geriatric and mobility care equipment

Mag Wheelchair

Brand: Arrex, Ezlife, Karma, Medemove

Hospital cot – Semi fowler manual

Brand: ASI, Shambho life solution, Arrex, Hitech

Chair with commode

Brand: Arrex, Icare, karma

Recliner Wheelchair with or without commode

Brand: Karma

Commode Raiser

Brand: Multiple

Hospital cot – ICU 5 function motorised cot – Excelsior

Brand: Arrex, Shambho life solution

Hospital cot – Full fowler manual

Brand: Shambho life solution, Arrex, Hitech

Wheelchair Standard

Brand: Karma

Semi Fowler Cot

Brand: –

ICU 3 Function Bed

Brand: Arrex, Hightech, Surgix

Hospital cot – ICU 3 function motorised cot

Brand: Arrex, Shambho life solution, Surgix

ICU 5 function bed

Brand: Arrex, Hightech, Surgix


Brand: Aarkay

Wheelchair with Commode

Brand: –

Hospital cot – ICU 3 function manual cot

Brand: Hitech, Shambho life solution, Arrex

Full Fowler Cot

Brand: Arrex, Hightech, Surgix

Motarized Wheelchair

Brand: Arrex, karma, Ostrich

ICU 5 Function- Manual

Brand: –


As they grow old, the elderly are more prone to a series of complicated health-related issues that can primarily impact their physical and mental well-being. These issues can involve: –

  1. Weaker immune systems, 
  2. Inability to walk or move around swiftly, 
  3. Mental stress, 
  4. Physical injuries, 
  5. Vision or hearing loss, 
  6. Dementia, 
  7. Parkinson’s disease, 
  8. Heart diseases, 
  9. Arthritis
  10. Paralysis etc., 

These issues count as a growing concern for the elderly and their families as they require high medical assistance, attention and care.

Geriatric and mobility care is not only restricted to the eldery. Sudden accidents, or post-surgery complications can cause disability to people of any age. Hence geriatric and mobility equipment come in handy in such situations.

how does portea help

Walking on your own will never be challenging again. The geriatric and mobility equipment are designed to prevent you from falling and injuring yourself, provides support and helps you balance on your own.

Portea offers excellent products online from some well-renowned brands that you can either rent or buy according to your convenience. The products involve wheelchairs, hospital beds, commode raisers, walkers, crutchers etc., that facilitate walking with confidence and ease.

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