motarized wheelchair

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short description

  • Used for Bed ridden, Rehab, post-Operative
  • Mechanically operated backrest, and angulations of 30-45 degrees can be made from head position- 1 function

Category: Wheelchairs

Brand: Arrex, karma, Ostrich


The wheelchair is one of the most commonly used assistive devices to promote mobility and enhance quality of life for people who have difficulties in walking (e.g. a person with spinal cord injuries resulting in quadriplegia or paraplegia, muscular dystrophy,etc).


  • Foldable Frame
  • Drop Back Handle
  • Detachable Armrest
  • Detachable Footrest
  • Calf Strap
  • Joy Stick Controller
  • Self Drive Wheel
  • Heavy Duty Solid Castors
  • Extra Support wheel
  • Hand brake

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