009.

H1N1 vaccine works by injecting a small dose of the virus in your body. This helps your body build immunity against that disease. This vaccine cannot be used to treat an active infection that has already developed in the body.

H1N1 vaccine is for use in adults and children who are at least 6 months old.

Most people with H1N1 influenza recover but the virus can cause some deaths. Like any medicine, this H1N1 vaccine can cause side effects, but the risk of serious side effects is extremely low.

The H1N1 vaccine cannot provide protection from disease in every person who takes the swine flu vaccine. The H1N1 vaccination will not prevent avian flu (“bird flu”).

h1n1 vaccine schedule

Since H1N1 influenza was a 2009 pandemic, there was no such H1N1 vaccine schedule before. Now, children who are 6 months to 9 years of age are given 2 doses of the swine flu vaccine. These two doses of the swine flu vaccination should be separated by 4 weeks. For anyone above 10 years of age should receive 1 dose of the swine flu vaccine.

h1n1 vaccine dose

The recommended H1N1 vaccine dose for above 10 years of age is 1. The H1N1 dose for children from 6 months to 9 years is 2 shots of the swine flu vaccination.

h1n1 uses

The swine flu vaccination or H1N1 vaccination is used to prevent the spreading of the 2009 pandemic called H1N1 influenza or swine flu.

h1n1 vaccine storage temperature

The swine flu vaccination needs to be stored in the cooler at 35° to 46°F (2° to 8°C), with a desired average temperature of 40°F (5°C).

h1n1 side effects

The injectable form of swine flu vaccination is a “killed virus” vaccine and will not cause you to become ill with the flu virus that it contains.

It is a possibility that you may have flu-like symptoms during the flu season. That may be caused by other strains of influenza virus.

It is recommended to receive a booster swine flu vaccination if you had a life-threatening allergic reaction after the first shot.

If you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction, seek medical attention at once.:

  • Hives
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat

If you have any of these serious side effects, please see a doctor immediately:

  • weakness, numbness or tingly feeling in your feet and spreading upward;
  • vision or speech problems, difficulty in swallowing, or issues with the bladder and bowel functions;
  • lower back pain;
  • slow heart rate, breathing troubles, feeling like you would pass out;
  • high fever,
  • unusual bleeding or bruising .

There are some mild side effects that may last a day or two after you receive this vaccine and can include:

  • runny or stuffy nose;
  • low fever;
  • Sore throat;
  • loss of appetite;
  • headache, tired feeling; or
  • muscle pain.

swine flu vaccine cost

The swine flu vaccine cost varies from brand to brand. Therefore there is no fixed swine flu vaccine cost. The H1N1 vaccine price can also vary from hospital to hospital. You can also find subsidized swine flu vaccine cost at certain hospitals.

Aside from the varying H1N1 vaccine price, you should also keep in mind that different brands may cause different reactions.

The swine flu vaccine cost should not be a deterrent in you getting the shot because swine flu in rare cases can cause death.

h1n1 (swine flu) vaccine in india

It is necessary to protect yourself against swine flu by taking the H1N1 vaccine India has to offer. Majority of the hospital or health centres providing H1N1 vaccine in India are professional and effective in their services.

how can we help?

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