what is geriatrics care?

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what is geriatric care?

Geriatrics care or geriatric medicine is an area of expertise that is based on enhancing health care for aged people. It endorses healthy improvement in elderly people by preventing and treating illnesses and disabilities that occur as people age. Geriatric nursing incorporates catering assistance to elderly people at their home, a hospital or special institutions such as the psychiatric institution, the nursing home etc. 

importance of geriatric care

Geriatric care is significant since it allows elderly patients to get dedicated care that comprehends and considers unique requirements. As the human body passes maturity, it doesn’t respond to medicines the same way it used to do, back in the day, and thus, elderly people often face several chronic conditions that necessitate specialized care management. In addition, geriatric care lets patients get preventative care to support prolonged well-being and independence.

Physical comfort is significant for both patients and family members. Easing physical discomfort brings down any distractions during treatment. Upholding comfort for senior patients can be difficult, particularly for those who have multiple illnesses. Care providers can guarantee patient comfort with straightforward gestures, like providing them with a sweater or a blanket during cold conditions. 

When treating old people, it is vital not to make any assumptions about their capabilities and to take time to comprehend their circumstances and conditions that are mostly unique to each one of them. Here are some tips for nurse practitioners to serve the patient effectively. 

care for geriatric patients

Here is a list of responsibilities of geriatric care nurses. 

  • Support the supervisory skill of the patient and encourage them to have liberty in making their own choices. 
  • Help the elderly achieve emotional stability. This will help them overcome emotional blockage and freely express themselves. 
  • Geriatric mental health stimulation is important too. Stimulate sensory input and mental acuity and physical activity to boost their mood, confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Make the seniors feel at home and help them stay energetic and joyfully involved with their family members.
  • Provide utmost comfort with the amenities offered like a comfortable bed, unwrinkled dry bed, and clean bed sheet. Keep the environment clean, neat and fresh. 
  • Help the elderly accomplish a healthy sleeping pattern.
  • Get the patient a regular physical checkup to stay away from any problems.
  • Carefully observe psychophysical changes in the patient’s body and behaviour.
  • Help them for looking after their auditory, vision and oral aid. 
  • Ensure they consume a nutritious and healthy meal. 

geriatrics care at home

For seniors with minor functional restrictions or slight cognitive impairment, assistance for living is required. They typically come under the age group of over 70 to 80 years. Geriatric treatment and care in several forms such as special transport, meals on wheels, the necessity for assistance for clinic or hospital visits or assistance with physical rehabilitation is needed for these people.

Aged people with critical cognitive or functional limitations are candidates for obtaining hospice care or home geriatric care. The members at home require being trained in caregiving and it is vital to employ home care providers for geriatric nursing. 

Geriatrics care providers should exercise patience when they treat elders. At times, providers might have to repeat what they said to the patient several times before he/she comprehends their message. If conversing needs more repetition, the care provider has to slow down the speech and talk clearly. Elderly patients might take some time to react during a conversation too. 

how to prepare geriatric care at home

Prior to choosing a home care service for your seniors, there are certain things that you need to bear in mind. For example, the kind of care required and kind of care available, the kinds of senior health care services provided to offer general care and the amenities that can be altered to suit your exact requirement. 

  • You must keep the medications and prescriptions ready and hand them over to the caregiver as they arrive. 
  • Make a note of the contact number of the family members for emergency purposes. 
  • Offer the diet list and nutritional requirements as prescribed by your doctor so that the nurse can plan the senior’s meals accordingly. 
  • Inform the nurse about any special concerns or requirements that must be looked after. 

how to book a nurse?

Several elder care organizations offer all-inclusive health care services at home. With nurses dedicated to geriatric nursing, they can help the seniors by guaranteeing them that they are indeed living independently with some assistance. You can go online and search for “geriatric nurses” to find the best organization and hire a geriatric nurse. 

how to find geriatric care assistant or nurse near you ?

The medical practitioners from the best geriatric health care agency have the expert skills and training required to offer better quality care to homebound patients. Their wide range of services includes offering services to seniors with restricted mobility or those who have trouble travelling to get appropriate medical treatment. You can employ the finest agency in your area for taking care of seniors in your home. 

The geriatric care assistants at Portea are compassionate people and they are familiar with the ways to establish a bond with the elderly to offer proper care. They are well-trained to offer overall senior care at home which includes both their mental and physical health. 

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