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At Portea, our core focus is providing comprehensive healthcare services in the comfort of your home. Our offerings include professional nurses for home care, doctor consultations, physiotherapy, and caregiver services. Additionally, we offer a range of medical equipment, including ICU 3 function manual cot, for rent or sale. These manual ICU beds are designed with adjustable height, back, and knee rest functionalities, providing optimal patient comfort.

Operated with easy-to-use cranks and individual braking systems, these beds ensure safety and ease of use. Partnering with reputable brands like Hitech, Shambho Life Solution, and Arrex, we strive to deliver exceptional care and medical solutions to our clients.


  • Mechanically operated back.
  • Knee rest along with height adjustment by crank mechanism.
  • Size: L 2140mm × W 940mm × H 500mm.
  • Removable & interchangeable high-quality ABS plastic bows.
  • Collapsible aluminium side railings.
  • Epoxy-coated mild steel framework.
  • Four-section perforated tops and castors.


1. What is a 3-function hospital bed?

A 3-function hospital bed is a versatile medical bed with three adjustable features. It allows users to adjust the head and foot sections to find the most comfortable position. Additionally, it offers height adjustability for easy access and a knee section adjustment to provide optimal support. These functions are conveniently controlled by an ergonomic hand pendant, which is durable and touch-sensitive, ensuring ease of use for patients and caregivers. The bed’s design aims to enhance patient comfort and promote better care during hospital stays or home care settings.

2. What are the components of an ICU bed?

Components of an ICU bed include:

  • Electric and manual controls.
  • Side rails.
  • Wheels with brakes for mobility.
  • A removable headboard for procedures like endotracheal intubation and vascular access.

Additionally, ICU beds come with intravenous (IV) pole mounts to support medical equipment, ensuring efficient patient care and treatment.

3. What is the difference between an ICU bed and a regular bed?

ICU beds and regular beds are both designed to provide comfort and support to patients, but there are some critical differences between the two. ICU beds are specifically designed for patients who require critical care, and they have several features that regular beds do not.

One of the biggest differences between ICU beds and regular beds is the level of adjustability. ICU beds can be adjusted in length, height, and Trendelenburg position, allowing medical staff to position patients in various ways to promote comfort and facilitate treatment. Additionally, the top of an ICU bed is typically made of radio-translucent material, allowing X-rays to be taken without having to move the patient.

4. What is the difference between icu 3 function manual cot vs 7 function manual cot?

The difference between a 3-function manual ICU cot and a 7-function manual ICU cot is as follows:

  • 3-function manual ICU cot: This type of cot has three functions: raising and lowering the head, raising and lowering the foot, and adjusting the height of the cot.
  • 7-function manual ICU cot: This type of cot has four additional functions: tilting the cot to the left or right, tilting the cot into a Trendelenburg position (where the head is lower than the feet), and tilting the cot into a reverse Trendelenburg position (where the feet are lower than the head).

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