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injection service at home in chennai

One of the most basic requirements that people recovering from surgery or an injury is to get an injection. However, it is important to make sure that the people who are administering the injection are skilled and provide proper attention. While you might not be qualified or strong enough to handle the situation yourself, there are different options other than visiting the doctor’s office regularly. If you want to get your injections from the comfort of your own home, choosing a nurse for injection at Home Chennai is the best option. This ensures that you receive the utmost care and attention from the comfort of your own home. 

Rehabilitation from surgery or injury can be quite difficult for people. Add the worries of going to hospitals for injections and the whole thing can be pretty challenging. However, if you make the decision to choose a nurse service at home for injection, all your worries and troubles will be over. With the help of this amazing service, you don’t have to visit the hospitals again and again to receive the care that you want. You can just contact a professional and the nurse will be available to administer the injection at your home. 

why do you need injection service at home? 

Given the current stage where we are recovering from a worldwide pandemic, it can be quite risky to go out of the house and to the hospital in order to get the injection. Things can be tough for a person who is just recovering from an injury. So, choosing the at-home nurse and injection service seems to be the right option at that point. You will experience the same quality of attention and care that you do when you are in a hospital. All of that, and that too in the comfort of your own home. Choosing the home injection service enables you to get your dosages right here from your home. 

benefits of getting injection at home in chennai

Comfortable Option

Whether it is due to illness or surgery, going to the hospital for an injection can be challenging for some people. They definitely feel more comfortable when they are at their home for the injection. Having the support of family members and friends during that time also helps. That is why choosing the home service for the injections is a good idea. 

Economically Sound Option 

One of the main benefits of the at-home injection service is that people get to save a lot of costs. No more worrying about transport expenses or hospital charges or doctor’s visiting fees. 

Save Some Time 

Opting for a nurse for injection at home near me will help you save a lot of time for sure. You can sit at home and complete other tasks while the nurse arrives at your home and administers the injection proficiently. People don’t have to worry about waiting in lines at the hospital. 

Convenient for Children 

It is important to ensure that one has proper supervision when it comes to giving an injection to a child. This is a more comfortable and convenient option for the parents as well. The nurses can take care of the young ones. 

how portea helps? 

It is vital for patients to ensure that they have professionals handling their cases when it comes to making a booking for injection services at home. This is where Portea can provide spectacular and reliable assistance. With trained and licensed nurses, Portea has a qualified and considerate team of nurses who are ready to provide injections in the comfort of your home. From intramuscular injection to intravenous injection, everything is available at Portea. Choose a nurse to give injection at home near me from Portea and get more medical assistance. 


Q – What is the qualification of the nurses providing injection service at home?

A – The nurse providing the injection should at least have a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and a prominent experience of 2 years in the related field of service. 

Q – How long will the nurse visit for the injection visit will last?

A – For the injection procedure, the normal duration of the nurse visit would be somewhere around 30 minutes. 

Q – Can I ask the nurse for an injection at home to do other task, like taking blood pressure?

A – Yes, the nurses are trained professionally to provide all sorts of services for the patients. Thus, if you feel the need, you can ask them to take your blood pressure. 

Q – How many times can I book injection service at home?

A – You can book the services many times based on the requirements you have.  

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