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the best physiotherapists in faridabad

Portea offers one of the best home physiotherapy service at Faridabad and is highly sought after by the people of Faridabad. What sets Portea physiotherapy at home Faridabad apart from others is its team of highly qualified and experienced team of physiotherapists.

Portea has tied up with some of the best physiotherapists in Faridabad specialising in varied branches of physiotherapy. Some of the prominent physiotherapists in Faridabad associated with Portea are;  

  • Neeraj Sharma – Ortho – MPT – 5 years of Experience


Physiotherapists are those who help people with severe injuries in the muscles, bones, ligaments and nerves. Their main motto is to promote health and maintain a structure that feels active and efficient. Both physiotherapists and doctors are specialized in treating the musculoskeletal system and their related conditions with the help of certified exercises. We provide you with the best Physiotherapy in Faridabad who helps you lead an active life. 

Injuries can be diagnosed depending on a range of factors affecting your health. Our specialized physiotherapists restore the function and strength of the body after an injury. Injuries could be in various forms starting from surgeries to disc slips and sports injuries. Your injury is analysed and treated by the physiotherapist accordingly. 

top physiotherapist in faridabad available with portea

Nowadays, physiotherapists are coming to the rescue of patients. We have a hand full of technicians that display the Best Physiotherapy in Faridabad. Every nation has a set of rules for physiotherapists in prescribing medicines. Not all physiotherapists can do them, but a few certainly have the license to prescribe medicines apart from exercise to patients. 

If your mobility or range of motion is affected continuously for more than three to four days, it is time you meet a physiotherapist to know what’s wrong with your body and how to cope up with the disorder. We provide you with well trained and experienced physiotherapists to deal with your injuries and provide an easy solution. Proper physiotherapy can sometimes save you from undergoing surgery or further damage of muscle or tissue. 

what are the different types of physiotherapy we provide in faridabad?

If you want to go to a Physiotherapy clinic in Faridabad, look at our list of physiotherapists and choose the right one. We provide you with many options, and you can choose the one that feels comfortable and near to your home. After consultation with a physiotherapist, tests are conducted to know your health conditions and current status.

After recovering from surgery, it is essential to take advice and consultation from a physiotherapist to get your bones and muscles to function normally again. We help you get them done with various physiotherapists who are specialised in upper and lower back pain physio, neuro physio, paediatric physiotherapy etc. Continuous leg pain, weakness, swelling of legs etc., needs quick attention and advice from a physiotherapist. Always keep in mind, the earlier you attend to a problem, the easier it is to solve. 

how to get a physiotherapist in faridabad?

Our database provides you with information on the best physiotherapy clinic in Faridabad. We take care in filtering the best of all and provide you with solid information on the most famous physiotherapists in town. They could be in any part of the city. We bring their details just for you. We also have physiotherapists who specialise in the rehabilitation of neurological complaints, cardiorespiratory system, oncology, the musculoskeletal system, and sports. 

Heart patients and people with respiratory difficulties can consult a physiotherapist specialised in the cardiorespiratory system. Again, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and who are feeling too weak to cope up can also consult a physiotherapist for exercises that strengthen the body’s muscular system. Athletes and sportspeople, if you want to recover faster, consult a sports physiotherapist for better results. 

what is the cost of physiotherapy in faridabad?

Costs regarding physiotherapy are lesser than most other treatments that usually cost a bomb. We provide you with the best services and the cost starts at a reasonable price of Rs 650. The physiotherapy centre in Faridabad will be cost-effective and affordable. Our main intention is to serve you with minimum cost and charges. Our consultation charges are comparatively lesser than many others. 

You also get to cut on your travel charges by consulting physiotherapists online or through audio or video call. Initially, you might have to visit them to know your conditions, but if you have someone at home who can learn the exercises and execute them, then you can do the consultation online itself.

what should you expect from portea’s physiotherapy in faridabad?

Outcomes and benefits are better health and living. We wish to provide you with a service that increases your overall health and well being. The benefits of going to a physiotherapist will relieve you of ankle sprains, ligament tears, muscle pain etc. Your disability and illness can be treated by physical manipulation, exercises and heat therapy. Your therapist will decide on the one that works best for you. 

physiotherapy services in faridabad’s various localtions

Our physiotherapists are available all over the place. You can book an online appointment with a physiotherapist in Ballabgarh sitting in Agwanpur. There are quite many Physiotherapists in Sector 49, Faridabad, as it is one of the busiest places in the city. Many Physiotherapists in Agwanpur specialise in paediatric physiotherapy. 

Some of the best Physiotherapists in Ajit Nagar are given with all details in our database. You can search for Physiotherapists in Ajronda and book an appointment sitting at your home without any chaos or confusion. 

Patient Testimonials


Mr. Mahesh

I had a serious L4 & L5 disc prolapse when I sought Portea’s physiotherapy. Thanks a lot to Dr. Amitava and Portea for their prompt service. Keep up the good work.


Nikhat Begum


I am a premium package member ( patient name: Nikhat Begum)

I just wanted to thank the customer support team. Especially Partha Sarthy, he has been extremely helpful and prompt in solving my concerns. I am very happy about how he went out of his way to make things happen in a timely manner and followed up post-resolution.


Virginie BARON

To whom this letter of recommendation may concern.

Dear Sir,

I would like to share our very positive feedback concerning your business partner Vinay Venugopal.

He has been nothing but diligent and efficient in organising PCR tests for the whole family on behalf of Portea. And this several times being particularly proactive in paving the way through the registration and payment processes of the company, smoothing the way out for us right form the start until we received our results.

Kindly take this recommendation as a priority as Vinay Venugopal is certainly an added value to any company he would offer his services to.

Not to mention being able to communicate in English with him really took the stress off the whole medical process, which can certainly not be said for other laboratory partners.

This is one of the reasons we will carry on giving our business to Portea.

Best regards,

Johanna SALVADO and Family