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At Portea, we offer various healthcare services, including home care nurses, doctor consultations, physiotherapy at home, and caregiver services. Additionally, we provide the option to rent a semi-fowler bed, ideal for individuals who are bedridden, need rehabilitation, or recovering from surgery.

Our semi-fowler beds are mechanically operated, allowing for easy adjustments to the backrest and angulations of 30-45 degrees from the head position. Experience comfort and convenience with our reliable semi-fowler bed rental service.


Portea specializes in providing rental and sale services for equipment such as semi-fowler beds, catering to patients who require this specific type of bed. Our experienced team can assist you in selecting the best product and range of services to meet your unique needs.

A semi-fowler bed position refers to a patient lying in bed with the head elevated at approximately 30º to 45º. This type of bed, also known as a 1-function cot or backrest cot, features an adjustable backrest that can be operated using a crank mechanism at the foot end called a “pulley”. The semi-fowler cot is equipped with wheels for easy mobility and comes with brakes to ensure stability and prevent unintended movement.

At Portea, we understand the importance of providing quality equipment and support for patients needing semi-fowler beds for home, enabling them to experience enhanced comfort and convenience in their home care journey.


  • Removable & interchangeable high quality beautiful ABS engineering plastic head panel and foot panel.
  • Collapsible side railings. (Top bar Aluminium, Vertical bars SS, Bottom pipe epoxy)
  • Epoxy coated mild steel frame work and 2 section perforated top.
  • 125mm diameter noiseless castors (all with individual brakes)
  • Provision for I.V. Rod on both sides of the bed.
  • Freight saving knock-down construction.
  • S. Tubular frames
  • Height adjustable side railings
  • Bows with leg attached
  • Pre-treated and powder coated
  • Castors and 2 sectional Mattress. – Optional


1. What is a semi-Fowler position?

It is commonly used in healthcare settings to promote comfort, facilitate breathing, and aid in managing certain medical conditions. In this position, the patient’s head and torso are elevated at a 30-degree angle, while their knees may be slightly bent. This position can be achieved using adjustable beds or propping the patient with pillows. 

Healthcare providers such as Portea recommend the semi-Fowler position for patients needing respiratory support, such as those using a nebulizer machine for rent to deliver medication to the lungs.

2. What is semi-Fowlers vs Fowler’s position?

The semi-Fowler’s and Fowler’s positions are body positions commonly used in healthcare settings for patient care. The main difference lies in the angle of bed elevation. 

In a standard Fowler position, the head of the bed is elevated at a greater angle of 45-60 degrees. On the other hand, the semi-Fowler position involves a slightly lower elevation of 30-45 degrees. These positions are relevant for various healthcare scenarios, including patients using nebulizer machines for rent to deliver medication to the lungs. 

Portea’s comprehensive healthcare services can guide the appropriate positioning based on individual patient needs, ensuring optimal comfort and care at home.

3. What are the advantages of semi-Fowler’s position?

The semi-Fowler’s position, commonly used in healthcare settings, offers several advantages. It involves raising the head of the bed to an angle of approximately 30-45 degrees. This position helps improve patient comfort and ease breathing by reducing strain on the chest and lungs. It also promotes better digestion and reduces the risk of aspiration. 

Additionally, the semi-Fowler’s position benefits patients with conditions like congestive heart failure, respiratory distress, or surgery recovery. Portea can provide services such as hospital cots for rent or purchase to cater to the specific needs of patients at home.

4. What are semi-Fowlers vs low-Fowlers?

Low Fowler’s and semi-Fowler’s are two variations of Fowler’s position, a typical patient position used in healthcare. The main difference between the two positions is the angle of the bed. In the low Fowler’s position, the head of the bed is elevated 15 to 30 degrees, while in the semi-Fowler’s position, the head is elevated 30 to 45 degrees.

Low Fowler’s position is typically used for patients who need rest or have difficulty breathing. It can also be used to help prevent aspiration (the inhalation of food or liquid into the lungs). Semi-Fowler’s position is often used for patients who need to eat or drink or who have nausea or vomiting. It can also be used to help improve circulation and breathing.

5. What is the purpose of a semi-Fowler bed?

A semi-Fowler bed is a type of hospital bed that is used to help patients sit up in a comfortable position. The head of the bed is elevated 30 to 45 degrees, which helps to improve circulation and breathing. Semi-Fowler beds are often used for patients who need to eat or drink or who have nausea or vomiting. They can also be used for patients who have respiratory or cardiac conditions.

If you are looking for a semi-Fowler bed for rent, Portea can help. We offer a variety of hospital beds for rent, including semi-Fowler beds. We can deliver the mattress to your home or office and provide training on how to use the bed.