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At Portea, we provide a wide range of healthcare services, including home care nurses, doctor consultations, physiotherapy at home, and caregiver services. Additionally, we offer Fowler beds manual for sale or rent. Fowler beds are designed with four sections and perforated surfaces, allowing for adjustable knee rest and backrest functions. These beds are operated using cranks and have individual braking systems for added safety. 

Equipped with easy lifting mechanisms and collapsible side rails, Fowler beds prioritize patient safety and comfort. We offer high-quality Fowler beds from trusted brands such as Shambho Life Solution, Arrex, and Hitech. Contact us to explore our Fowler beds for sale or rent options and experience superior healthcare services in the comfort of your home.


  • Mechanically operated backrest and knee rest by crank mechanism.
  • Size: L 2140mm × W 940mm × H 500mm. Removable & interchangeable high-quality ABS plastic bows. Collapsible aluminium side railings Epoxy coated mild steel framework, four-section perforated tops and castors.


1. What is the procedure of Fowler’s bed making?

To make a Fowler’s bed:

  1. Start by ensuring the bed is at a comfortable working height.
  2. Raise the head of the bed to an angle of 45 degrees or more, creating a semi-sitting position.
  3. Adjust the pillows or cushions to support the patient’s head and upper body in this elevated position.

This bed position is commonly used when the patient eats or requires nasotracheal suctioning or nasogastric tube placement. Remember to secure the bed rails and ensure the patient’s safety and comfort throughout the process.

2. What is the function of a manual hospital bed?

A manual hospital bed provides adjustable positions for the head, foot, and height of the bed frame using hand cranks. This allows healthcare providers or patients to modify the bed according to individual needs. Manual hospital beds offer a range of positions, including raising the head and foot of the bed, adjusting the overall height, and providing support and comfort. These beds are cost-effective for long-term care settings, providing flexibility and adaptability for patients’ requirements.

3. What is the difference between Fowler and manual hospital beds?

Fowler beds and manual hospital beds are medical beds with different features and functions.

Fowler Bed:

  • Fowler beds are designed with a specific configuration that allows for adjustable head and foot sections and the overall height of the bed frame.
  • They have the ability to elevate the head section to a higher angle, typically around 45 degrees or more, creating a semi-sitting position.
  • Fowler beds are commonly used in healthcare settings for activities such as eating, respiratory treatments, or when the patient requires a more upright position.
  • They often have additional features like collapsible side rails for patient safety and comfort.

Manual Hospital Bed:

  • Manual hospital beds, on the other hand, are medical beds that use hand cranks or manual mechanisms to adjust the head, foot, and overall height of the bed frame.
  • They offer various positions and height adjustments to meet patient needs, but they may not have the specific angled positioning capabilities of a Fowler bed.
  • Manual hospital beds are a cost-effective option for long-term care settings, providing flexibility and adjustability for patients’ comfort and care.
  • In summary, the main difference lies in the specific configuration of a Fowler bed that allows for a semi-sitting position, while manual hospital beds offer general adjustability but may not have the same angled positioning capabilities.

4. What is a Fowler bed?

A Fowler bed is a type of medical bed specifically designed to provide adjustable positions for the head and foot sections, allowing patients to sit up at various angles. The head of the bed can be elevated to a semi-sitting position, typically at an angle of 45 degrees or more. This bed is commonly used for patients who are immobile or in respiratory distress, as well as postpartum women requiring uterine drainage, individuals with nasal feeding tubes, and those at risk of aspiration. Fowler beds are equipped with motors or cranks for easy adjustment and often feature collapsible side rails for patient safety and convenience.

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