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  • MODEL – FULL Fowler Cot
  • DIMENSIONS – 203L x 90W x 60H cms (Approximately)

Category: Cots

Brand: Arrex, Hightech, Surgix


At PORTEA, we offer comprehensive healthcare services, including home care nurses, doctor consultations, physiotherapy, and caregiver services. Additionally, we provide Full Fowler Cots for rent or purchase to support hospital cot-dependent patients. Our expert team assists you in choosing the right product and administration to meet your specific needs.

Our Full Fowler Cots serve multiple functions, including backrest and knee rest adjustments. With collapsible side rails and easy lifting mechanisms, patient safety is ensured. These cots are constructed using high-quality Rectangular Tube/Round Tube materials, and we are a leading supplier of Hospital beds, offering various Full Fowler bed options at competitive prices worldwide from India. The beds can be adjusted to different positions with a Smooth Crank System featuring foldable handles, ensuring ease of use.

Trust PORTEA to provide Full Fowler Cots with head-end and foot-end elevation capabilities for your medical equipment needs, enhancing patient comfort and recovery.


  • Frame
  • Frame Work: Rectangular MS/CRC Tube
  • Sheet/Top: 4 Section Top made by perforated MS/CRC Sheet
  • Positions: Back & Knee Rest section manoeuvred by two separate Screw from the foot end
  • V. Rod: 4 Locations (position only, IV Stand additional)
  • Panel: ABS moulded Panel in head and foot bows
  • Leg Stand on: Bed mounted on 125mm Dia Caster with Central Braking System
  • Finish: Pre-Treated and Epoxy Powder Coated (Ivory or required colour)
  • Side Railing: Additional
  • Additional options: 4-fold Mattress, Aluminium Railing and I.V. Rod
  • Fowler Bed Deluxe (ABS Panel)


1. What is a full Fowler bed?

A full Fowler bed is an ergonomically designed, four-section perforated hospital bed that allows adjustments for knee rest and backrest functions. These beds can be operated using cranks or motors, and they feature either simultaneous, central, or individual braking systems for added convenience and patient safety.

2. What is the purpose of Fowler’s bed?

The purpose of Fowler beds is to assist immobile patients, particularly those experiencing respiratory distress. They are also used for postpartum women requiring uterine drainage, individuals with nasal feeding tubes, and those at risk of aspiration. Fowler beds are equipped with motors and cranks for easy adjustments, along with collapsible side rails to ensure patient safety and comfort.

3. What is the difference between Fowler and semi-Fowler?

The main difference between Fowler and semi-Fowler positions lies in the degree of bed elevation. In the standard Fowler position, the head of the bed is elevated at 45-60 degrees, providing a greater incline. On the other hand, the semi-Fowler position involves elevating the head of the bed at a lesser angle of 30-45 degrees. Both positions are commonly used in healthcare settings to promote patient comfort and manage certain medical conditions.

4. What are the four different Fowler positions?

  • Low Fowler’s: The head of the bed is raised 15-30 degrees. This position is often used for patients with difficulty breathing or needing to be monitored closely.
  • Semi-Fowler’s: The head of the bed is raised 30-45 degrees. This position is a good compromise between comfort and ease of breathing.
  • Standard Fowler’s: The head of the bed is raised 45-60 degrees. This position is often used for patients who need to eat or drink or be repositioned.
  • High/Full Fowler’s: The head of the bed is raised 90 degrees. This position is the most upright position and is often used for patients who need to sit up to cough or vomit.