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Portea home healthcare has allied with only the best of physiotherapists in Indore to bring to you reliable and quality healthcare at the comfort of your home. Our team of physiotherapists in Indore are well certified and experienced with varied physio techniques to help you recover and reclaim a fuller life. Few of the prominent names associated with Portea’s home physiotherapy in Indore are;

  • Dr. Abhijit Singh Sayal – MPT – 6 Years of Experience
  • Dr. Priya Mehta – MPT – 6 Years of Experience
  • Dr. Ashutosh Chourey – MPT – 3 Years of Experience
  • Dr. Neha Gupta – MPT – 2 Years of Experience

what is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the branch of medical science that deals with the correction of impairment and disabilities. The therapy has helped improve the quality of life of several patients. Patients suffering from a disability, illness or an injury have benefitted from the therapy. During the therapy, a patient undergoes a series of exercises, movement, manual therapy, and advice. This promotes the mobility of the disabled area.

The session starts with the examination and diagnosis of the disability. Once the cause is identified, the physiotherapist designs a set of exercises specifically designed for you. Physiotherapists use their knowledge and skills to treat your illness. Patients’ age and previous health disorders are kept in mind before suggesting exercises.

what are the important benefits of physiotherapy at home in indore?

Indore is a big city in the state of Madhya Pradesh and has its own challenges of traffic and overcrowding.

Physiotherapy at home Indore is one the blessings of modern society wherein you can easily have a highly qualified physiotherapist come visit you after a simple phone call. Gone are the days when you would have to stress yourself commuting to the physiotherapy clinic in Indore or hospital and possibly aggravating your injury/pain.

Commuting from point A to point B in Indore, one of the most populous and largest cities of Madhya Pradesh, can be a really harrowing experience with neck to neck traffic, especially during peak hours. Thankfully, now you can easily rest and recover at home and at the same time have one of the topmost physiotherapists in Indore come visit you at a time and day of your convenience.  

Now that you don’t have to commute to your physiotherapist’s clinic, you can also save money on your commuting charges which can be quite expensive in a city like Indore, thereby making physiotherapists at home service in Indore very cost effective.  

Another significant advantage of having physiotherapy at home in Indore is the personal attention you can get from your physiotherapist’s at home where the physiotherapist’s would be exclusively focussing on your problem and thereby aiding faster recovery.

By making a house call a physiotherapist can also better understand your surroundings and your workspace and make better suggestions regarding body postures and exercises you can practice at home to make fast recovery.

Additionally, healing amidst family members is more recommended than in a cold and sterile environment of a hospital/clinic. The on-call physiotherapist would also educate your family members about the care needed to be given and how to help you through your daily activities and exercises.

what should you expect from portrea’s physiotherapy in indore?

The first session of home physiotherapy in Indore is primarily reserved for making thorough physical assessment of the patient, including postural assessment, biomechanical assessment and strength tests to determine the root cause.

Our friendly and compassionate physiotherapists also encourage patients to speak up and discuss openly about their health problems, to learn more about the patient’s condition and lifestyle. Based on this discussion and the diagnosis our physiotherapist would devise a holistic treatment approach for a smooth and fast recovery.

what are the various types of physiotherapy services we provide?

Physiotherapy has several different branches catering to the varied health issues and age groups. At Portea’s home physiotherapy in Indore you can easily find well certified experienced physiotherapists of various branches of physiotherapy. The different types of physiotherapy services you can find with Portea’s physiotherapy in Indore are;

  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in Indore: Musculoskeletal physiotherapy helps in the recovery and rehabilitation from injuries and inflammation in the areas of bone, muscles and soft tissues like knee pain, neck pain, back pain, etc.
  • Geriatric Physiotherapy in Indore: This branch of physiotherapy helps in the rehabilitation and maintenance of functional independence of the elderly. It covers a wide area of problems faced by the elderly like arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, rehabilitation after hip and joint replacement, balance disorders, incontinence, etc.  
  • Sports Physiotherapy in Indore: Sports physiotherapy is mainly helps in the recovery and rehabilitation of sporting injuries, like tennis elbow, groin pull, hamstring pull, ankle sprain, shin splints, etc.
  • Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy in Indore: This branch of physiotherapy is mainly concerned with the recovery and rehabilitation of patients suffering from lung and heart condition like respiratory infection, COPD, asthma, angina, heart attack, etc.
  • Paediatric Physiotherapy in Indore: Dedicated to treating infants, children, and adolescents, dealing with developmental, neuromuscular, and orthopedic conditions.
  • Physiotherapy for Women’s health in Indore: Addresses specific women’s health concerns, including postnatal recovery, pelvic floor dysfunction, and osteoporosis.
  • Neurological Physiotherapy in Indore: Specializes in treating conditions affecting the nervous system, like stroke, spinal cord injuries, and Parkinson’s disease, enhancing movement and function.

Portea also offers other types of physiotherapy for conditions such as Incontinence in Indore, Cancer, palliative care and lymphedema physiotherapy in Indore

Long Term Physiotherapy Services in Indore

Living with a chronic condition like Parkinson’s disease, Osteoarthritis, or Stroke can feel like facing Mount Everest. But what if you could climb it – step by empowered step – from the comfort of your own Indore home? Portea’s long-term physiotherapy services bring specialized care right to your doorstep, making your journey towards better health more accessible and achievable than ever before.

why choose portea for your long-term physiotherapy journey in indore?

  • Tailored Expertise: Our dedicated physiotherapists in Indore create personalized treatment plans specific to your condition and progress. Imagine receiving expert care that evolves with you, ensuring sustained improvement and personalized attention throughout your climb.
  • Comfort Within Your Walls: Leave the stress of travel behind. Receive expert care in the familiar sanctuary of your Indore home, saving valuable time and energy. Focus on healing in a space that nurtures your well-being.
  • Flexible As Your Needs: Whether you require daily, weekly, or bi-weekly sessions, we create a schedule that seamlessly integrates with your Indore lifestyle. Your physiotherapy journey shouldn’t disrupt your life’s rhythm.
  • Holistic Approach: Our physiotherapists in Indore collaborate with your doctor and other healthcare providers, ensuring a comprehensive and coordinated approach to your overall well-being. Together, we climb towards your health goals.
  • Advanced Techniques: We utilize a wide range of evidence-based therapies, including manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and electrotherapy, to maximize your recovery potential. Imagine innovative tools empowering your progress.

Don’t let your long-term health condition define your limitations. With Portea’s dedicated physiotherapists in Indore by your side, you can embark on a personalized journey towards improved mobility, reduced pain, and greater independence – all within the comfort of your home. Take the first step towards a healthier, empowered you.

how to get physiotherapy at home in indore

Tired of looking for reliable and quality physiotherapy near me, fret not, simply give us a call and allow our highly experienced and compassionate physiotherapist set you free of pain. You can also book an appointment through our website, simply logon to our webpage; fill in the details and our representative would soon get back to you. So, don’t keep suffering in pain and experience our world class physiotherapy services at the comfort of your home.

physiotherapy charges in indore

The Physiotherapy charges are quite fluctuating since there are numerous factors to consider when it comes to the final cost like the duration of the physio treatment, the technique being used by the physiotherapist and the criticality of the problem. However, physiotherapy treatment is still affordable and accessible to a wide section of the population.  Even the Physiotherapy at home Indore charges are quite cost effective and affordable as against people perception.

portea’s physiotherapy services in indore

Portea’s home physiotherapy services in Indore has rapidly gained massive popularity among the people of Indore and is increasingly being seen as a benchmark for a reliable, accountable and affordable home physio service. Our team of Physiotherapists are not only well certified and experienced but are also quite compassionate towards the patients, making healing a comfortable and enjoyable journey for the patient.

portea’s other services in indore 

With Portea, you’re not just getting the best physiotherapist in Indore; you’re gaining a partner in your journey to recovery and well-being. We also offer a range of superior healthcare services, including doctor consultations, medical equipment, nursing care, and dedicated trained attendants. Rely on us for top-tier healthcare solutions tailored to your requirements.


What services are included in home physiotherapy in Indore?

Home physiotherapy in Indore encompasses a diverse array of services, such as Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Paediatric Physiotherapy, Geriatric Physiotherapy, Sports Physiotherapy, psychiatric treatment, Neurological Physiotherapy, and more.

How does Portea maintain the quality of physiotherapy services in Indore?

In Indore, Portea ensures high-quality physiotherapy services through a comprehensive training program for physiotherapists, supported by certification. We conduct regular on-the-job training sessions, both in person and digitally, covering various topics to enhance patient care and satisfaction in physiotherapy.

How can I find home physiotherapy services near me in Indore?

For those in Indore searching for “at home physiotherapy near me” or “physiotherapist near me,” Portea’s exceptional in-home physiotherapy services are the ideal choice. Trust Portea for all your in-home physiotherapy needs and receive top-quality medical services from some of the most skilled and reputable physiotherapists in the region.

What is the average cost for a physiotherapy home session in Indore?

Physiotherapy at home in Indore offers variable pricing, influenced by factors such as treatment duration, session count, therapy type, technique used, and the severity of the patient’s condition. Despite these variables, at-home physiotherapy in Indore remains affordable and cost-effective.

Can I request a male/female physiotherapist for home care in Indore?

Yes, we provide both male and female physiotherapist in indore, but cross-gender services are not offered.

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