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what is end of life care or palliative care?

End-of-life care refers to the assistance and attention given to patients with terminal illnesses in the years, months, weeks, and days leading up to their passing.

End-of-life care focuses on making a dying person’s final days as comfortable as possible while also providing friends and family members with support during this difficult moment.

Hospice life care is a component of end-of-life care and entails controlling the practical attributes of your illness, such as discomfort and other symptoms, as well as offering emotional, social, and devotional assistance in a manner that satisfies the patient’s requirements and wishes, as well as those of their friends and family.

A holistic approach is used in the end of life care at home services to treat the “whole” individual.

Your requirements and decisions will determine where you get end-of-life care. You can get end-of-life care in hospitals, care facilities, hospices, or at home. Many families don’t prefer end of life care in care homes facility— rather they prefer hiring reputable elderly in home care services. 

No matter where you opt to spend your final moments, you have the right to get top-notch care to ensure a “peaceful death.”

A “good death” is typically defined as one in which the patient was cared for with respect, dignity, and respect by their caregivers, maintained in good condition and comfortable in their home, and was surrounded by those who were significant to them.

why do you need end of life care services?

Anyone who has a condition that is either life-limiting or life-threatening is liable for end-of-life and hospice care from a medical facility. You may be eligible for end-of-life and therapeutic option if you have any of the following chronic conditions—

  • Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • cancer
  • lung and heart diseases
  • motor neurone disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • other life-limiting illnesses.
  • renal disease
  • stroke and other neurological conditions

End-of-life and hospice life care are not only for those who are slowly approaching the final stages of their lives, though. No matter your age, gender, heritage, or religious beliefs, you can get end-of-life and hospice care if you are suffering from a chronic or life-limiting illness.

Hospice care and end-of-life care are not just available to cancer patients. Regardless of your ailment, it is accessible to you if you require treatment to control symptoms like pain or shortness of breath. If you require assistance managing the emotions associated with your health, end-of-life and hospice care are also offered. This is also referred to as “supporting care” at times.

how portea helps?

Are you looking for a reliable caretaker for patient at home near me? Does somebody in your family have a life-threatening illness or serious condition with little hope of recovery? Do they need surgery? Count on our end of life at home services to assist that individual in finding peace in their own home from the discomfort, complications, and anxiety of the condition.

We have a skilled group of medical professionals, including patient-centred nurses and other professionals, who collaborate to deliver treatment based on the patient’s requirements, not their future. Any age group can use our in home senior care services, which are available at any phase of a serious medical condition.

For patients, our in home assisted living and care services will provide an additional layer of support. Our staff will strive toward providing health-care services and moral support to patients at any point of accident or illness alongside addressing the medical difficulties.

the reasons for choosing portea’s end of life care at home services

Patients with severe diseases or illnesses can benefit significantly from using our in-home care service. They can assist in a variety of ways, including:

  • assistance with incontinence, wound dressings, and mobility
  • assistance with meals
  • For all phases of disease, provide care and emotional support
  • Individualized care based on patients’ requirements
  • Physical activity
  • Ventilator care

Our skilled and kind caregivers will deliver non-medical assistance to lessen discomfort, aid with getting dressed, taking a shower and other personal grooming chores, and be a positive presence to reduce tension and stress during this troubling time. Additionally, they can perform some minor housework, laundry, shopping, and preparing meals, letting you and your friends and families spend quality minutes together as they approach the final stages of their lives.

We at Portea understand that families rely on us to deliver high-quality care and experiences. Each of our caregivers goes through a rigorous hiring and assessment procedure, is fully certified, and receives regular training.


Q-For how long can I hire end of life care service from Portea?

This final stage phase could continue anywhere from a few weeks or months to many years, based on the illness’s characteristics and your loved one’s present condition.

Q-Can I choose the attendant I want to hire?

A-All our caretakers, attendants and nurses are well-qualified and are experienced in delivering the best home care nursing services to patients. 

Q-Can I ask the caretaker to do other tasks as well?

A-From performing everyday tasks to taking patients to hospital visits, feeding, grooming, and all other tasks related to patients (medical as well as non-medical) can be done on request. 

Q-Will the same attendant provide 12/24 hr service?

A-We provide caretaking services for 12/24 hours and in ways that are more flexible and customizable to patient’s unique needs and demands. 

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