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At Portea, we offer Wheelchair With Commode for rent or purchase to enhance mobility and improve users’ physical health and quality of life. These wheelchairs are beneficial for bedridden individuals, rehabilitation, and post-operative care. With mechanically operated backrests and angulations from 30-45 degrees, they aid in reducing common issues like pressure sores and deformities while improving respiration and digestion. Choose our quality Wheelchair With Commode options to provide comfort and convenience for those needing mobility support and specialized care.


  • Folding wheelchair with Fixed arm & footrest with rear wheel lock
  • Chrome plated steel frame with built in commode function
  • Seat width: 46 cms(approx);
  • Max load bearing: 100 kgs(approx)
  • Net Weight of wheelchair: 18 kgs(approx) ,
  • Max User Weight Capacity : 100 kgs(approx)

Also Know About:


1. What are the uses of a commode wheelchair?

Commode wheelchairs serve multiple purposes, providing mobility and convenience for individuals with mobility challenges. These wheelchairs have a built-in commode, allowing users to use the toilet without transferring to a separate seat. They are especially beneficial for bedridden individuals, post-operative care, and those with limited mobility. Commode wheelchairs promote better hygiene, offer comfort, and improve the quality of life for users who require assistance in toileting and mobility.

2. What are commode wheelchairs?

Commode wheelchairs are portable toilets designed to assist senior adults or individuals with mobility challenges in accessing the bathroom quickly. They come with four legs, armrests, and hand grips for support. The seat of a commode wheelchair has a hole that can function as both a toilet seat and a standalone commode. These versatile devices offer convenience and aid in maintaining hygiene for those who may have difficulty using traditional toilets independently.

3. How do you use a toilet wheelchair?

To use a toilet wheelchair:

  1. Position it close to the toilet or bedside.
  2. Lock the wheelchair’s brakes for stability.
  3. Assist the user in transferring from the wheelchair to the toilet seat or utilize the built-in commode feature if available.
  4. Ensure proper alignment and safety during the transfer process.
  5. After use, assist the user back to the wheelchair, unlock the brakes, and move away from the toilet area.

Clean and sanitize the commode if used separately.

4. Are wheelchairs with commodes safe for elders?

Wheelchairs with commodes can be safe for elders when used appropriately and with proper supervision. They provide convenience and hygiene, particularly for those with limited mobility. However, safety depends on the user’s physical condition, transfer ability, and caregiver assistance. Regular maintenance, correct usage, and adherence to safety guidelines are crucial. Consulting a healthcare professional or occupational therapist can ensure the suitability and safe use of commode wheelchairs for elders.

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