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Portea offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services tailored to individual needs, encompassing ventilator on rent or purchase, home nursing care, physician consultations, in-home physiotherapy, and caregiver assistance. Our services cater to diverse requirements, whether you need advanced NIV ventilators with various modes or a user-friendly manual integrated oxygen delivery system. 

Explore our selection of ventilator machines, including the versatile Stellar 100, equipped with FIO2, SPO2, and FIO2&SPO2 options, ensuring optimal care for both adult and pediatric patients.

We understand the unique necessities of ventilator-dependent patients, which is why we provide specialized support and equipment, notably the lightweight, compact, and quiet Stellar 100 ventilator suitable for invasive and non-invasive treatments for both adult and pediatric patients weighing over 13 kg. Whether you require temporary NIV support during a hospital stay or ongoing care at home for conditions such as COPD, NMD, or OHS, our adaptable Stellar system prioritizes your comfort and convenience. 

Count on Portea to guide you in selecting the ideal portable ventilator machine and ensure comprehensive care administration. In addition to ventilators, we offer a spectrum of healthcare services, including home nursing care, physician consultations, in-home physiotherapy, and caregiver support.

Indication of Usage 

Ventilators provides ventilation for non-dependent, spontaneously breathing adult and paediatric patients (13 kg and above) with respiratory insufficiency, or respiratory failure, with or without obstructive sleep apnea


The audience for the ventilation machine are Pulmonologist, Critical Care, and Neurologists.


At Portea, we provide a wide range of healthcare services, including NIV machines on rent or buy. Our focus is on ensuring your well-being and comfort. Here are some key features of our ventilator machine:

  • Enhanced Mobility: The Stellar 100 ventilator offers excellent mobility, allowing you to carry out your daily activities quickly. With various battery and power options, along with custom-built accessories, you can confidently move around.
  • Intelligent Ventilation: Our ventilator machine utilizes innovative ventilation technology, featuring dual programs for day/night or rest/active periods. Additionally, optional oxygen integration of up to 30 L/minute and comprehensive alarms assure your well-being and care.
  • Ramp-Up and Ramp-Down Feature: To make your treatment sessions more comfortable, the ventilator includes a ramp feature. It gradually and comfortably increases the pressure to your recommended level during the start of a session. Similarly, the optional ramp-down feature gradually reduces the stress when ending a treatment session.
  • Enhanced Comfort: You can include a heated humidifier (H4i™) for added comfort. This promotes optimal moisture levels during therapy. Furthermore, the ventilator consists of an internal battery that provides up to two hours of continuous power, allowing you to stay on the move.

At Portea, we strive to provide high-quality healthcare services, including sale or rental of ventilator machine for home, to ensure your well-being and convenience.


Dimensions (L x W x H)230x170x120mm
Air filterElectrostatic fibre mesh
Power supplyAC 100–240V 50–60Hz, 2.2A AC 110V 400Hz, 2.2A DC 24V/3A
Respiratory Rate5-60bpm
TiControl™Ti Max 0.3–4 sec, Ti Min 0.1–Ti Max
Pressure range>IPAP>EPAP
2–40 cm H2O2–25 cm H2O
ModesST (Spontaneous–Timed)PAC (Pressure Assisted Control)CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)S (Spontaneous)T (Timed)
Warranty2  years



1. Can you purchase a ventilator for home use?

At portea, we provide ventilator for rent or sale, including options suitable for home use, recognizing the need for ongoing care in the comfort of one’s residence. Our rental services grant access to high-quality ventilator for home use. Our team assists in selecting the right machine for your requirements, ensuring a seamless rental experience for both short-term and extended use. So get the best ventilator price at Portea medicals.

2. What is the typical oxygen level on a ventilator?

On a ventilator, the average oxygen level usually ranges between 95% to 100%, closely monitored to ensure sufficient oxygenation. Adjustments are made to maintain the patient’s saturation within the normal range, varying based on individual medical conditions and professional assessments.

3. What does 50% oxygen on a ventilator indicate?

“50% oxygen on a ventilator” refers to the ventilator delivering a gas mixture with half of it being pure oxygen, known as the fraction of inspired oxygen (fio2). The specific fio2 requirement is determined by the patient’s condition and medical assessment, ensuring adequate oxygenation during treatment.

4. What is the duration of ventilator usage?

Ventilator duration varies based on the patient’s medical condition, underlying reasons for support, and response to treatment. While some may need it for a brief period during recovery, others with chronic respiratory diseases may require long-term assistance, subject to ongoing evaluation by the healthcare team.

5. How does a portable ventilator function?

A portable ventilator delivers controlled oxygen-rich breaths to individuals experiencing breathing difficulties, offering various ventilation modes tailored to their needs. Equipped with sensors and alarms, it monitors deviations from set parameters, enabling respiratory support outside medical facilities, promoting mobility and at-home care.

6. Where can I get my Stellar-100 Ventilator delivered?

You can receive delivery of the Stellar-100 Ventilator in Bangalore, Stellar-100 Ventilator in Delhi, Stellar-100 Ventilator in Mumbai, Stellar-100 Ventilator in Hyderabad, and other tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Rent or purchase Stellar-100 Ventilator online from Portea Medical Equipment, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

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