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Introducing our range of standard wheelchairs designed with a chromed steel frame featuring double cross bars for enhanced strength and durability. These wheelchairs come with detachable armrests and footrests, providing convenience and ease of use. The solid castor and pneumatic rear wheels with spokes ensure smooth and comfortable mobility.

Our standard wheelchairs are designed with low-resistant Nylon 6/6 GF 15% or above for the seating guide mechanisms, offering economical seating solutions. We understand the importance of customization, so our wheelchairs have various add-on features, options, and accessories to cater to individual needs.

Built with a steel frame, our standard manual wheelchairs are the most commonly used in the market. They weigh over 35 lbs. (excluding front riggings) and have a seat width and depth ranging from 16 to 20 inches. The armrests can be fixed or detached based on personal preference.

With our standard wheelchairs, you can rely on their sturdy construction, comfortable seating, and patient-controlled brakes for added safety and control. Whether you require a wheelchair for temporary or long-term use, our range of standard wheelchairs is designed to meet your mobility needs.

At Portea, we prioritize delivering high-quality healthcare equipment; our standard wheelchairs are no exception. Please choose our standard wheelchairs for reliability, durability, and superior performance. Experience the freedom of mobility and regain independence with our standard wheelchairs.

choosing the right standard weight wheelchair?

Finding a suitable standard-weight wheelchair is crucial and should be based on individual needs and conditions. Consider daily usage, lifestyle activities, and mobility requirements to make an informed decision. Different situations may necessitate specific types of wheelchairs tailored to meet varying levels of mobility.

At Portea, we offer a wide range of top-quality standard-weight wheelchairs for rent and purchase. Our collection includes lightweight folding wheelchairs from renowned manufacturers and ultra-light options that are easy to fold and store. These lightweight wheelchairs are typically crafted from aluminium, steel, or a combination of both, ensuring optimal functionality without compromising weight.

Whether you require a wheelchair for full-time or part-time use, our selection caters to diverse needs and preferences. We prioritize providing reliable, durable, user-friendly wheelchairs to enhance mobility and improve quality of life. Choose our standard-weight wheelchairs for their exceptional performance and ease of use.

manual wheelchairs-standard, standard hemi, and standard reclining

The standard manual wheelchair is designed to fulfil certain criteria, including:

  • Weight: It weighs more than 36 pounds.
  • Specialized Seating: It does not have features to accommodate specialized seating or positioning needs.
  • Weight Capacity: It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds or less.
  • Seat Dimensions: It has a seat depth ranging between 15 and 19 inches and a seat width within the same range.
  • Seat Height: The seat height is 19 inches or greater.
  • Armrests: The wheelchair has fixed height only, fixed, swing-away, or detachable armrests.
  • Footrests: It features fixed, swing-away, or detachable footrests.
  • With these specifications, our standard manual wheelchairs provide stability, comfort, and functionality to support individuals with mobility challenges.

Our standard Hemi wheelchair is a manual wheelchair with features similar to a standard one. Still, it stands out with a seat-to-floor height below 19 inches, offering a lower seating position for enhanced convenience.

Our standard reclining wheelchair is a manual wheelchair that shares the features of a standard or standard hemi wheelchair. What sets it apart is the ability to adjust the backrest independently from the seat, enabling changes in orientation by modifying the seat-to-back angle and opening the knee angle with the leg rests. Prior Authorization

For short-term rental or purchase, a standard manual wheelchair requires prior authorization if the client meets these criteria:

  • Impaired mobility with an inability to walk more than 10 feet.
  • No need for speciality seating components.
  • No expected requirement for powered mobility in the next five years.

We prioritize meeting your mobility needs effectively and efficiently with our authorization process.

To qualify for prior authorization of short-term rental or purchase, a standard hemi wheelchair requires meeting the criteria of a traditional manual wheelchair, along with a low seat-to-floor height requirement. Additionally, the client should rely on propelling the wheelchair using their feet. We strive to accommodate your specific mobility needs with our authorization process.

There are several notable advantages associated with these wheelchairs, which many people appreciate:

  • Easy Transport: They can be quickly folded down for convenient transportation without disassembling the chair.
  • Enhanced Adjustability: They offer more adjustable features, such as swing-out leg rests, providing greater customization for the user.
  • Versatile Terrain Travel: They offer flexibility while traversing rough or uneven terrain, making them suitable for various travel situations.
  • Improved Comfort: They provide a higher level of comfort for the user, ensuring a more enjoyable experience.
  • Effortless Manual Push: They are easier to push manually, reducing strain and effort for the caregiver or user.
  • Lightweight Options: Some models are lighter than standard-framed wheelchairs, enhancing portability.
  • Compact Storage: They can be conveniently stored in small spaces like hall closets or under beds, optimizing storage options.

standard features:

  • Economy steel wheelchair
  • Chromed steel frame
  • 8″ PVC castor, 24″ solid wheel
  • Fixed armrest and footrest
  • Packed in a corrugated box


1. What is the benefit of a wheelchair?

The primary benefit of a wheelchair is that it enables individuals with mobility challenges to regain their freedom of movement. By using a wheelchair, users can engage in daily activities, perform tasks, and improve their overall physical activity levels. It enhances mobility, independence, and quality of life, allowing individuals to participate in daily activities quickly and confidently.

2. Do wheelchairs have engines?

No, traditional wheelchairs do not have engines. They rely on manual propulsion by the user or assistance from a caregiver. However, motorized power wheelchairs do have machines in the form of electric motors. These motors power the drive wheels, typically with two engines operating the wheels on either side of the power wheelchair, providing mobility and independence for individuals with limited physical abilities.

3. Why is wheelchair assessment critical?

Wheelchair assessment is crucial as it ensures the safe and effective use of a wheelchair by the user. Factors such as the user’s physical abilities, postural support needs, and functional requirements are evaluated through assessment. This helps select the appropriate wheelchair model, seating system, and adjustments to optimize comfort, stability, and mobility. A thorough assessment ensures the wheelchair meets the user’s specific needs, enhances their independence, and reduces the risk of injury or discomfort.

4. What are the different parts of a wheelchair?

A wheelchair consists of various components, including tires (solid rubber or pneumatic), wheels (spoked or moulded), axles, casters, leg rests, and armrests. The tires provide traction and support, while the wheels allow for movement. Axles connect the wheels to the frame, and casters aid in steering. Leg rests offer support and comfort for the user’s legs, and armrests provide support for the arms. These parts work together to create a functional and comfortable wheelchair.

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