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what is gouty arthritis?

Commonly known as gout, gouty arthritis is common in most men. It is a kind of arthritis where the person suffers from severe swelling, eventually leading to pain in the joints. It can be found mostly at the base of the toes and below the big toes.

According to scientific reports, approximately one out of forty people suffers from gouty arthritis. People between the ages of 30 – 60 years need to be careful about it. Long-term damage can be cured by gouty arthritis treatment as well as some of the gouty arthritis home treatment methods.

Joint pains are a frequent phenomenon observed in a good number of households. Many ignore it without even thinking of the consequences. But neglecting joint pains can be detrimental. The gouty arthritis definition usually refers to a pain that generally penetrates below your toes or in the joints is known as gouty arthritis. There are many forms of gouty arthritis treatment that  are advisable based on the condition of the patient.

what are the main causes of gouty arthritis?

Our bodies secrete a material known as urate. Urate is nothing but what you call uric acid, a major quantity of the urate is produced by the body. The urate formed in the body is broken down into minute substances and gets eliminated from the body through the urine.

When the urate does not pass out from your body in appropriate quantity or your body produces more of it, it develops into crystals. When these mini crystals amalgamate around the joints of your body, it causes gouty arthritis.

These broken substances that form into crystals are known as purines. Not only is purine present naturally in the body but also in some foods like shellfish, red meat, and offal. People into the habit of drinking may also contribute to the causes of gout arthritis. The more is the alcohol consumption, the more is the dehydration of the body leading to the formation of gout. Infact alcohol consumption accelerates the gouty arthritis causes.

what are the gouty arthritis symptoms?

Different people have different gouty arthritis symptoms. The most common one is the immense pain and swelling under the big toe. This is followed by slight illness or injury for some. Besides big toes, gout can attack the ankle, the knees, and the foot.

Gout can lead to serious health disorders such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and kidney problems.

what are types of gouty arthritis?

There are mainly two different types of gouty arthritisnamely acute and chronic tophaceous. The third type of gout can also be found known as podagra.

Acute Gout

Also known as the gout attack, the acute gout is characterized by immense pain that can be unbearable. The pain starts from right in the morning and by the end of the day, it reaches its peak. In this type of gout, although the pain diminishes in a week, redness in the swollen areas is noticed

Chronic tophaceous gout

In this case, the gouty arthritis symptoms are recurrent. Urate crystals can be formed in your ears, at the tip of your elbows, and in your finger joints. If this type of gouty arthritis diagnosis is not taken care of, it can finally damage and erode your joints. The affected joints look like rheumatoid arthritis but both are not the same. In rheumatoid arthritis, you will not find any deposition of urate crystals.


This is the form of gout that we don’t hear quite often. In this case, the urate crystal form and accumulate under the joint of the big toe. This is the first symptom of gout. Your big toe will get swollen, turn red and sore out of pain. This kind of gout is so painful that sufferers sometimes cannot put on their shoes.

Gouty arthritis – Treatment and Cure

There are many over the counter products available for gouty arthritis treatment and gouty arthritis exercises also acts as a relief. You can also carry out gouty arthritis treatment at home through medication and gouty arthritis physical therapy. Two effective gouty arthritis home treatments are-

Take an ice pack. Wrap it around with a thin cloth. Apply it on the swelling joint for 30 minutes. Continue this every day. The best home treatment for gouty arthritis relief can be done by ice.

When you sleep at night, place a frame over your foot to keep bedclothes away from your foot. This will act as a gouty arthritis treatment method and will provide you with some relief.

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