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best physiotherapy in kochi

In a big city like Kochi, it becomes hard to get physiotherapy. Even if you find a physiotherapy clinic with a free slot, chances are that it might be a little far away from your residence. This problem is now solved as you can now get physiotherapy at home in Kochi.

At Portea, you can now book an appointment for physiotherapy sessions. We have a team of dedicated, qualified, and highly experienced physiotherapists. They have the required qualification and years of training in treating patients with problems similar to yours. 

So, if you think that you can not visit a physiotherapy clinic in Kochi, just go to our website and book an appointment. Within a few simple steps, you will be in touch with a trained physiotherapist. 

physiotherapist in kochi 

It is not just the technique but also the physiotherapist who determines how quickly you recover. Hence, you should always strive to get assistance from the best physiotherapist in Kochi. At Portea, we have a team of the best physiotherapists in Cochin. 

There are various types of therapists who have expertise in different physiotherapies. Our team of physiotherapists includes:

If you have never done physiotherapy in Kochi, you might not know about various types of physiotherapies. To know what type of physiotherapy you require, you can book an appointment with a general physiotherapist. He or she will make a physical assessment, diagnose your problem, and then will suggest you to do any of the following types of physiotherapy or rehabilitation:

  • Musculoskeletal and Sports Rehabilitation
  • Pediatric Rehabilitation
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Geriatric Rehabilitation

what we provide kochi 

Portea provides physiotherapy in Ernakulam and other areas of Kochi. At our website, you can enter your location, see the list of physiotherapists around you, and then book an appointment with a therapist that has expertise and experience in treating people’s problems similar to yours. 

how to get at home physiotherapy in kochi 

At Portea, the process of booking an appointment with a physiotherapist and getting physiotherapy is extremely simple. You can fix the appointment on our website. All you have to do is fill in the essential details like your current address, the symptoms of your problems, and your contact number. 

Once your appointment is fixed, an expert physiotherapist in Kochi will come to your place. Generally, the first appointment involves diagnosing your problems, making an assessment of your symptoms. Then, the physiotherapist will set up a rehabilitation goal for you. This goal will be achieved with a treatment approach that is tailor-made according to your needs, problems, and lifestyle. 

The physical assessment is often thorough and takes time. Whether you have bells palsy or ankle pain, the physiotherapist will try to find the root cause of the problem. Sometimes the physical symptoms are caused by a small injury or muscle tear, other times, the symptoms point towards another major problem. Hence, a thorough physical assessment becomes essential to ensure that the physiotherapy moves in the right direction. 

physiotherapy cost in kochi 

The cost of physiotherapy changes from patient to patient, condition to condition. A simple physical condition like ankle pain might take different times to get treated because of the age of the person. Other times, work routines or lifestyles might make the physiotherapy shorter or longer. 

But do not worry as we provide cost-effective physiotherapy. Furthermore, you can book an appointment with a physiotherapist according to your budget. Or you can discuss the costs while the physiotherapist makes a treatment plan for you. 

benefits of physio at home in kochi 

There are huge benefits of getting physio at home in Kochi. Since it is a large city, you might have to travel a couple of Kms to get to the clinic or the hospital. But this is not a problem when you are getting physio at home in Kochi. 

There are cases when the patient is too weak or injured that he or she can not go to the clinic regularly. In such a case, getting physiotherapy at home becomes helpful. Furthermore, the patient gets the comfort of home which gives mental support while recovering. And the best part is that getting physio at home is now simpler than getting an appointment at a clinic. 

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