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baby vaccinations

This is the entire list of baby vaccinations your child needs to take before 12 years of age.

Another important baby vaccinations list curated for you by importance:

Hepatitis B vaccinations are

Before you enrol your child in school, they may give you a list of vaccination baby is required to have taken.

baby vaccinations in india

Some of the baby vaccinations found on the list were not part of routine immunization before. It is also important to note that some of the baby vaccinations should and can only be given to healthy infants. In case there is a risk factor involved, it is better to talk to your doctor about the baby vaccinations schedules.

It is important that you follow the vaccination chart for babies in India because there are some diseases that have been eradicated elsewhere but not in India.

After taking a look at the vaccination chart for babies in India, parents have a lot of questions. The commonly asked questions are answered below:

Are baby vaccinations India has to offer mandatory?

Some states impose mandatory baby vaccinations and it is required that the parents immunize the child against certain diseases.

Are there any vaccines in the baby vaccinations list that are optional?

Out of the list of vaccination baby needs, there are few are deemed compulsory and the rest are optional.

The baby vaccine chart for the optional and compulsory vaccinations is below:

The diseases targeted by the government’s immunisation programme are:

Some of the baby vaccinations types that are optional are for the following diseases:

Why does my child need the vaccinations mentioned in the baby vaccine chart?

Vaccinations are aimed and preventing diseases that would otherwise cause death or other fatal symptoms in your child. Every paediatrician will give you the baby vaccinations schedules to ensure that you know when to immunize your child. You can opt to take the baby vaccination at home as well.

How many doses of the vaccinations does my child need?

Every vaccination requires a different dose. Some may be a single dose vaccine whereas others may require several doses.

What if my child does not get the vaccinations according to the baby vaccination schedules?

Your child can be left potentially vulnerable to certain diseases if the baby vaccine chart is not followed. If your child misses a dose, get in touch with your doctor to understand what should be done. Usually, there is a timeframe within which the vaccinations must be taken.

How much does the baby vaccination cost?

Please note that baby vaccination cost is not fixed and may vary. The different baby vaccination types and price of each may change based on the doctor’s consultation fees and any other unforeseen circumstances.

how can we help?

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