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Portea presents a diverse array of healthcare services, offering recliner bed for patients on rent or sale tailored for home use. Our services are designed to meet the needs of long-term bedridden patients, post-operative care, rehabilitation, and more. The versatile design of our recliner bed allows easy attachment to standard home beds, enhancing comfort and convenience. Explore our extensive bed category, featuring renowned brands like Aarkay, to discover the ideal solution for your specific requirements.

At Portea, we take pride in delivering top-quality adjustable beds for patients at home that have garnered the appreciation of our esteemed customers for their impeccable design and enduring durability.

Our recliner bed for patients empowers you to discover the perfect sleeping position, ensuring unparalleled comfort for all. Elevating the upper body to a relaxed sitting position and raising the knees to prevent slipping down the bed promotes a restful night’s sleep.

This feature-rich bed is particularly advantageous for patients dealing with back pain, incorporating cutting-edge technology and providing exceptional strength. Our mission is to deliver a level of comfort that is unparalleled, ensuring everyone can enjoy the best sleep possible. Secure the right adjustable bed for patients through our convenient rental or purchase options today!


The audience for reclining bed is for patients with Back pain issues

Brands Available:

The various brands of hospital bed available are Aarkay.


Some of the features of a recliner cot for patients are:

  • Extensive selection of recliner beds available
  • Choice of pocket sprung, memory foam, reflex foam, and latex mattresses
  • Fivefold slatted bases for raising both head and feet
  • Silent running electric motors for smooth operation
  • Convenient remote control for easy adjustments
  • Removable cover that can be dry cleaned
  • 14 inches of storage space under the bed.


  • Weight up to 2,400 lbs.
  • Measurements: 74″ long x 36.5″ wide x 7″ high

Other Dimensions

Bed Frame SizeFeet and InchesInches
Small single2 foot 6 inches by 6 foot 3 inches29.5 inches by 75 inches
Single3 foot by 6 foot 3 inches36 inches by 75 inches
Small Double4 foot by 6 foot 3 inches48 inches by 75 inches
Double4 foot 6 inches by 6 foot 3 inches54 inches by 75 inches
King5 foot by 6 foot 6 inches60 inches by 78 inches
Super king6 foot by 6 foot 6 inches71 inches by 78 inches



1. Are recliner beds for patients beneficial?

Yes, recliner beds for patients are indeed beneficial. As a healthcare services expert, Portea recognizes the advantages of having recliner beds at home for patients. These specialized medical beds offer numerous benefits. Reclining bed for patients provide customizable positions, contributing to pain relief, increased comfort, and enhanced sleep quality. They prove especially advantageous for patients with limited mobility, experiencing back pain, or in the process of recovering from surgery. 

Through Portea, patients can easily access recliner bed on rent or purchase, ensuring they receive optimal care, convenience, and comfort throughout the recovery process.

2. How does a reclining bed work?

A reclining bed operates through motors strategically placed at joints along its base. These motors empower the bed base with the capability to lift, recline, and adjust to various positions. This functionality allows individuals to customize the bed’s configuration to their preference, facilitating the discovery of the perfect position for relaxation or sleep. The motors, controlled through a mechanism, provide the flexibility needed to contour the bed to different angles, offering a versatile and comfortable experience for users.

3. Are reclining beds beneficial for your health?

Utilizing an adjustable bed can contribute to pain relief by improving blood flow, alleviating stress from specific areas, and redistributing weight for enhanced overall comfort. As a result, the use of adjustable beds can lead to a reduction in aches and pains, eliminating the need for medication in some instances.

4. Can we use a reclining bed for home?

Indeed, you can use a reclining bed at home. Reclining beds are designed for home use, providing individuals with the flexibility to customize their sleeping or resting positions. These beds offer various adjustable features, allowing users to elevate their upper body, raise their knees, or find other comfortable positions for relaxation. Whether for health reasons, increased comfort, or personal preference, using a reclining bed at home can be a practical and beneficial choice.

5. On which locations can I get the Recliner Bed for delivery?

You have the option to receive the Aarkay recliner bed in Bangalore, recliner bed in Delhi, recliner bed in Mumbai, recliner bed in in Hyderabad, recliner bed in Kolkata, recliner bed in Chennai and other major cities in India. You can also rent or purchase Recliner Bed online from trusted brands such as Aarkay at Portea Medical Equipment.

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