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what is metastatic cancer?

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Dr. Udaya Kumar Maiya (MBBS, MD, DNB(RT), DCCF (Paris), Medical Director, Portea.

spreading to areas near the primary cancer organ are called regional metastatic cancer. Distant metastatic cancer is spreading of cancer cells to sites much further from the primary site. This is an advanced stage of cancer because the metastatic cancer definition itself mentions existing primary cancer to be the only one of known metastatic cancer causes.

how does cancer spread?

Cancer spreads through lymph vessels, lymph nodes, and blood vessels following many metastatic cancer stages.The following are some of the metastatic cancer stages:

  • Local invasion – when cancer cells spread on to adjacent normal tissues.
  • Intravasation – invasion and progression towards the walls of nearby lymph vessels or blood vessels, spreading to other parts of the body through the lymphatic system and bloodstream.
  • Arrest and extravasation – cancer cells stop movement in capillaries and invade the walls and migrate to surrounding tissues.
  • Proliferation – formation of tumors called micro metastasis at a distant location.
  • Angiogenesis – micro metastasis stimulates the growth of new blood supply for production of oxygen and nutrients necessary for continued tumour growth, advancing rapidly to further metastatic cancer stages.

what are the symptoms of metastatic cancer?

The frequency of symptoms of metastatic cancer depends on the size and location of cancer. An advanced metastatic cancer diagnostic test can help detect cancer at its specific location. Before metastatic cancer tests, watch out for symptoms. Bone metastatic cancer symptoms are pain and bone fracture. Brain metastatic cancer symptoms are symptoms like a headache, seizures, and unsteadiness. Lung metastatic cancer symptoms include shortness of breath. Liver metastasis symptoms are swelling or jaundice. Metastatic cancer tests are performed to confirm whether these symptoms are advanced cancer.

diagnosis of metastatic cancer

A metastatic cancer diagnosis is conducted in patients who have already undergone cancer treatment and metastatic cancer screening tests for primary cancer. This is because primary cancer is the only known one of metastatic cancer causes. Thus, more specific tests are conducted for metastatic cancer diagnosis. Here are common metastatic cancer screening tests.

  • blood test is a vital metastatic cancer diagnostic test
  • Imaging techniques like x-ray, ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, and bone scan
  • A biopsy is a reliable metastatic cancer diagnostic test
  • Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy
  • Lumbar puncture
  • Paracentesis and thoracentesis

metastatic cancer treatment

Metastatic cancer treatment depends on patients’ metastatic cancer types, patients’ primary cancer, its size, location, and metastatic tumours. Some key metastatic cancer treatment for all metastatic cancer types are:

  • Systematic therapy – chemotherapy, biological therapy, targeted therapy, and hormonal therapy
  • Local therapy – surgery and radiation therapy.
  • Combination metastatic cancer treatment – a mix of systematic therapy and local therapy that has proven to       be most effective in metastatic cancer treatment.

After treatment patients can choose metastatic cancer home treatment or continue treatment at a hospital, based on their convenience.

when do you need us?

Patients opt to receive metastatic cancer treatment at home as the environment is much more calming than at a hospital. When seeking metastatic cancer treatment at home, you can seek the help of our professionals. They are qualified to offer you the best metastatic cancer home treatment. Metastatic cancer treatment at home ensures that the patient is not far from family at any time. Besides providing nurses for metastatic cancer care at home, we offer a range of other related services. All these can smoothen the path for effective metastatic cancer home treatment. If pursuing metastatic cancer care at home, you should be aware that our nurses for metastatic cancer home treatment

how we can help

The complex process of metastatic cancer treatment and metastatic cancer care taxes the patient as well as the family members. Our metastatic cancer home treatment as part of metastatic cancer care offers various metastatic cancer care services for needy cancer patients. We offer nurses for metastatic cancer care. Our metastatic cancer care at home is ensured with a set of emergency equipment. The nurses for metastatic cancer get guidance from oncologists. Our nurses not only provide metastatic cancer care for cancer treatment at home, but they also educate patients and counsel them.


Though it is advanced cancer, you can manage your metastatic cancer treatment at home. With family support, a timely metastatic cancer diagnostic test, and metastatic cancer treatment, patients can live longer and happier lives.

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