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  • MODEL – FULL Fowler Cot
  • DIMENSIONS – 203L x 90W x 60H cms (Approximately)

Category: Cots

Brand: Arrex, Hightech, Surgix


PORTEA provides Rent and Sale equipment and support to Hospital cot – dependent patient. We can help you decide the best product and range of administration for your requirements.

  • Full Fowler beds are utilized for backrest functions and knee rest. These fowler beds are furnished with collapsible side rails or simple lifting to guarantee patient security.
  • Full Fowler beds are made up of Rectangular Tube/Round Tube. We are an outstanding Supplier giving different varieties of Hospital furniture like Full Fowler beds everywhere throughout the world at discount aggressive costs from India. The different Positions can be taken by Smooth Crank System with foldable handles.
  • Full Fowler beds have head-end elevation and foot end elevation only.


  • Frame Work: Rectangular MS/CRC Tube
  • Sheet/Top: 4 Section Top made by perforated MS/CRC Sheet
  • Positions: Back & Knee Rest section maneuvered by two separate Screw from the foot end
  • V. Rod: 4 Locations (position only, IV Stand additional)
  • Panel: ABS molded Panel in head and foot bows
  • Leg Stand on: Bed mounted on 125mm Dia Caster with Central Braking System
  • Finish: Pre-Treated and Epoxy Powder Coated (Ivory or required color)
  • Side Railing: Additional
  • Additional options: 4 fold Mattress, Aluminium Railing and I.V. Rod
  • Fowler Bed Deluxe (ABS Panel)