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iv drip service at home gurgaon

IV therapy is a procedure or method to infuse liquid stuff into blood vessels that are essential for the body. IV Therapy is a complex procedure and there are possibilities of infections if the best practices are not utilized. 

IV therapy helps lessen drawn-out hospitalization time, charges and visits only to be managed for injections daily. This is accomplished by skilled caregivers with frequent home visits. The IV drip service at home Gurgaon is developed with the expertise of the service provider to ensure that it matches high standards and dispenses special care. 

You require intravenous infusion to fix the electrolyte imbalance, blood transfusions, fluid volume substitution, to treat bacterial and fungal infections, and also to dispense medications. Usually, this method is utilized to treat dehydration and also for total parenteral nutrition using intravenous drip and a bag that includes dissolved salts, electrolytes and water. Certified nurses help you have vitamins, antibiotics, and anti-fungal medications through intravenous infusions for treating severe conditions.

Intravenous drug infusion from a skilled infusion nurse is necessary to treat painful and chronic conditions, like cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, immune deficiencies, multiple sclerosis, congestive heart failure, and other illnesses. 

benefits of taking iv drip service at home gurgaon

Getting IV therapy at home is quite easy. You can just book an assessment through the website or call their customer care number of the provider of home patient care services in Gurgaon. You need to have a prescription from a certified doctor as it is mandatory when you opt for an intravenous infusion. A skilled nurse can assist you with the medicine administration that is prescribed by the medical examiner in the comfort of your home.

The clinical team will get back to you and will confirm the infusion IV therapy booking by scheduling the assessment time and date according to your expediency and availability.

The clinical professionals will visit your home and perform an assessment in order to examine the patient’s clinical conditions and service needs. 

A comprehensive care plan will be built by the team after taking into account the clinical assessment facts. The main focus of this plan is to speed up recovery and general recovery of the patient. The designated nurse will get detailed info on the care plan prior to he/she starting to care for the patient. 

The manager will organize nurse placement and will offer the required support to provide first-rate care to your loved one without disrupting the comfort factor of your entire family.

The home IV service nurse will inspect to ensure that the IV is working properly and there are no infection signs. Then he/she will administer the fluid or medicine.

It will be administered in either of these two ways;

  • A fast bolus [the medicine is administered quickly, at once]
  • A slow infusion [the medicine is administered slowly]

After you get the medicine, the nurse will hang around to observe whether you have bad reactions. He/she will leave your place if you are totally fine. 

The care manager will maintain regular follow-ups with the nurse, the patient and your family. He/she will perform re-assessment at regular intervals and take necessary measures to ensure stable improvement and the general well-being of the patient.

how portea helps?

The trained nurses at Portea help you have IV infusion conveniently at your home. Professional and skilled home infusion nurses are not just trained to dispense intravenous infusion properly in the sterile procedure however they monitor the response of the patient to the infusions regularly as well. Opting for a home iv drip helps eliminate travel expenses and costly hospital stays. If you are strained browsing the internet for ‘IV infusion nurses’, you need not stress anymore. The home health experts at Portea are here to serve you. Book your appointment online or call their customer care number for the finest medical attention from a skilled at-home IV infusion nurse. 


Q-What is the qualification of the nurses providing iv drip service at home?

A-Licensed nurses may administer IV fluids and medications, under the direction of a registered nurse, provided the person has had the proper practice and education. 

Q-How long the nurse visit for an iv drip visit will last?

The typical time necessary for intravenous therapy is around 15-90 minutes. Normally, you can anticipate the process to be around half an hour, however, this totally depends on your weight and age, and the chosen intravenous type. Though some sessions utilize a slow-drip technique, the entire visit shouldn’t last more than 2 hours at the maximum.

Q-Can I ask the nurse for an IV drip at home to do other tasks, like giving injections”?

A-Yes, you can ask the home health IV drip nurse to do other tasks such as giving injections. 

Q-How many times can I book IV drip at-home service at home?

A-You can book IV drip at-home service as many times as you need, according to your doctor’s prescription. 

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