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physiotherapy treatment for bursitis knee

Physiotherapy Treatment for Bursitis Knee through experienced physiotherapists. Our physical therapist will address all your Bursitis Knee problems with care, right in the comfort of your home. To get in-home physiotherapy treatment for Bursitis Knee in your city, begin here

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definition of knee bursitis

The medical definition of knee bursitis or prepatellar bursitis is as follows –

Prepatallar bursitis is the swelling up of the bursa, which sits in front of the knee cap (patella). The damage to the bursa is mainly caused due to repeated stress to the knees in activities like kneeling on hard surface.

what is knee bursitis?

Knee bursitis, also referred to as Prepatellar bursitis medically, is the inflammation of bursa or the small fluid sac located near the knee joint. The Burae acts as a cushion and protects the pressure joints, between the knee bones and the tendons, from friction. Knee bursitis mostly affects the knee cap or the inner side of the knee.

types of knee bursitis:

A bursa is a fluid sac present between the skin and the tendon and the tendon and bone. It’s main responsibility is to reduce the amount of friction between moving structures. The bursae around the kneecap are of several types and one of them gets inflamed it leads to bursitis. The different types of knee bursitis are;

  • Prepatellar Bursitis
  • Infrapatellar Bursitis
  • Superficial Infrapatellar Bursitis
  • Deep Infrapatellar Bursitis
  • Suprapatellar Bursitis

knee bursitis causes:

There are several different knee bursitis causes, few of the common knee bursitis causes are as follows;

  • Frequent kneeling and for long duration on hard surfaces
  • Overuse or strenuous activity like running, hiking, climbing, etc
  • Trauma to the knee
  • Bursa bacterial infection
  • Other health conditions like osteoarthritis, gout and rheumatoid arthritis

knee bursitis symptoms

Knee bursitis symptoms vary according to the bursa affected, also the knee bursitis symptoms are slow and gradual and get worse with time or due to an injury. The usual symptoms of knee bursitis are swelling to varied degrees, warmth, tenderness and redness of the knee overlying the inflamed bursa. People affected with knee bursitis also complain of pain with walking and stiffness when kneeling and restricted mobility of the knee.

knee bursitis diagnosis

The primary knee bursitis diagnosis consists of physical examination of the knee by comparison of both the knee if only one of them is affected, application of slight pressure to check for warmth and tenderness and the site of the pain and movement of knees to determine mobility of the knee.

Besides the physical examination doctors can also ask for imaging tests for effective knee bursitis diagnosis. The various imaging tests helping in the diagnosis of knee bursitis are X ray, ultrasound, MRI scan and aspiration in cases gout.

knee bursitis home treatment:

The various knee bursitis remedies that can be adopted as part of the knee bursitis home treatment to get some knee bursitis relief is the RICE treatment which is basically resting the knee and keeping it elevated and , applying ice pack and finally wrapping the knee with an elastic bandage to control swelling of the knee. Other knee bursitis remedies that can bring knee bursitis relief are;

  • Practicing knee bursitis exercises as recommended by physiotherapists
  • Maintaining optimum weight and staying healthy
  • Prior warm up before playing sports or exercising
  • Avoiding extended kneeling periods and taking breaks in between

knee bursitis treatment 

Knee Bursitis treatment depends upon the septic or aseptic nature of knee bursitis. The aseptic knee bursitis can be easily treated at home through knee bursitis remedies, medications, injections and knee bursitis physical therapy. However, septic knee bursitis demand advanced medical care and might involve aspirations and surgery.

Medication – the medications prescribed in knee Bursitis treatment are the typical non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs and analgesics.

Injection – Cortisone injections can be administered in the knee in cases where medication did not provide desired knee bursitis relief.

Knee bursitis physical therapy – Knee bursitis physical therapy or Knee bursitis physiotherapy are one and same thing and the terms are often used interchangeably. Knee bursitis physical therapy holds an important place in knee bursitis treatment. The various knee bursitis exercises as recommended in Knee bursitis physical therapy are designed to help in the strengthening and stretching of the knee. Also regular practice of knee bursitis exercises have proven to be quite effective in increasing the mobility and flexibility of the knee and reducing pain and stiffness.

Aspiration – The process of aspiration is the pulling out the liquid from the infected knee bursae with the help of an injection. This extracted liquid is used for further examination and also treatment of knee bursitis.

Surgery – Surgery is only done in severe cases of knee bursitis or when none of the conservative treatment brought relief.  The surgical procedure will remove the affected bursa to treat knee bursitis.

how can we help?

Knee bursitis causes pain with even walking and as such knee bursitis home treatment is best recommended for such people. Portea with its highly trained healthcare professionals can bring an entire clinic to your doorstep as such. If you need knee bursitis home treatment just get in touch with us and allow us to rapidly nurse you back to good health.

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I had a serious L4 & L5 disc prolapse when I sought Portea’s physiotherapy. Thanks a lot to Dr. Amitava and Portea for their prompt service. Keep up the good work.

I am very happy to share my feedback regarding the excellent treatment I got. My Physiotherapist Dr. Babita Gurung was extremely helpful in getting back to me normal. She was very clear in her instructions and guides me well for each and every treatment she gives. She was absolutely wonderful and very active while discussing the problem and it’s remedy. She gives full attention and time to the patient and never in hurry to attend more patients by bypassing the under-treatment patients. Worth recommending to friends. Thank you all so much for your excellent care. I am feeling so much better now than when I started my PT. Your professionalism, concern and friendliness were much appreciated.

I think it was the most professional yet personal therapy I have had so far in the last 3 years since I first had the back problems. Dr. Fateh is a polite, good-natured and compassionate gentleman, who is extremely competent at his work and displayed great consistency throughout the sessions, even towards the end without slacking away time or hurrying up through the final sessions like most other Physiotherapists, as I have experienced before. He in fact ensured that he put a little more extra efforts towards the end to ensure that my back remains strong post the sessions.