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iv drip at home in pune

The team of highly skilled registered nurses at Portea provides a home IV service. Our home IV nursing care services enable you to receive the necessary injection conveniently at home, without the inconvenience of travelling. No need to go further if you’re looking for the best injection service nearby.

Find out what kind of injection you require at home, and for how long, and Portea’s nursing care team will set up a nurse or doctor home visit to give you the injection in the convenience of your own home. 

On all days of the year, even holidays and weekends the service is offered, and it can be scheduled as soon as requested or as needed. Multiple sessions can be instantly planned on a routine basis in that instance.

  • Safe at home IV service 
  • Trusted, quick, high-touch nursing care
  • Available 24/7 all year round
  • Qualified and registered nurses

why do you need saline/iv services at home

A medical procedure called intravenous infusion is performed to inject fluids straight into a patient’s vein. For a quick and painless recovery, the patient receives intravenous medication and occasionally electrolyte fluids. It is a more rapid and efficient approach to administering medication and fluids. Only qualified and licensed healthcare professionals, such as infusion nurses, are allowed to provide intravenous infusions.

Patients require intravenous infusion to treat electrolyte imbalances, replace lost fluid volume, address bacterial and fungal infections, give blood transfusions, and inject medicines. A package containing water, dissolved salts, and electrolytes is frequently used in conjunction with an iv drip to cure dehydration, illness, and provide complete parenteral nutrition. You can receive intravenous antibiotics, vitamins, and antifungal drugs from trained nurses to treat acute diseases.

Cancers, congestive heart failure, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, immunological deficiencies, and other unpleasant illnesses must be treated with intravenous medicine infusions administered by a trained infusion nurse.

benefits of getting drip at home services

IV therapy administered at home frequently reduces hospital stays, increases patient autonomy, and reduces the need for trips to infusion facilities and hospitals. Younger people can benefit greatly from this, but we know that patients of all ages can prefer receiving their injections in the personal space of their own homes.

At home IV fluids management service is frequently more affordable than hospitalization. Even better, home IV treatments decrease the risk of catching an infection or virus in a facility or hospital. The recovery and healing processes are sped up for patients who get their injections at home.

Booking an IV drip at home in Pune allows you to—

  • Consult experienced medical professionals
  • Put your well-being first.
  • Recover in your comfort

how portea helps?

You can simply receive an IV Fluid Management at Home in Pune with the assistance of Portea’s home IV services. In addition to being properly trained to provide IV drips in a sterile procedure, experienced and qualified home injection nurses are also taught to carefully manage the patient’s progress to the infusions.

By choosing an intravenous infusion service at home, you can avoid costly hospital visits and transportation fees. So, if you’re stressed and searching the internet for a “saline drip at home service near me,” wait. Your needs can be addressed by a Portea home health specialist.

why choose portea?

  • Home based care
  • Packaged & sterilized kits
  • Quality assurance
  • Save time; save money
  • Trained and certified nurses
  • Better patient experience
  • Care plan catering to patient’s specific needs

For many patients, getting home-based therapy can change their lives. It spares the person from making tiresome, pointless journeys to the hospital or infusion centre. Additionally, it makes it easier for people to continue their regular daily activities. Fewer issues and improved physical or mental health could result from this.

Portea can assist if you or a loved one is considering home infusion therapy. Our qualified nurses are on call around-the-clock and have infusion therapy experience. All ages of persons can be cared for by them.


Q – What is the qualification of the nurses providing IV drip service at home?

A – We employ trained professionals that are certified with the relevant state nursing organizations and have expertise. They undergo thorough background checks before being carefully chosen.

Q – How long the nurse visit for IV drip visit will last?

A – The length and frequency of saline drip at home vary depending on the patient and the care regimen that their doctor has advised. The time it takes for the medication to penetrate the body following various infusions might range from 30 minutes to three or four hours. Additionally, your nurse will need some time to put in the IV catheter, administer the medication, and gather the necessary supplies.

Q – Can I ask the nurse for an IV drip at home to do other tasks, like giving an injection?

Evaluating the requirement for IV fluids, overseeing their supply, installing and maintaining peripheral or central vascular access devices, and carrying out all essential infection control and prevention procedures could all be the responsibility of nurses.

Q – How many times can I book IV drip at home service at home?

A – According to your doctor’s advice, you can ask for a nursing visit for injections for just a few days, regularly, or for long-term treatments too.

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