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best physiotherapists in kolkata associated with portea

Portea’s physiotherapy at home in Kolkata enjoys considerable popularity among the masses owing to its team of well certified and compassionate physiotherapists who work out a holistic treatment plan for a smooth progress towards recovery. Few of the best physiotherapists in Kolkata associated with Portea are;

Dr. Mathew Paul BPT 2 Years
Dr. Nayna Kumari BPT 4 Years
Dr. Punyatoya Das BPT 1 Year
Dr. Ajoy Jana BPT 7 Years
Dr. Supriyo Roy BPT 2 Year

Now book physiotherapist in Asansol and Durgapur at Portea

what is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a holistic approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of pain. It helps people maintain their physical strength. Physiotherapy helps the body get rid of the pain for a long term by targeting the underlying issues. With advanced techniques, physiotherapy can now be used to treat a wide range of disorders. If you are living in Kolkata, then get physiotherapy treatment in Kolkata today to repair damage, increase mobility, and reduce pain and stiffness. Many people often ignore their physical ailments. Most of the time the pain is temporary and has no serious threats but, sometimes the constant pain in your body might be a sign that you need Physiotherapy.

get the best benefits from physiotherapy at home in kolkata

Kolkata, also called the city of joy, is a huge metropolitan city and commuting in this large city is not always a joy for people.

Physiotherapy at home Kolkata holds numerous advantages especially for people who are bed ridden or have mobility issues and have to undergo immense trouble commuting to the physiotherapist through the poor traffic condition and hot and humid weather of Kolkata. These kind of people are the actual beneficiary of the home physiotherapy service, wherein a qualified and experienced physiotherapists makes house call at the patient’s home.

Commuting to and fro a physiotherapist clinic puts one under the risk of aggravating their injury and pain, not to mention the added hassle and stress of travelling. With Physiotherapy at home in Kolkata one can simply relax and recover at home with the assistance of an on – call physiotherapist.

With zero commutes involved, home physiotherapy Kolkata is also quite economic and cost-effective as compared to the traditional visits to the physio clinic.

Also with family around you can have the much needed moral support and be comfortable in a familiar environment than being treated in the cold and sterile environment of a clinic/hospital. Physiotherapists on call are also better able to provide a much personal attention to the patient and help design a much holistic approach to their recovery.

what can i expect from physiotherapy in kolkata?

Your first appointment with our physiotherapist would entail a thorough physical examination including postural assessment, biomechanical assessment and strength tests to make a diagnosis and determine the root cause of the problem.

Based on this diagnosis, the physiotherapist would design a treatment plan to best suit your lifestyle and rehabilitation goal for a smooth and fast road to recovery.

list of different types of physiotherapy we provide

Physiotherapy has separate branches to deal with different health problems and age groups. Portea’s physiotherapists in Kolkata are well equipped and trained in varied branches of physiotherapy to help you recover come from varied different types of bodily pain, neurological issues and other such problem. The different types of physiotherapy Kolkata one can avail at Portea include;

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in Kolkata:

This branch of  physiotherapy essentially deals with injuries pertaining to the areas of bones, muscles and soft tissues.  

Geriatric Physiotherapy in Kolkata:

This branch of physiotherapy essentially deals with the problems of aging and help maintain functional independence of the elderly.

Paediatric Physiotherapy in Kolkata:

This branch of physiotherapy essentially deals with babies, kids and young adults up till the age of 19 years suffering from growth and developmental issues.

Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy in Kolkata:

Cardiorespiratory physiotherapy helps in recovering and rehabilitation of patients suffering from heart and lung diseases like COPD, Asthma, respiratory infection, heart attack, angina, hypertension, etc.

Sports Physiotherapy in Kolkata:

This branch of physiotherapy mainly helps athletes recover from sporting injuries.

Others are:

how to get the appointment of physiotherapy at home in kolkata?

Are you still typing physiotherapy near me to get hold of a good physiotherapist? Then give it a rest and call Portea’s home physiotherapy service at Kolkata to get assured, accountable and affordable physiotherapy in Kolkata. Portea’s physiotherapist will come visit you at your home that too at a time and day of your choosing. You can also book an appointment through our user friendly website, where you need to simply fill in the details and our representatives would get back to you with the details in a short time.

what is the cost of physiotherapy in kolkata?

Physiotherapy in Kolkata is quite affordable. However, the physiotherapy charges can vary from person to person depending upon the kind of physiotherapy sought, the duration and number of sessions of the physio treatment, the physio technique and the severity of the problem. The Physiotherapy at home Kolkata charges are also pretty inexpensive, affordable and cost effective.

portea’s at-home physiotherapy services in kolkata

Portea’s home physiotherapy services in Kolkata is counted among the best home physiotherapy Kolkata, setting benchmarks in terms of accountability, quality, care and reliability. Portea having tied up with some of the most respected and well experienced physiotherapists strives to provide world class physiotherapy and healthcare services to the people of Kolkata. Portea’s endeavour to provide the best has made it one of the best and most sought after home Physiotherapy Kolkata.

Else check your nearest physiotherapy clinics in Kolkata, offering from Portea Medicals. Book an appointment at your convenience.

Portea’s physiotherapy services in Kolkata top location include:

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I would like to share our very positive feedback concerning your business partner Vinay Venugopal.


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