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hepatitis b vaccine

The Hepatitis B vaccine is used to protect the human body from Hepatitis B virus (HPV). This disease is very contagious and can damage the liver completely if not treated on time. The administration of Hepatitis B vaccine is given in the form of a shot.

Find out more about Hepatitis B disease and Hepatitis B vaccine uses in this article.

what is hepatitis b?

The Hepatitis B infection is said to be an opportunistic infection. This means that this type of disease can occur more frequently and at a faster rate in people with a weak immune system.

There are two phases in this type of infection-

  • Acute Hepatitis B: In this phase an individual has acquired the infection newly and the symptoms can be noticed between 1 to 4 months. With proper medical care and Hepatitis B treatment, the symptoms, as well as the infection, can be resolved. Acute Hepatitis may also become life-threatening, which is called Fulminant Hepatitis.
  • Chronic Hepatitis B: When the infection lasts for more than 6 months, it is called Chronic Hepatitis B. In the chronic phase the infection cannot be treated completely.

hepatitis b symptoms

In most cases, the symptoms of Hepatitis B may not be noticed within a month. The most common symptoms include-

  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Yellow or dark urine
  • Yellowing of the skin and sclera
  • Loss of appetite
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Vomiting

Any of the above symptoms should be immediately evaluated and if diagnosed, the right Hepatitis B treatment should be implemented on the patient.

hepatitis b causes

The infection is caused by Hepatitis B virus which can be found in blood and body fluids. The transmission of this virus can also take place through semen, vaginal discharge and blood, and can also pass from mother to the child at the time of delivery. Also, having unprotected sex and sharing needles increases the chance of developing this infection.

Outside the body, the virus can survive up to 7 days. During this time, without a Hepatitis B vaccination, a person can develop an infection.

hepatitis b diagnosis

To diagnose both chronic and acute infection, a blood test should be done. Also, screening can be done for patients who are at higher risk of developing such infection. Such patients include-

  • Newly born infants to mothers with HPV infection
  • Sex partner having an infection
  • Individuals who engage in sex with multiple partners
  • Sex between two men
  • Drug addicts sharing syringes
  • Individuals sharing a household with chronic HPV patients
  • Health care workers
  • Dialysis patients
  • Pregnant women
  • Undergoing chemotherapy for cancer
  • People coming from a country with the high occurrence of HPV

In case a woman develops HPV during pregnancy, the child should get a Hepatitis B vaccination and also Hepatitis B immune globulin after birth within 12-24 hours of time.

Before the Hepatitis B treatment stage, the doctor may carry out a series of blood tests-

  1. Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test: Although the test cannot evaluate whether a patient has developed a chronic or an acute infection, a positive test shows the presence of the virus in the body and can also determine whether the infection is contagious or not.
  2. Hepatitis B Core Antigen Test: This test confirms the present status of an individual. A positive result indicates that there is an infection in the body.
  3. Hepatitis B Surface Antibody Test: This test is used to check whether a person has immunity against HPV. A positive test indicates two things- either a person is vaccinated or has just recovered from acute infection

Liver Function Test: On performing this test, the doctor can ascertain the condition of your liver and the enzymes it is producing. If the enzyme levels are high, it may indicate an inflamed or a damaged liver.

hepatitis b treatment

If a person is already immune against HPV, there is no need for a Hepatitis B vaccination. For someone who has not taken a Hepatitis B vaccine, following measures should be implemented-

Hepatitis B vaccination and immunoglobulin: If there is a doubt that you may have been exposed to HPV virus in the last 24 hours, talk to the doctor immediately. In case, you have not taken a Hepatitis B vaccine, the infection can still be prevented by taking a vaccine and an injection of HPV immune globulin.

For acute Hepatitis B patients, the recovery is possible with proper rest and keeping the body hydrated. People overcome acute infection on their own.

For chronic hepatitis, antiviral drugs are prescribed by the doctors.

If the infection is too severe and has damaged the liver, a liver transplant may also be needed.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Dose

The Hepatitis B vaccine dose varies depending on the age and the condition of an individual.

  • For infants and children (age 0-10 years), a 5 mcg Hepatitis B vaccine dose is administered. The next two hepatitis b vaccine booster is administered after 1 and 6 months respectively.
  • For adolescents (age 11-15 years), a 10 mcg dose is administered. The Hepatitis B vaccine booster is given after the fourth and sixth month respectively.
  • The Hepatitis B vaccine for adults (from 16 years onwards) is 10 mcg and is administered after one month and the sixth month respectively
  • For dialysis or pre-dialysis patients, the Hepatitis B vaccine for adults is 40 mcg and is administered after one and six months respectively.

Note that the Hepatitis B vaccine cost in India varies depending on the brand and service provider.

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