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Welcome to Portea, the trusted healthcare services provider. We recognize the significance of delivering high-quality care to patients, especially those in need of ICU 3 Function beds. These specialized hospital beds are meticulously crafted to cater to critical patients in the ICU, ensuring both their safety and comfort.

At Portea, we present a diverse selection of 3 function hospital bed on rent or purchase, encompassing both Electrical and Mechanical options. Our team of experts is readily available to assist you in selecting the ideal medical bed for home solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Equipped with intelligent ergonomics, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly interfaces, our ICU beds offer optimal support to patients and caregivers alike.

Our ICU beds are equipped with adjustable settings, enabling caregivers to incline the bed from both the head and leg sides (up to 30-45 degrees), in addition to the capability for height adjustment. This feature guarantees enhanced flexibility and simplified usage during patient care.

Rely on Portea to provide you with premium medical bed equipment and comprehensive support for patients dependent on ICU 3 Function beds. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch products and services that meet your needs and promote overall well-being.

Indication of Usage: 

Patient bed can be used for patients in situations such as:


The audience for the 3-function ICU bed are patients with mobility and strength limitations to get on or off a bed.

Brands Available:

The various brands of hospital bed available are Arrex, Healthshine, Novamed, Slr, and Meditech.


Some of the features of a 3 function hospital bed are:

  1. Adjustable Versatility: The mattress area’s steel structure is divided into four segments, allowing for five different position adjustments. This feature ensures maximum flexibility and comfort, catering to individual requirements.
  2. Easy Accessibility and Elegant Design: The head and foot bows, composed of detachable stainless steel frames and laminated panels, offer convenient access to the bed. Moreover, they contribute to the bed’s overall sleek and stylish appearance.
  3. Height adjustment: Mechanical/motorized adjustable height with controlled backrest tilt of 0-70 degrees and knee rest tilt of 0-35 degrees.
  4. Foldable Side Rails: The bed comes with collapsible side railings crafted from stainless steel or mild steel (SS/MS). These railings can be effortlessly folded down when not in use, providing convenience and ensuring user safety.
  5. Enhanced Protection: The bed incorporates corner rubber or polyurethane (PU) buffers that absorb impacts and minimize damage during handling. This design promotes the bed’s longevity and reduces the risk of accidental harm.

Experience unparalleled comfort, safety, and aesthetic appeal with our exceptional hospital bed equipment collection. Trust Portea for all your healthcare requirements.


Backrest tilt0-75 degrees
Knee rest tilt0-35 degrees
Height adjustable featureYes





1. Can I use a hospital bed at home?

As part of our comprehensive healthcare services, Portea offers medical beds suitable for home use. Our hospital beds for home use ensure comfort, safety, and convenience, catering to individuals in need of long-term care or post-operative recovery. Get the best 3 function hospital bed prices at Portea. So grab one by getting a 3 function bed for rent or sale. Experience the benefits of a hospital bed within the familiarity of your own home with Portea.

2. What is the difference between a hospital bed and a regular bed at home?

A hospital bed differs from a regular bed at home in various ways. Designed for medical purposes, a hospital bed offers adjustable features such as height, backrest, and knee elevation, enhancing patient comfort and facilitating medical care. It includes safety features like side rails to prevent falls and is specifically tailored to accommodate medical equipment, making caregiving more accessible. In contrast, a regular bed at home lacks these medical functionalities. At Portea, we offer medical beds for rent and purchase, enabling patients to enjoy the benefits of a hospital bed within the comfort of their own homes.

3. Are hospital beds comfortable?

Hospital beds are designed with patient comfort in mind. They feature adjustable positions for the backrest, leg rest, and height, allowing patients to find their preferred positions for comfort and pain relief. Hospital beds often come with pressure-relieving mattresses to prevent bedsores and enhance comfort. While prioritizing functionality and medical care, hospital beds are also created to provide a comfortable experience for patients. At Portea, we provide hospital beds for home use on rent or purchase, ensuring that patients can experience both the comfort and medical benefits of a hospital bed in their own homes.

4. Can a hospital bed be placed in a bedroom?

Hospital beds come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different spaces. Although typically larger than regular beds, they can be adjusted to fit most bedrooms. Some hospital beds have a compact design, enabling easy manoeuvrability even in smaller spaces. Additionally, Portea offers a range of medical beds for home use on rent, including hospital beds with adjustable features that can be tailored to fit the available space. With our diverse options, we can assist you in finding a suitable medical bed that fits comfortably in your bedroom while providing the necessary care and support.

5. Can hospital beds be transported upstairs?

Hospital beds can be transported upstairs, depending on the specific circumstances and the layout of the home. Generally, they are heavy and may require assistance or specialized equipment for safe transportation. However, at Portea, we provide medical beds for home use on rent, including hospital beds that are designed to be lightweight and portable. Our team of professionals can assess your situation and offer guidance on the safe transportation and installation of a hospital bed upstairs in your home, ensuring your comfort and safety.

6. What locations support the delivery of 3 function bed?

Portea Medical Equipment is delighted to offer convenient delivery of 3-function beds in Bangalore, 3 function bed in Delhi, 3 function bed in Mumbai, 3 function bed in Hyderabad, and various major cities in India. You can rent or purchase 3-function beds online from trusted brands such as Arrex, Healthshine, Novamed, SLR, and Meditech.

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DIMENSIONS- L: 2060 × W 900 × H: 600-800(Approximately)

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