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Portea provides ICU 5 beds for rent or sale, catering to patients requiring manual assistance. Our offerings aim to guide you in selecting the most suitable hospital bed tailored to your requirements. Whether you seek ICU 5-function manual hospital bed or other medical equipment, we are committed to aiding you in making informed decisions for improved home healthcare.

Indication of Usage: 

ICU 5 Hospital cot can be used for patients in situations such as:


The audience for ICU 5 function manual hospital bed is for patients with mobility and strength limitations to get on or off a bed.

Brands Available:

The various brands of hospital bed available are Arrex, Healthshine, Novamed, Slr, and Meditech.


Some of the top features of the ICU 5 medical cot are:

  • ICU 5 function bed with mechanically operated backrest, knee rest tilting 0-35°, Trendelenburg 0-20°/reverse Trendelenburg 0-20° (TR/RTR), and height adjustment feature.
  • Removable and interchangeable ABS designing plastic headboard and footboard in a C-type design.
  • Epoxy-coated mild steel frame with a four-section perforated top.
  • Collapsible side railings with a top bar made of Aluminium, vertical bars made of SS, and bottom pipe made of epoxy.
  • 125mm diameter silent castors, all equipped with individual brakes.
  • Provision for I.V. Rod on both sides of the bed.
  • For long-term bedridden, post Op care, Hospital bed
  • Mechanical Adjustable Height, controlled backrest 0-70°, knee rest 0-35°, Collapsible side railing


  • Size: L: 1980 mm × W: 850 m × H: 450 mm



What is a five-function bed?

A 5 function manual hospital bed offers five adjustable features. These commonly include modifications for the head (or back), foot, height, and Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions. In contrast, standard consumer beds are fixed platforms parallel to the floor and locked at a specific height.

What is the role of an ICU bed?

ICU beds serve a critical role in intensive care units, catering to the needs of seriously ill patients. Designed with advanced technology and user-friendly features, these beds ensure safety and comfort for patients and caregivers. They offer various functions, including adjustable backrest and knee rest tilting, height adjustment, Trendelenburg positioning, and provisions for I.V. rods, providing optimal care for patients in critical conditions.

What is the difference between an ICU bed and a regular bed?

The primary distinction between an ICU bed and a regular bed lies in the level of adjustability. ICU beds are highly adjustable, allowing changes in length, Trendelenburg position (incline or decline), and height. Additionally, they are equipped with specialized features such as side rails and mounts for medical equipment, making them more suitable for critically ill patients. On the other hand, regular beds lack this level of adjustability and specialized features typically required in intensive care settings.

What is the difference between the ICU 5 and ICU 3 function beds?

ICU 5 function beds and ICU 3 function beds are both intended for use in intensive care units, yet they differ in their functionalities:

ICU 5 function bed:

  • Provides five adjustable functions: mechanically operated backrest, knee rest tilting (0-35°), Trendelenburg tilt (0-20°), reverse Trendelenburg tilt (0-20°), and height adjustment.
  • Offers more positioning options for patients’ comfort and care.
  • It may include additional features such as electronic controls and advanced technology.

ICU 3 function bed:

  • Offers three adjustable functions: mechanically operated backrest, knee rest tilting (0-35°), and height adjustment.
  • Provides basic positioning options suitable for most patients’ needs.
  • Typically more cost-effective compared to 5 function beds.

Ultimately, the selection between ICU 5 function and ICU 3 function beds depends on the specific requirements of the patients and the healthcare facility’s budget and preferences.

What are the available delivery locations for the 5 function manual hospital bed?

Portea Medical Equipment is excited to offer convenient delivery of 5 function manual hospital bed in Bangalore, 5 function manual hospital bed in Delhi, 5 function manual hospital bed in Mumbai, 5 function manual hospital bed in Hyderabad and to to several major cities in India. You can rent or purchase 5-function manual hospital bed online from trusted brands such as Arrex, Healthshine, Novamed, SLR, and Meditech on Portea Medical Equipment and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

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