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Portea (PORTEA.COM) provides Rent and Sale equipment and support to ICU 5 function bed manual-dependent patient. We can help you decide the best product and range of administration for your requirements.

  • ICU 5 function bed with mechanically worked backrest, knee rest tilting 0-35°, Trendelenburg 0-20°/turn around Trendelenburg 0-20° (TR/RTR) and tallness position.
  • Removable and exchangeable excellent delightful ABS designing plastic headboard and footboard. C Type plan.
  • Epoxy covered gentle steel outline work and 4 segments punctured top.
  • Collapsible side railings. (Top bar Aluminium, Vertical bars SS, Bottom pipe epoxy)
  • 125mm dia silent castors (all with individual brakes)
  • Arrangement for I.V. Rod on both sides of the bed.


  • Bedding Platform size: L: 1980 mm × W: 850 m
  • For long term bedridden, post Op care, Hospital bed
  • Mechanical Adjustable Height, controlled backrest 0-70°, knee rest 0-35°, Collapsible side railing
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