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Physiotherapy Treatment in Delhi (NCR)

physiotherapy treatment in delhi (ncr)

physiotherapy at home in delhi

Portea offers one of the top online physiotherapy services at home in Delhi NCR and is highly sought after by the people of Delhi and NCR. What sets Portea home physical therapy in Delhi apart from others is its team of highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists.

Portea has tied up with some of the top physiotherapists in Delhi and NCR specializing in varied branches of physiotherapy. Some of the prominent physiotherapists in Delhi associated with Portea are;  

Dr. Abhishek SharmaMPT9 years
Dr. Nidhi BhallaNeuroMPT9 years
Dr. Zishan HyaatSportsMPT
Dr. Ashok KumarOrthoMPT2 years
Dr. AtifSportsMPT4 years
Dr. Pradeep PunethaOrthoMPT7 years
Dr. Ekta SharmaOrthoMPT5 years

what is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the technique to treat diseases, physical disabilities, injuries and other health conditions using physical activities, exercises, massages and more. With the help of Physio treatment, you can avoid surgeries and reduce or even completely stop the intake of medicines. Physiotherapy is not only extremely effective but also inexpensive as compared to other treatments available. Physiotherapists are very well-trained and highly qualified people who can help you even with chronic conditions. The best part of this treatment is that you can even avail Physiotherapy at home. It is used in a lot of treatments and areas like acupuncture, cardiothoracic, hand therapy, manual therapy, neurology, occupational health, senior adults, infants and children and sports.

If you are searching online for Physiotherapy near me to find the top physiotherapists in Delhi NCR, then you can get in touch with us.

what are the important benefits of physiotherapy at home in delhi?

There are plenty of advantages of physiotherapy at home especially in a city like Delhi, that has known high pollution levels and bad traffic conditions. Delhi is also a city with a large geographical area and commuting large distances could be a challenge. All these factors put a person under increased health risk especially if the person is suffering from any kind of injury or health condition and so it is better to avoid commuting and have a physiotherapist/medic come visit you on house call.  

The primary advantage of having home physiotherapy Delhi is zero commute. While traveling one faces the risk of aggravating their injury and when you have a physiotherapist come visit you at your home, you can comfortably relax and recover at your home.

Another advantage of this new age physiotherapy in Delhi is that unlike the visits to the physiotherapists where you had to conform to the physiotherapists schedule, now you have the option to choose the day and timing of your physiotherapist visit to suit your schedule and lifestyle.

Physiotherapy at home in Delhi is also quite cost effective as compared to traditional visits to the physiotherapist since there is zero commute involved. Another great advantage of having a physiotherapist visit you at home is that he/she would be able to see your natural surroundings, your work space etc and probably make suggestions regarding postural changes and exercises that can be done comfortably at your home to aid speed recovery.

what should you expect from portrea’s physiotherapy in delhi?

The very first physio session is reserved for making physical assessment, diagnosis, setting up of rehabilitation goal and finally drawing up a holistic treatment approach personalised according to the patient’s lifestyle.

The physical assessment is quite thorough including postural assessment, biomechanical assessment and strength tests to make a diagnosis. Based on this diagnosis, the physiotherapist along with the patient would set up a rehabilitation goal. After this a conducive treatment plan is drawn up for a smooth and speedy recovery process.

what are the various types of physiotherapy services we provide?

Physiotherapy has several different branches dealing with varied kind of health problems like knee pain, Parkinson’s Disease, post – operative rehabilitation, pre and post pregnancy care, etc. In an effort to provide the best home physiotherapy in Delhi, Portea’s offers some of the best physiotherapists in Delhi holding specialization in different fields of physiotherapy to select from. The varied different type of physiotherapies one can avail at Portea include;

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in Delhi: This branch of physiotherapy is mainly concerned with treating injuries relating to the muscles, joints and soft tissues like knee pain, back pain, neck pain, cervical pain, sciatica, Tennis elbow, etc.

Paediatric Physiotherapy in Delhi: This branch of physiotherapy primarily deals with babies, children and teenagers. Physiotherapists specialising in paediatric physiotherapy helps babies and kids suffering from neurological issues like cerebral palsy, sensory disorders, developmental and growth problems to name a few.   

Geriatric Physiotherapy in Delhi: This branch of physiotherapy is mainly concerned with the injuries and conditions that plague aging adults. Geriatric physiotherapy goes a long way in maintain the function

Sports Physiotherapy: Focuses on treating and preventing injuries related to sports and exercise, enhancing athletic performance, and rehabilitation post-injury.

Physiotherapy for Women’s Health: Specializes in addressing conditions like pelvic floor dysfunction, prenatal and postnatal care, and other health issues unique to women.

Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy: Targets respiratory and cardiac conditions, aiding in rehabilitation and management of diseases like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and post-heart surgery recovery.

Neurological Physiotherapy: Concentrates on treating disorders affecting the nervous system, such as stroke, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis, focusing on improving movement and functionality.

Portea also offers other types of physiotherapy for conditions such as Incontinence, Cancer, palliative care and lymphedema in Delhi.

Long Term Physiotherapy Services in Delhi

Embark on a transformative journey towards sustained well-being with Portea’s unrivaled long-term physiotherapy services at home in Delhi-NCR. Our commitment extends beyond conventional care, embracing a spectrum of conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Paraplegia, ACL Injuries, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Elderly Care, Osteoarthritis, and more. Home physiotherapy is not just a service; it’s a tailored, compassionate approach to fostering enduring health.

At Portea, we understand the unique needs of each individual, offering personalized, evidence-based interventions that evolve over time. Our team of dedicated physiotherapists in Delhi specializes in delivering holistic, continuous care, ensuring optimal progress and comfort within the familiar confines of your home. What sets Portea apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence, driven by a seamless blend of expertise, empathy, and innovation. Choose Portea for home physiotherapy in Delhi-NCR, and let us be your trusted partner in the journey towards sustained health and vitality.

how to get physiotherapy at home in delhi?

Getting a leading physiotherapist to visit you at home has now become extremely simple and easy thanks to Portea’s Physiotherapy at home in Delhi just by searching for ‘physiotherapist near me’ or ‘physiotherapy at home near me’ All you need to do is just give Portea a call and a leading physiotherapist in Delhi would soon drop by your home. You can also schedule an appointment through our website, wherein you are required to fill in your details and our representative would soon get back to you.  

physiotherapy charges in delhi

Charges for Physiotherapy at home Delhi are quite variable since, the final charges are dependent upon various factors like duration of the treatment, number of sessions required, the type of physiotherapy being sought and the technique being used and the criticality of the patient’s problem. Nevertheless, home physiotherapy in Delhi is still pretty affordable, economic and cost effective.

portea’s physiotherapy services in delhi

Portea physiotherapy in Delhi is synonymous with quality, reliability, accountability and affordability. These four principles form the pillars of Portea’s home physiotherapy Delhi, which has effectively resulted in numerous people trusting and opting Portea’s physiotherapy in Delhi over others. So, if your ‘physiotherapists near me’ searches have failed to provide you with any reliable result just call Portea and experience our world class health care delivered to you at your home.

portea’s other services in delhi-ncr

With Portea, you’re not just getting the best physiotherapists in delhi; you’re gaining a partner in your journey to recovery and well-being. We also offer a range of superior healthcare services, including doctor consultations, medical equipment, nursing care, and dedicated trained attendants. Rely on us for top-tier healthcare solutions tailored to your requirements.

physiotherapy clinics in new delhi

Check your nearest clinic, offering from Portea Medicals at your convenience, just search Physiotherapy Clinics near me and find list

Portea’s physiotherapy services in Delhi top location include:

  • Physiotherapy in Dwarka
  • Physiotherapy in Janakpuri
  • Physiotherapy in South Delhi
  • Physiotherapy in Greater kailash
  • Physiotherapy in Uttam Nagar
  • Physiotherapy in Rajouri Garden

reach out to us on below address

Portea Medical,
A29, Block A, FIEE Complex, Okhla Phase 2 ,
Okhla Industrial Area
New Delhi, Delhi 110020
Ph No: 1800 121 2323


What are the services included in home physiotherapy services in Delhi-NCR?

Home physiotherapy services in Delhi-NCR encompass a diverse range services including Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Paediatric Physiotherapy, Geriatric Physiotherapy,  Sports Physiotherapy and psychiatric treatment, Neurological Physiotherapy and so on.

How does Portea maintain the quality of physiotherapy services in Delhi-NCR?

In Delhi-NCR, Portea maintains superior quality in physiotherapy services through an extensive training program for physiotherapists, supported by certification. We consistently conduct on-the-job training sessions, both in person and digitally, and offer training on diverse topics to elevate patient care and satisfaction in physiotherapy.

How can I find home physiotherapy services near me in Delhi-NCR?

For those in Delhi-NCR searching “at home physiotherapy near me” or “physiotherapy at home near me” on Google, Portea’s exceptional in-home physiotherapy services are the ideal choice. Trust in Portea for all your in-home physiotherapy needs to receive top-quality medical services from some of the most skilled and reputable physiotherapists in the region.

How much is the average cost for a physiotherapy home session in Delhi?

Physiotherapy at home in Delhi offers variable pricing, influenced by factors such as treatment duration, session count, therapy type, technique used, and the patient’s condition severity. Despite these variables, at-home physiotherapy in Delhi remains affordable and cost-effective.

Can I request for a male/female physiotherapist for home care in Delhi?

Yes, we offer both male and female physiotherapists in Delhi, but we do not offer cross-gender services.

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