A physiotherapy is a holistic approach to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of pain. It helps people maintain their physical strength. Physiotherapy helps the body get rid of the pain for a long term by targeting the underlying issues. With advanced techniques, physiotherapy can now be used to treat a wide range of disorders. If you are living in Kolkata, then get physiotherapy treatment in Kolkata today to repair damage, increase mobility, and reduce pain and stiffness. Many people often ignore their physical ailments. Most of the time the pain is temporary and has no serious threats but, sometimes the constant pain in your body might be a sign that you need Physiotherapy.

When do you need physiotherapy?

Look for these signs that indicate the need of physiotherapy in Kolkata –

1.No Balance-

The vestibular system is the balance system of the body. The inner ear forms the essential part of this system. If any condition affects your inner ear, it can cause dizziness and vertigo ultimately leading to balance disturbance. Vestibular rehabilitation is a physiotherapy that is used to overcome this imbalance. There are a series of the neck, eye, and head exercises that are designed specifically to treat this problem. So, if you think that you have lost your balance, consult your physiotherapy specialist immediately.

2.Disturbed sleep-

Insomnia is another sign of need of Physio treatment. The chronic pain in the lower back could be the reason for this discomfort. Your sleep patterns indicate the health of your body. The Insomnia might be the reason behind the pain and mobility issues in the body. Apart from insomnia, this includes fitful nights and not feeling rested even after a long sleep.

3.Loss of bladder control-

During pregnancy or abdominal surgery, pelvic muscles can get tight and fall into spasm. To get rid of such pelvic floor disorders, doctors suggest physiotherapy. The bladder, bowel function is controlled by pelvic muscles. They not only support sexual function, but also support the abdominal and spine organs. Any issue in the pelvic muscles can result in abdominal or groin pain, urinary incontinence, and painful intercourse. To address this condition, a massage technique known as Trigger Point release is used that acts on the affected pelvic muscle directly and releases the spasm. Some other strengthening and relaxing exercises can be practiced to get rid of the spastic pelvic muscles. The goal of the Physio treatment is to teach you to regain control of your bladder.

4.Constant pain-

Though pain can be caused by a specific injury, but if you find yourself in constant need of painkillers to perform the day-to-day task, then it is a sign that you need physiotherapy in Kolkata. You can even avail Physiotherapy at home to treat your long-term problems. Our body tells us about the injury via pain. Taking painkillers will only give you temporary relief without treating the root cause.

5.Reduced Mobility-

Every person has a different body and thus different levels of mobilities. Some people can completely bend backward while some cannot. But if you find that your mobility has decreased, then time to schedule an appointment with your physiotherapist immediately or google Physiotherapy near me to find the best physiotherapists in your area. Any kind of reduced physical abilities means that your body needs attention. Your physiotherapist will assess your condition and guide you through some training exercises.

6.Back Pain

There are more than 24 muscles in and around the back of the body that are responsible for causing the back pain. People with poor posture are usually suffering from back pain. Conditions like arthritis and muscle strain can also cause back pain. To get rid of the back pain, one must reduce the stress on joints by managing the weight, strengthen their muscles to reduce the recurrence of the pain and improve stability, and muscle’s re-patterning. The coordination of specific muscles is changed through a series of guiding exercises. During pregnancy, the ligaments and joints that go through a lot of stress are more susceptible to injuries. So back, pelvic, and joint pain during pregnancy can be reduced through some simple physiotherapy exercises.

Physio at Home in Kolkata

Physiotherapy provides relief to the muscular, skeletal, as well as the neurological system of the body. It heals and strengthens our bodies. Strengthening and relaxing exercises are done to work on belly and back, the core muscles of the body. The machines used during the physiotherapy sessions for lunges, pushups, and squats improve the mobility of the body and expand the range of the movement of the muscles. Aerobic training is also used to improve the heart rate of the body, but they also can help in improving the strength of the joints. These aerobic exercises like walking fast or cycling should be done as the warm-up exercises before practicing the strengthening exercises.

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