geriatric and mobility care equipment

Mag Wheelchair

Brand: Arrex, Ezlife, Karma, Medemove

Hospital cot – Semi fowler manual

Brand: ASI, Shambho life solution, Arrex, Hitech

Chair with commode

Brand: Arrex, Icare, karma

Recliner Wheelchair with or without commode

Brand: Karma

Commode Raiser

Brand: Multiple

Hospital cot – ICU 5 function motorised cot – Excelsior

Brand: Arrex, Shambho life solution

Hospital cot – Full fowler manual

Brand: Shambho life solution, Arrex, Hitech

Wheelchair Standard

Brand: Karma

Semi Fowler Cot

Brand: –

ICU 3 Function Bed

Brand: Arrex, Hightech, Surgix

Hospital cot – ICU 3 function motorised cot

Brand: Arrex, Shambho life solution, Surgix

ICU 5 function bed

Brand: Arrex, Hightech, Surgix


Brand: Aarkay

Wheelchair with Commode

Brand: –

Hospital cot – ICU 3 function manual cot

Brand: Hitech, Shambho life solution, Arrex

Full Fowler Cot

Brand: Arrex, Hightech, Surgix

Motarized Wheelchair

Brand: Arrex, karma, Ostrich

ICU 5 Function- Manual

Brand: –


As individuals age, they become more susceptible to various complex health issues that can significantly impact their physical and mental well-being. These issues include a weakened immune system, reduced mobility, mental stress, physical injuries, sensory impairments, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, arthritis, paralysis, and more. These concerns pose a growing challenge for the elderly and their families, as they require specialized medical assistance, attention, and care.

However, geriatric and mobility care is not limited to the elderly alone. Sudden accidents or post-surgery complications can cause disabilities in individuals of any age. In such situations, the availability of geriatric and mobility equipment becomes crucial for facilitating the care and rehabilitation of individuals with mobility limitations. These equipment and devices serve as valuable tools to enhance mobility, provide support, and ensure the safety and well-being of individuals who require assistance in their daily activities and movement.

how does portea help

At Portea, we are dedicated to assisting you in maintaining your mobility and independence. Our range of geriatric and mobility equipment is designed to prevent falls, provide support, and help you regain balance while walking.

We offer a variety of high-quality products from renowned brands, available for rental and purchase options. Our selection includes wheelchairs, hospital beds, commode raisers, walkers, crutches, and more, all aimed at enhancing your ability to move confidently and comfortably. With Portea, you can regain the freedom to walk quickly and confidently.

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1. What is the importance of mobility equipment?

Mobility equipment is crucial in enhancing independence, balance, and posture while reducing the strain on lower limbs. These aids can give individuals greater autonomy and help them navigate daily activities more efficiently. Additionally, mobility equipment can serve as a visual signal to others, indicating the need for consideration and assistance in public settings. The importance of mobility equipment lies in its ability to improve overall mobility, safety, and quality of life for individuals with mobility challenges.

2. How do I choose mobility equipment?

When choosing mobility equipment, consider the height that suits you best, which can be determined by seeking advice from hospital staff or a mobility shop. Determine if you plan to use it indoors, as frames without wheels are suitable for indoor use. Additionally, assess your strength to determine if you can lift an edge without wheels. Considering these factors will help you select the most appropriate mobility equipment for your needs.

3. What type of equipment is used by patients for mobility?

Patients use various types of assistive technologies for mobility, including wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes, crutches, prosthetic devices, and orthotic devices. This equipment aids individuals in improving their mobility and independence, allowing them to navigate their surroundings more easily.

4. Why is mobility important for the elderly?

Mobility is crucial for the elderly, enabling them to retain independence and engage in physical activities. It supports balance, coordination, and concentration, enhancing the overall quality of life. Improved mental health, heart health, reduced risk of injuries, and increased confidence are additional benefits of maintaining mobility in older adults. By staying mobile, seniors can preserve their functional abilities, remain active, and enjoy a higher level of well-being.

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