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Portea offers a diverse selection of mag wheelchairs characterized by high tensile strength tailored to individual patient requirements, providing enhanced weight-bearing capacity. The composite mags, crafted from a sturdy, lightweight material akin to nylon/fibreglass, ensure durability and strength.

These wheel chairs can be customized with tires and hand rims to meet the specific needs of users. The wheels feature unsupported edges designed to revert to their original shape effortlessly.

Beyond facilitating mobility, a suitable wheelchair contributes to the physical well-being and quality of life of users. It aids in mitigating common issues such as pressure sores the progression of deformities, and improves respiratory and digestive functions.

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Indication of usage:


The audience for mag wheelchair is geriatric patients, ICU–critical care patients, and Patients who have undergone major orthopaedic surgeries.

Brands Available:

The various brands of mag wheelchair available are Prajwal, Arrex Novamed, Med-E-Move, and Karma.


Some of the features of a mag wheelchair are:

  • Robust Composite Mags: Crafted from solid, lightweight nylon/fiberglass-like material for durability.
  • Enhanced Patient Well-being: Contributes to overall health with a reliable and sturdy mobility solution.
  • Accessible Rear Wheel Brakes: Provides added safety and control for users.
  • Rear Strong Mag Wheels: Improves stability and support during mobility.
  • Settled Armrests: Offers comfort and support for users.
  • Heavy Duty Mag Wheels Wheelchair: Designation emphasizes durability, catering to those seeking a robust mobility aid.


Front wheel size8 Inch
Seat width18 Inch
Rear wheel size24Inch

Technical specifications: 

Foldable, more durable with fixed arm and footrest, seat width – 22” Mag wheels


  • Weight: 18.5kg
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 26 x 35Inch



What are the mag wheels on a wheelchair?

Mag wheels on a wheelchair refer to wheels made from magnesium alloy, providing lightweight construction for easy manoeuvring. These wheels offer increased durability and improved shock absorption, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable ride. Mag wheels are designed to enhance the overall performance of wheelchairs and contribute to a better mobility experience for users. Get the best mag wheelchair for rent from Portea and order now for home delivery.

What are the advantages of mag wheelchairs over traditional wheelchairs?

Mag Wheelchairs offer numerous advantages, featuring lightweight construction for easier manoeuvrability, heightened durability through magnesium alloy use, and improved shock absorption, providing a smoother ride.

Are mag wheelchairs suitable for all individuals with mobility needs?

Mag Wheelchairs are designed to accommodate a diverse range of individuals with mobility needs. However, factors such as user weight, specific requirements, and any existing medical conditions should be considered to ensure the wheelchair is a fitting choice.

How do I maintain and care for a mag wheelchair?

Proper maintenance involves:

  • Routine cleaning.
  • Checking tire pressure.
  • Inspecting for wear or damage.
  • Ensuring all moving parts are adequately lubricated.

Following the manufacturer’s guidelines is crucial, and consulting with a professional is advisable if any issues arise.

On which locations can I order a mag wheelchair?

You have the facility to order a mag wheelchair in Bangalore, mag wheelchair in Delhi, mag wheelchair in Mumbai, mag wheelchair in Hyderabad, mag wheelchair in Kolkata, mag wheelchair in Chennai and other major cities in India. You can also rent or purchase mag wheelchair online from trusted brands such as Prajwal, Arrex Novamed, Med-E-Move, and Karma at Portea Medical Equipment.

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