4 things to be considered before choosing a diagnostic centre

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choosing a diagnostic centre

Deciding on a diagnostic lab

In this day and age of rapid commercialization and rampant embezzlement, even the sacred realm of medicine hasn’t been spared. With numerous Diagnostic Centres sprawling up in every corner, choosing the right diagnostic lab can become a tough decision.

Do not get carried away by low budget path labs with ill-made equipment and mismanaged staff. Read on to find out the four essential points you need to consider while choosing the best diagnostic centre.

how experienced is the medical practitioner?

This is undoubtedly the number one priority. Matters of health ought to be handled with intricate supervision and excellent skill. Therefore, choose a diagnostic laboratory that has been well established for a substantial period of time and is run by experienced Medical Practitioners and skilled staff.

The accreditation of the Medical lab should be examined before deciding to undergo any tests. The National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) in India is a renowned pathological lab validating body in India.

Professionalism is hard to encounter in the commercial world of today. One should choose Diagnostic labs that still stand by the old oath of professionalism:

  • Efficiency by which the staff carries out their duties will drop major hints about how professional the Diagnostic Centre is.
  • The reputation of the assigned Medical Professional should be investigated via various means such as previous patients, internet reviews,
  • It should be ensured that not only the Doctors but also the pathologists and lab technicians are sharp skilled and experienced.
  • It is important to pay attention to the customer relationships and courtesy of the staff.

how updated is the technology used?

Latest technology

Always opt for Diagnostic Centres that take their machines as seriously as their medical practitioners. Pathological Labs that operate the latest technologies and use updated instruments should be given the upper hand unanimously. The latest technologies will process the data efficiently and provide precise data of high quality.

Good technical instruments will also eliminate the risk of human errors. Health reports cannot afford to face the risk of minor technical glitches or man-made mistakes. Machines that are updated will ensure that these errors do not occur.

Here are some of the latest technologies being used at the best Diagnostic Centres. Investigate if the prospective diagnostic centre has them or not:

  • Digital Pathology: This utilizes computer technology to receive image-based information.
  • Molecular Diagnostics: This technique is used in the histology level.
  • Nanosensors: Nano elements are manipulated for pathological tests as they are highly sensitive and specific.
  • Pharmacogenomics: pathological tests at the genetic level.

how accurate is the compiled report?

Lab report

Doctors carry out their treatments on the basis of the report provided by the diagnostic centre. It is thus, not only safe but also wise to select medical laboratories that provide accurate reports. This is not something to take casually. People have paid heavily for the wrong diagnosis and even lost their lives.

Diagnostic reports contain precise details. A slight error can modify the entire outcome of the treatment. Pathological reports ought to be thoroughly revised to avoid the chances of human errors, technical faults, or even printing mistakes.

A wise decision while choosing the best diagnostic centre is to carry out more than one test for the same diagnosis. The consistency and precision of the reports will reflect the credibility of the diagnostic centre. According to studies, almost 70% of the decisions regarding the following are done based on medical reports:

  • Treatment and diagnosis done by the Doctor
  • Hospital Admission
  • Discharge
  • Medicines administered

the services and policies of the diagnostic centre

Diagnostic Centre

Customer service and relationships give out a lot of information about the standard of the Diagnostic lab. Go through social media pages, and reviews to take a firmer stand about a particular diagnostic centre. A quick check of the following points will reflect on the path lab’s services:

  • Is the Diagnostic Centre accredited by a valid board?
  • Does your insurance cover the needful fee?
  • How fast will the lab deliver the results?
  • How well behaved and efficient is the staff?

After thoroughly considering all the points enlisted, customers can be assured to take better decisions regarding Diagnostic labs. While all these factors are crucial, it is important to note that the convenience of the patient is always the first priority. Never delay a medical emergency in search of the perfect diagnostic lab.

Always keep the severity of the patient, the urgency of the situation, and the easy accessibility of the Diagnostic Centre in mind. While commercialization is sprawling everywhere, an equal number of dedicated and advanced diagnostic centres have also started to flourish.

Citizens should give way to new age techniques and a refreshing environment of path labs accompanied by efficient customer service, transparent dealings, and a team of dedicated staff. Also, the importance of diagnostic tests can never be underestimated as they help to estimate disease risk at a relatively early stage.

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