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Portea specializes in offering hospital beds for home use through our hospital bed for rent or sale. If you or a loved one needs a hospital bed for home care, we have a variety of ICU 5 Function bed available. These beds are specifically designed for critical patients, incorporating considerate ergonomics, advanced technology, and user-friendly operation.

When you choose Portea, you can be confident that our ICU beds prioritize the safety and comfort of both patients and caregivers. We provide a selection of ICU Electrical Beds and Mechanical ICU Beds, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your needs. Our beds come with adjustable height and tilt functions, enabling personalized positioning and optimal support.

Constructed with a robust rectangular M.S. Tube structure and a perforated M.S. Sheet top, our hospital beds adhere to stringent security standards in the medical equipment industry. Beyond essential functionality, they boast an aesthetically pleasing design that enhances the overall environment of long-term care settings.

Whether you need a hospital bed for sale or rent, Portea is here to assist you. Our team of experts can guide you in selecting the right product and provide ongoing support throughout your journey. Experience quality care and convenience with our medical beds for home use.

Indication of Usage: 

Icu bed 5 function can be used for patients in situations such as:


The audience for hospital bed 5 function is for patients with mobility and strength limitations to get on or 

off a bed

Brands Available:

The various brands of hospital bed available are Arrex, Healthshine, Novamed, Slr, and Meditech.


Some of the features of a 5 function hospital bed are:

  • Mechanically Operated Functions:
    • The ICU Bed features a mechanically operated backrest, providing precise control for patient comfort.
  • Knee rest Functions:
    • The knee rest is adjustable from 0 to 35 degrees, catering to various medical needs.
  • Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg:
    • Offers Trendelenburg tilting of 0 to 20 degrees and reverse Trendelenburg of 0 to 20 degrees (TR/RTR), enhancing bed versatility for medical procedures.
  • Height Adjustment:
    • The bed’s height is adjustable, providing flexibility for caregivers to set an optimal level for patient care.
  • Side Support and Safety:
    • Equipped with ABS track-away Safety Side Railings, offering side support and preventing accidental falls.
    • The track-away design allows railings to be moved aside when not in use, ensuring easy patient access and care.

The 5 function icu bed combines mechanical precision, adjustable features, and safety measures for comprehensive critical patient care. Experience unparalleled comfort, safety, and aesthetic appeal with our exceptional hospital bed equipment collection. Trust Portea for all your healthcare requirements.


TopFour Sections
FrameworkMild Steel
FinishBeautiful Epoxy Powder Coating
Castors125mm diameter
BrakesCentral Braking System
Control PanelWired Remote Control.


Length2140 mm
Width720 mm
Height420 mm



1. What type of bed is used in ICU?

In the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), specialized beds are referred to as ICU beds. These patient beds are utilized to cater to the unique needs of critically ill patients. These beds are meticulously designed to offer maximum comfort, support, and functionality. Equipped with advanced features like adjustable height, backrest tilt, and knee rest tilt, ICU beds ensure tailored care for patients in critical conditions. Safety enhancements such as side railings and braking systems are incorporated, guaranteeing optimal care and monitoring. At Portea, we provide hospital/patient beds for home use, including ICU beds for rent, extending convenience and comfort to patients requiring specialized care in the comfort of their homes.

2. What is the difference between a 3 function and 5 function bed?

The disparity between a 3-function and a 5 function bed lies in the range of adjustable features they offer. A 5 function hospital bed provides five flexible functions, including height, backrest, knee rest, Trendelenburg position, and reverse Trendelenburg position. These additional functions allow for customized positioning and heightened patient comfort. Conversely, a 3-function hospital bed offers three adjustable functions, typically encompassing height adjustment, backrest adjustment, and knee rest adjustment. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs of the patient. At Portea, we offer both 3-function and 5 function hospital bed for home use, ensuring patients have access to the appropriate equipment to meet their individual needs.

3. Is it possible for me to use a hospital bed at home?

Indeed, hospital beds can be used at home to provide comfort, convenience, and medical support for patients with specific needs. These beds cater to individuals recovering from surgery, managing chronic illnesses, or requiring long-term care. Offering adjustable features such as height adjustments, backrest reclining, and leg elevation, the hospital bed for home use facilitates a comfortable and supportive environment. Safety features like side rails and caregiver-friendly manoeuvrability enhance the overall caregiving experience. Portea provides hospital beds for rent or purchase, making it accessible and cost-effective for patients requiring temporary or long-term use.

4. Can two people sleep in a hospital bed?

Hospital beds are not designed for dual occupancy. Specifically tailored for single-patient use, these beds are equipped with features to meet the medical needs of individuals. Sharing a hospital bed may compromise safety, comfort, and functionality. For situations requiring a bed for two people, alternative options such as larger-sized or adjustable beds designed for home use should be considered. Portea offers a variety of patient beds for home use, including hospital beds available for hire or purchase.

5. Are hospital beds comfortable for patients at home?

Hospital beds can indeed provide comfort for patients at home. Meticulously designed with the patient’s well-being in mind, these beds offer various adjustable features, including height adjustments, backrests, and leg rests. Pressure-relieving mattresses prevent bedsores and promote better sleep quality. With the right accessories and customization, hospital beds ensure a comfortable and supportive environment for patients receiving care at home. Portea’s hospital bed hire and purchase services aim to provide patients with access to comfortable and convenient home healthcare equipment.

6. What are the available delivery locations for the 5-function bed?

Portea Medical Equipment is excited to offer convenient delivery of the 5-function bed in Bangalore, 5 function bed in Delhi, 5 function bed in Mumbai, 5 function bed in Hyderabad, and to several major cities in India. You can rent or purchase the 5-function bed online from trusted brands such as Arrex, Healthshine, Novamed, SLR, and Meditech on Portea Medical Equipment. Once you have selected the 5-function bed that best meets your needs, Portea Medical Equipment will deliver it right to your doorstep.

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