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Portea is well equipped by qualified clinical staff providing around the clock elder care at home in Mumbai. Taking care of ageing family members can be truly rewarding. But at the same time, it can also be overwhelming. It needn’t be so, if done smartly – with the help of professionals. We, at Portea, vow to take care of the elderly as family.

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what is elder care services?

Elder Care Services comprise of a range of services – medical as well as daily based tasks that ensure comfort and ease in the lives of elders. We provide nurses and doctors in your home for the purposes of services, including therapy services, assistive technologies and equipment, case management, meal and nutrition help, getting out and about, and comprehensive elderly help. Call us now if you are looking for a nearby elder care provider in Mumbai.

benefits of elder care services in mumbai

We may not realize, but our elders need care and attention just as much as we do – more so because they get physically and emotionally weak over time. Geriatric care fills that void and provides them with needed assistance, which helps them achieve a healthier and fitter self.

Our Geriatric Services include

Customized plans

Every patient or household that we treat gets to customize their plans as per their needs. The flexibility of plans will help you exclude what does not concern you and add specific medical needs and conditions that need attention.

In-home medical services

A variety of medical services are now available in the comfort of your home. And you do not have to go out your way to get them arranged – just call your health manager and he will take it from there.

Mobilization support

Every needed support for the purpose of mobilization is provided by our nurses. They will help in moving the elders around and offer support in exercising as well.

Personal Care

We take an enthusiastic interest in the hygiene of our elders. We will help them with personal care the best we can. Tasks like bathing and dressing are helped with. We also offer other personal care support like hair care, foot care etc.

Daily tasks

Daily tasks like cooking and organizing the room can prove to be refreshing if they get apt support. Elderly caretaker provides the most amiable environment for them to not just get through with them, but enjoy the act.


We take complete responsibility of their nutritional needs by ensuring the timely intake of medicines and meals.

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