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about japanese encephalitis vaccine

Japanese Encephalitis also referred to as Japanese B Encephalitis is a serious viral infection affecting the brain. It causes the inflammation of the brain and currently there is no cure for Japanese Encephalitis and the treatment is more aimed towards supportive care and managing the symptoms. The disease mainly affects small children as adults more or less tend to develop immunity towards the Japanese Encephalitis virus as they age.

Japanese Encephalitis is essentially a mosquito borne viral disease and as such there is no human to human transfer of the disease. A person is affected by the Japanese Encephalitis disease when he/she is bitten by a mosquito carrying the Japanese Encephalitis Virus (JEV).  The culex breed of mosquito also referred to as Japanese Encephalitis mosquito is the main carrier of the JEV virus. The Japanese Encephalitis Virus is the leading cause viral encephalitis in Asia and belongs to the Flaviviridae virus family which is associated with Dengue, Yellow Fever and West Nile virus.

Although Japanese Encephalitis is mainly common in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan but they have effectively managed to control the disease through Japanese Encephalitis vaccination. However, in the South Asian regions the Japanese Encephalitis infection is still found and Japanese Encephalitis in India has been known to cause epidemics occasionally. The Japanese Encephalitis infection has a mortality rate of 30% and as such Japanese Encephalitis vaccinationis the best approach towards the disease.

japanese encephalitis symptom

Usually the Japanese Encephalitis infections are mild and characterised with fever and headache, while in some cases there are no apparent Japanese Encephalitis Symptoms visible. However in a few rare cases the Japanese encephalitis infection takes a serious manifestation and the more severe form of Japanese Encephalitis Symptoms are;

  • Sudden high fever
  • Headache
  • Stiffness in the neck
  • Confusion and disorientation
  • Seizures
  • Spastic paralysis
  • Coma

what is the treatment for
japanese encephalitis

There is no cure as such to treat the Japanese Encephalitis virus and the Japanese Encephalitis Treatment is mainly aimed to provide supportive care and better management and elimination of the symptoms associated with it.

Although the Japanese Encephalitis infection is usually mild and easily subdues naturally, in rare cases it can lead to brain inflammation and result in possible death of the person. In several cases of Japanese encephalitis survivors the disease has rendered them various neurological defects like deafness, weakness on one side of the body etc.

what is japanese encephalitis vaccine?

Japanese encephalitis vaccine is a vaccine developed to provide protection against the Japanese encephalitis infection. The Japanese encephalitis vaccine is pretty safe to use and is highly effective in preventing the Japanese encephalitis infection. The Japanese encephalitis vaccine is said to have an efficacy rate of 90% but the exact duration of the cover provided is not very clear and is believed to wane off with time. The Japanese encephalitis vaccine is mainly given means of an injection shot right under the skin or in a muscle.

The Japanese encephalitis vaccines are of four main types, namely;

  • IMB vaccines or inactivated mouse brain – derived vaccines
  • SA 14 – 14 2 strain vaccine or live attenuated vaccines
  • Live recombinant vaccines
  • Inactivated Vero – cell derived vaccines.

Of late the SA 14 – 14 2, live attenuated vaccine, has become the most preferred form of Japanese encephalitis vaccination all over the world. It is also a preferred Japanese encephalitis vaccine in India. Besides that Jenvac is another indigenously developed Japanese encephalitis vaccine in India.

japanese encephalitis vaccine schedule

Japanese encephalitis in India has been the reason behind several epidemics resulting in large scale deaths, hence getting Japanese encephalitis vaccine in India is highly recommended. People living in encephalitis prone regions and people travelling to those regions are also advised to get themselves Japanese encephalitis vaccination, to protect themselves from this harmful disease.

According to the Japanese encephalitis vaccine schedule, the Japanese encephalitis vaccine dose is to be given in the following manner;

S14 – 14 2 strain vaccine – The first live attenuated Japanese encephalitis vaccine dose should be given at 8 months of age, followed by a booster shot at 2 years of age. In some areas the booster shot is given at 6 – 7 years of age.

In activated, Vero cell – derived vaccine consists of two doses, 4 weeks apart from each other, followed by a booster Japanese encephalitis vaccine dose after 1 year.

japanese encephalitis vaccine side effects

As with other vaccines, the Japanese encephalitis vaccination too has its mild side effects. The most common Japanese encephalitis side effects are;

  • Pain, tenderness or soreness of the site of the vaccine injection
  • Fever in children
  • Muscle and joint pain in adults
  • Headache

japanese encephalitis vaccine cost

The Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine Cost is completely variable and is depended upon the type of vaccine being used, the brand of the vaccine and also the dosage. Add to this the doctor’s charges and the clinical charges and the Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine Cost might become a tad expensive.

how do we help for vaccination?

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