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At Portea, we offer recliner wheelchairs for both rent and purchase, catering to the needs of patient care and monitoring. Our reclining wheelchair with commode is designed for flexibility and comfort and features a sleek steel finish. They are equipped with a removable commode attachment, serving the dual purpose of a commode chair.

Our premium recliner folding wheelchairs are crafted with a focus on flexibility and comfort, complemented by a polished steel finish. They come equipped with a detachable commode attachment, offering the versatility of a commode chair. Allow us to guide you in selecting the most suitable product and tailored solutions to meet your requirements. Our commitment lies in providing top-quality healthcare equipment and comprehensive support to all our esteemed clients.

Indication of usage:


The audience for mag wheelchair is geriatric patients, ICU–critical care patients, and Patients who have undergone major orthopaedic surgeries.

Brands Available:

The various brands available of recliner wheelchair are Prajwal,Arrex Novamed, Med-E-Move, Karma.


Some of the top features of the recliner wheelchair are:

  • Attendant brakes
  • Drop Back Handle
  • Hand Brakes
  • Fixed Armrest
  • Detachable Footrest
  • Rear and front Mag wheels
  • Compact Foldable.
  • Folding wheelchair with Fixed arm
  • Footrest with rear wheel lock
  • Chrome-plated steel frame with built-in commode function
  • It has 8 inches PVC caster wheel, an 24 inches solid wheel, and fixed armrests and footrests having a seat width of 17 inches and a depth of 16 inches


Folding wheelchair with commodeYes
Bed type transforming the wheelchairYes
Detachable footrest and foldable armrestYes
Max load bearing100 kgs(approx). Attendant Brakes


  • Dimensions (Collapsed): 88 x 67 x 121 – 133
  • Dimension – Height (Expanded): 121 – 133
  • Patient weight capacity: 150kg
  • Seat height capacity: 58
  • Seat width capacity: 46



1. What is the difference between a tilted and reclined wheelchair?

Reclining vs. Tilted Wheelchairs: Understanding the Difference

Reclining wheelchairs allow the user to recline the backrest for comfort and positioning. This can be beneficial for individuals with specific mobility and positioning needs, such as those with:

  • High blood pressure: Reclining can help to lower blood pressure by elevating the legs.
  • Heart problems: Reclining can help to reduce the workload on the heart by improving circulation.
  • Hip contracture: Reclining can help to stretch and loosen the hip muscles.
  • Limited mobility: Reclining can provide a more comfortable and supported position for users who need to spend extended periods seated.

Tilted wheelchairs allow the seat to tilt backwards to redistribute pressure and relieve pressure points. This can be beneficial for individuals with:

  • Spinal cord injuries: Tilting can help to redistribute pressure and prevent the formation of bedsores.
  • Multiple sclerosis: Tilting can help to improve circulation and reduce muscle spasms.
  • Cerebral palsy: Tilting can help to improve alignment and reduce muscle tension.

Commode reclining wheelchair are a specialized type of wheelchair that combines the features of a tilt or reclining wheelchair with a built-in commode or toilet seat. This makes them ideal for individuals who need assistance with mobility and toileting.

2. Who would use a reclining wheelchair?

Reclining wheelchairs are suitable for a variety of individuals, including:

  • People with medical conditions that require them to spend extended periods seated
  • People with limited mobility due to physical limitations
  • People with spinal cord injuries
  • People with multiple sclerosis
  • People with cerebral palsy

3. What are the benefits of reclining a wheelchair?

Recliner wheel chair can offer several benefits, including:

  • Improved comfort: Reclining can help to reduce pressure points and improve circulation.
  • Reduced pain and stiffness: Reclining can help to relax muscles and reduce pain and stiffness.
  • Improved function: Reclining can help to improve the user’s ability to perform activities of daily living, such as dressing and eating.
  • Reduced risk of bedsores: Reclining can help to reduce the risk of bedsores by redistributing pressure.

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4. What is the best recline position?

The best recline position for the individual will vary depending on their specific needs and comfort level. However, a general rule of thumb is maintaining a recline angle of 135-150 degrees between the thighs and the torso. This position helps to distribute pressure evenly along the spine and reduce strain.

If you are considering using a reclining or tilted wheelchair, it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the best option for your individual needs. They can help you choose a suitable wheelchair and adjust the settings to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

5. Where is the delivery service for the reclining wheelchair available?

Portea Medical Equipment offers convenient delivery of reclining wheelchairs in Bangalore, reclining wheelchair in Delhi, reclining wheelchair in Mumbai, reclining wheelchair in Hyderabad, reclining wheelchair Kolkata, reclining wheelchair in Chennai and other major cities. You can also rent or purchase reclining wheelchairs online from trusted brands such as Prajwal, Arrex Novamed, Med-E-Move and Karma at Portea Medical Equipment.

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