geriatric and mobility care equipment

CPM Machine

Motorized wheelchair with Battery

Tubular Air-Mattress

Hospital cot – ICU 3 function motorised cot

Brand: Arrex, Shambho life solution, Surgix

ICU 5 function bed

Brand: Arrex, Hightech, Surgix

Recliner Bed

Brand: Aarkay

Wheelchair with Commode

Brand: –

Walking Stick

Motorized wheelchair with recliner function

Therapeutic Advance Air-Mattress

Hospital cot – ICU 3 function manual cot

Brand: Hitech, Shambho life solution, Arrex

Full Fowler Cot

Brand: Arrex, Hightech, Surgix

Motarized Wheelchair

Brand: Arrex, karma, Ostrich

Hospital Cot – ICU 5 Function – Manual

Brand: –


Spoke wheelchair

Mag Wheelchair

Brand: Arrex, Ezlife, Karma, Medemove

Hospital cot – Semi fowler manual

Brand: ASI, Shambho life solution, Arrex, Hitech

Chair with commode

Brand: Arrex, Icare, karma

Recliner Wheelchair with or without commode

Brand: Karma

Commode Raiser

Brand: Multiple

Motorized wheelchair without Battery

Bubble Air-Mattress

Hospital cot – ICU 5 function motorised cot

Brand: Arrex, Shambho life solution

Hospital cot – Full fowler manual

Brand: Shambho life solution, Arrex, Hitech

Wheelchair Standard

Brand: Karma

Semi Fowler Cot

Brand: –

ICU 3 Function Bed

Brand: Arrex, Hightech, Surgix

get geriatric and mobility care equipments online from portea 

Portea is committed to enhancing your mobility and independence with our top-notch geriatric and mobility care equipment. Our range is meticulously designed to prevent falls, offer crucial support, and assist in restoring balance during walking.

Choose from a diverse selection of high-quality medical equipment from renowned brands, available for rental and purchase. Our inventory encompasses wheelchairs, hospital beds, commode raisers, walkers, crutches, and more, all intended to boost your confidence and comfort while moving. With Portea, you can swiftly regain the freedom to walk confidently, thanks to our comprehensive range of medical equipment tailored to your needs.

discover various types of wheelchairs online

Explore our selection of wheelchairs on rent or purchase. Our wheelchair options include:

1. Mag Wheelchair

The Mag wheelchairs are known for their high tensile strength and weight-bearing capacity. These wheelchairs feature composite mags made from sturdy, lightweight materials like nylon/fiberglass. They can be customized with tires and hand rims to meet user needs and have resilient edges designed to maintain their original shape.

2. Wheelchair Standard

Our wheelchair standard feature low-resistant Nylon 6/6 GF 15% or above in seating guide mechanisms, offering cost-effective seating solutions. Customization is key, with various add-ons and accessories to meet individual needs. These manual wheelchairs, built with a durable steel frame, are popular in the market. Armrests can be fixed or detached based on preference. Count on their robust build, comfortable seating, and patient-controlled brakes for safety and control.

3. Motorized Wheelchair

Our motorised wheelchairs have several uses, including helping bedridden patients, boosting post-operative recuperation, and helping with rehabilitation. These wheelchairs offer users a useful function with their mechanical backrest and angle adjustments from the head position. Our wheelchairs also have foldable frames, extra support wheels, hand brakes, and other features.

4. Recliner Wheelchair With Or Without Commode

Experience flexibility and comfort with our premium folding recliner wheelchairs, boasting a sleek steel finish. These wheelchairs feature a removable commode attachment, which doubles as a commode chair for added convenience. Our commitment is to deliver top-quality healthcare equipment and exceptional support to our valued clients.

5. Wheelchair With Commode

Our Wheelchair With Commode are ideal for bedridden individuals, rehabilitation, and post-operative care, these wheelchairs feature mechanically operated backrests with adjustable angles (30-45 degrees). These wheelchair with potty seats play a pivotal role in reducing common problems such as pressure sores and deformities, while also enhancing respiration and digestion.

6. Spoke wheelchair

A spoke wheelchair is a mobility chairs aid characterized by a lightweight frame and wheels with spokes. These wheelchairs offer maneuverability and versatility, making them suitable for various terrains. The spoke design enhances the wheelchair’s overall functionality, providing a balance of durability and ease of use for individuals seeking effective and comfortable mobility solutions.

7. Motorized wheelchair without Battery

A motorized wheelchair without battery is an electrically powered mobility chair  aid designed to assist individuals with limited mobility. These wheelchairs offer increased independence and convenience for users who may have difficulty propelling a manual wheelchair. With ergonomic designs and various customizable features, motorized wheelchairs provide a comfortable and efficient means of transportation for individuals with mobility challenges. 

8. Motorized wheelchair with Battery

A motorized wheelchair with battery is an electrically powered mobility chair designed to assist individuals with limited mobility. It features a rechargeable battery that powers an electric motor, allowing users to control movement effortlessly. With ergonomic designs and customizable features, motorized wheelchairs with batteries provide a comfortable and rechargeable wheelchair means of transportation for those with mobility challenges. 

9. Motorized wheelchair with recliner function

A motorized recliner wheelchair is an electric mobility device designed for individuals with limited mobility. It features a reclining mechanism, providing enhanced comfort and versatility. This wheelchair is ideal for users seeking adjustable seating positions, making it suitable for various activities and relaxation.

explore different varieties of hospital beds by functionalities

Portea offers a wide range of hospital beds on rent or purchase or purchase based on their funtionlaities. Some of our options include:

1. Hospital Cot – Icu 3 Function Manual Cot

Our manual cots offer adjustable height, back, and knee rest features, prioritizing patient comfort. These hospital cot come with user-friendly cranks and individual braking systems for safety and convenience. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional care and medical solutions to our clients.

2. Hospital Cot – Icu 5 Function Motorised Cot – Excelsior 

Experience the fusion of advanced technology, ergonomic design, and user-friendly operation with our Icu 5 Function Motorised Cot. These beds offer effortless adjustment of height, backrest, knee rest, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg positions through a remote-controlled electrical motor, ensuring optimal comfort and convenience.

3. Hospital Cot – Icu 3 Function Motorised Cot

Our Icu 3 Function Motorised Cot offer adjustable height, back, and knee rest functions, effortlessly controlled by an electric motor and remote. We prioritize patient comfort and ease of use. Portea brings top-quality motorized cots and hospital beds to your doorstep with flexible rental and purchase choices.

4. Hospital Cot – Semi Fowler Manual

Our Semi Fowler Manual cots are designed with two-section perforated structures, allowing for adjustable backrest positions. They operate smoothly with cranks and come equipped with individual braking systems to ensure safety. Additionally, the semi fowler beds feature easy-lifting and collapsible side rails, enhancing patient security and comfort.

5. Hospital Cot – Full Fowler Manual

Our Fowler beds feature a four-section design with perforated surfaces, offering adjustable knee rest and backrest functionalities. These beds are operated with user-friendly cranks and incorporate individual braking systems for enhanced safety. Equipped with easy-lifting mechanisms and collapsible side rails, Fowler beds prioritize both patient safety and comfort.

6. Icu 5 Function Bed

Prioritizing both patient and caregiver comfort and safety, our Icu 5 Function Bed come in both Electrical and Mechanical variants, offering flexibility to suit your requirements. These ICU beds feature adjustable height and tilt functions for personalized positioning and support. Crafted with a robust rectangular M.S. Tube structure and a perforated M.S. Sheet top, our hospital beds meet stringent safety standards. Not only are they highly functional, but they also boast an aesthetically pleasing design that enhances the overall environment of long-term care settings.

7. Recliner Bed

The Recliner bed offers the perfect sleep position, ensuring utmost comfort. It elevates the upper body for relaxed sitting and raises the knees to prevent sliding, promoting restful sleep. Ideal for back pain patients, this feature-rich bed boasts advanced technology and exceptional strength. Our mission is unmatched comfort, allowing everyone to experience the best sleep. Get hospital cot on rent or purchase the perfect adjustable bed for patients today!

8. Semi Fowler Cot

Our semi-fowler cots feature wheels for effortless mobility and brakes for stability and safety. These mechanically operated beds offer convenient adjustments to the backrest and angles, ranging from 30 to 45 degrees from the head position.

9. Full Fowler Cot

Our versatile Full Fowler Cots provide adjustable backrest and knee rest functions. Patient safety is prioritized with collapsible side rails and user-friendly lifting mechanisms. Crafted from premium Rectangular Tube/Round Tube materials, we are a top supplier of Hospital beds, offering a range of Full Fowler bed choices. The Smooth Crank System with foldable handles enables effortless position adjustments.

10. Icu 5 Function- Manual

Experience our ICU 5-function bed with mechanical backrest adjustment, collapsible side railings, dual-side I.V. rod provision, height adjustability, and removable/ interchangeable ABS plastic headboard and footboard.

11. Icu 3 Function Bed

Our Icu 3 Function Bed combine intelligent ergonomics, advanced technology, and user-friendly operation to offer optimal support for both patients and caregivers. These ICU beds come with adjustable settings, allowing caregivers to tilt the bed from both the head and leg sides (up to 30-45 degrees), in addition to height adjustment capabilities. This enhances flexibility and ensures ease of use in patient care.

air mattresses

Explore our selection of Air Mattresses on rent or purchase. Our Air Mattresses options include:

1. Bubble Air-Mattress

Air mattresses are predominantly utilized to mitigate the risk of pressure injuries, a significant concern in healthcare, particularly for seniors who spend prolonged periods in a seated or reclined position. These pressure injuries are commonly known as decubitus ulcers.

2. Tubular Air-Mattress

Tubular Air-Mattresses help alleviate back pain and related discomfort. They also play a vital role in preventing and easing pressure wounds that may result from prolonged bed rest, ultimately fostering improved tissue integrity. This serves as the primary justification for incorporating “air beds” in care facilities or the homes of individuals receiving care.

3. Therapeutic Advance Air-Mattress

An Therapeutic Advance Air-Mattress can be good for back pain. Similar to traditional mattresses recommended for back pain, the best air mattress for back pain is one that is firm and supportive. If you or your guests experience back pain, opting for a firm and supportive air mattress, such as the Therapeutic Advance Air-Mattress, can be beneficial.

other equipments

1. Chair With Commode

Our Chair With Commode are tailored for elderly individuals and those with physical constraints. These specially designed wheelchairs are intended for indoor toilet use, constructed from high-quality materials suitable for both home and hospital settings.

2. Commode Raiser

The Commode Raiser functions as both a toilet frame and a commode seat, providing an additional 4.25 inches of height, typically used for bathroom assistance at 4 inches/6 inches. Its one-piece polyethylene plastic design with built-in antibacterial properties easily attaches to the metal frame for added convenience thus making it an ideal toilet seat for patients

3. Walker

It is important to start walking soon after a leg injury or surgery. Patient needs support while the leg is healing. A walker is a mobility aid designed to assist individuals in walking by providing additional support and stability. Typically consisting of a sturdy frame with four legs, a walker is adjustable to accommodate different heights and preferences. 

4. Walker Stick 

Walking sticks or walking cane provide support to individuals recovering from surgery, requiring extra assistance to move, or needing balance while standing. They aid in maintaining good posture, strengthening back muscles, and alleviating some pressure from the lower back, knees, and hips during walking.

5. CPM Machine

Continuous Passive Motion machine therapy employs motorized devices to passively move a joint, meaning the patient does not need to exert any effort. These machines repetitively move the joint to a predetermined number of degrees and speed of movement as prescribed by the physiotherapist.

reasons to buy geriatric and mobility care equipments online from portea

  1. Convenient Home Delivery: We bring our products to your doorstep, saving you precious time and effort.
  2. Flexible Rental or Purchase Options: Choose between renting or buying medical equipment, allowing you to access healthcare on your terms while making it more affordable.
  3. Service across various cities in India: Our services extend to various tier-1 and tier-2 cities across India, ensuring that our products are readily available to all our customers. You can search for wheelchair rent near me or a hospital bed near me and get suitable wheelchairs and hospital beds, respectively.
  4. Diverse Range of Geriatric and Mobility Care Equipments: Explore our extensive selection of wheelchairs and hospital beds catering to diverse healthcare needs.
  5. Trusted Brands: We offer top-tier medical equipment from renowned brands like Hitech, Arrex, Karma, and Shamboo Life Solutions, guaranteeing quality and reliability.
  6. Responsive Customer Support: Contact us for assistance via phone at 1800 121 2323 or email at We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service to meet your needs effectively.


1. How do I choose mobility equipment?

When selecting mobility equipment, it’s crucial to consider your ideal height, which is often recommended by hospital staff or mobility experts. Decide whether you’ll primarily use it indoors, as wheel-less frames suit indoor environments. Furthermore, evaluate your strength to determine if you can manage a non-wheeled option. Factoring in these considerations will aid in choosing the most suitable mobility equipment tailored to your requirements.

2. What is the importance of mobility equipment?

Mobility equipment plays a vital role in promoting independence, balance, and better posture while alleviating strain on lower limbs. These aids empower individuals, enabling them to navigate daily tasks more effectively. Furthermore, mobility equipment is a visible sign, signalling the need for consideration and assistance in public spaces. Its significance lies in its capacity to enhance overall mobility, safety, and the quality of life for those with mobility constraints.

3. What type of equipment is used by patients for mobility?

Patients utilize various assistive equipment for mobility, such as wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, canes, crutches, prosthetic devices, and orthotic devices. These tools enhance mobility and independence, enabling individuals to move around with greater ease and autonomy.

4. Why is mobility important for the elderly? 

Mobility is paramount for seniors, preserving their independence and facilitating physical engagement. It bolsters balance, coordination, and focus, enriching their overall quality of life. Sustaining mobility in older adults brings added advantages, including enhanced mental and heart health, lowered injury risks, and increased confidence. By maintaining mobility, seniors safeguard their functional abilities, stay active, and experience heightened well-being.

5. How do you choose a wheelchair for the elderly?

Choosing a suitable wheelchair for an elderly person involves several key considerations. 

  • Start by assessing their mobility needs, considering their physical condition and any medical issues.
  •  Decide between a manual or power wheelchair based on their strength and mobility. 
  • Ensure that the seat size is comfortable, with padded support. Check the weight capacity to accommodate their weight safely. 
  • Consider features like armrests, leg rests, and reclining options for added comfort. 
  • Think about where the wheelchair will be used most, whether indoors or outdoors, and choose appropriate wheel types accordingly. 
  • Seek professional advice on test-drive options, and stay within your budget while prioritizing safety features. 

Ultimately, the ideal wheelchair should promote mobility, comfort, and independence for the elderly.

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