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alcohol detection

Consuming alcohol is a common counsellor It may be either to enjoy celebrations or to combat depressions. It has a direct proportional impact on the body with the very first sip. Drinking wine or beer occasionally is not a matter of concern, but it’s surely going to harm the various systems of the body if the person becomes addicted to it. The effects of alcohol on different systems are-

• On the digestive and endocrine glands- When a person drinks too much alcohol it triggers complications in the digestive enzymes created by the pancreas. This may lead to serious complications if the person doesn’t give up his drinking habits.

• Damage to the liver- Liver is responsible for flushing out toxins and harmful substances from the body. When a person drinks too much alcohol, the liver is badly affected thus giving rise to chronic liver diseases and inflammation.

Prolonged drinking destroys the liver that makes it hard to remove toxins from the body. As a result, more toxins built up in the body causing further damages. Women are more vulnerable to liver damage as compared to men.

• Increase in sugar levels- With liver damage, the pancreas is badly affected. The body is unable to produce enough insulin that could utilise the sugar. This adds on to the sugar levels. Plus, when sugar level increases, the person suffers from diabetes and its side effects. Diabetic people are therefore advised to stay away from alcohol.

• Effects of alcohol on the central nervous system- The extent of the effects of alcohol can be easily understood by its nervous system. A person with higher alcohol consumption will have symptoms like slurred speech. As the alcohol reduces the communication between the brain and body, thus elevating the problem of balancing. That is why people are advised not to drink and drive. The numbness in the feet and hands is also another impact on the nervous system of the person. Moreover, excessive alcohol consumption interferes with your memory power and may result in permanent brain damage.

• Impact on the digestive system- Its effects on the digestive system is not visible earlier. Side effects are only visible when the damage has been processed. As a result, the digestive system is unable to absorb minerals and nutrients, thus making a person weak and malnutrition.

A person drinking heavily finds himself addicted to it. For such a person, alcohol withdrawal is a daunting task. To break this alcohol addiction one needs professional help from someone who can work on each and every aspect patiently. Consulting a medical expert is certainly a good idea. It’s the safest way to crack the addiction.

To help detect the level of alcohol in the body, the doctor may prescribe alcohol blood tests and alcohol urine tests. The alcohol in the urine and blood is measured with these tests. After the reports are recieved, the person is treated either after admission to the rehabilitation centre, or as an outpatient . 

alcohol withdrawal symptoms-

• Nervousness

• Anxiety

• High blood pressure

• Tremors

• Irregular heartbeat

• Heavy sweating

• Hallucinations

• Seizures

• delirium

Heavy drinking gives rise to many other health problems like gas, bloating, fullness in the abdomen, diarrhoea or painful stool. Addicts are also at higher risk of cancer. The person consuming tobacco with alcohol is more prone to developing cancers.

Alcohol affects the circulatory system. The  heart and lungs are badly affected by it. A person drinking too much alcohol is likely to develop many heart problems like stroke, heart failure, heart disease, irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. Moreover, when the person is not able to absorb vitamins and minerals from food, he falls prey to low red blood cell count.

impact on sex organs

Erectile dysfunction is another worrying impact of alcohol on the person; it can prevent hormone production resulting in lower libido. Women who drink too much face problems like infertility, miscarriage or premature delivery.

impact on the skeletal system

Long-term alcohol consumption will affect your bones and make them weak over a period of time. This habit may initiate thinner bones, making them vulnerable to fractures. These fractures may take a longer time to heal.

effects on the immune system

With  regular consumption, the body’s natural healing system is impared. This makes it difficult for the body to fight germs and viruses. Alcoholics are more vulnerable to being infected with pneumonia or TB that the non-drinkers.

alcohol withdrawal treatment

At rehabilitation, centres-This is for the most severe addictions that need immediate action. It not only affects the person but also his/her family and friends. There are several rehabilitation centres helping addicts with their daily drinking habits.

At home- many people choose detoxification from alcohol from home, as it is the most comfortable place for the patients.

when do you need our services?

When a drinking problem has been identified, is when you need our services. We have a range of diagnostic services which help identify the problem, and trained professionals to help address it. One can opt for a counsellor to discuss problems and suggest ways to avoid alcohol.

Our counsellors are available to visit and speak to the individual in the comfot of their homes. In addition a doctor from our desk prescribes medication that can help one  recover from the damage done to different parts of the body. For all urine and blood tests, our technician visits your home and collect the samples. The reports are delivered at home as well.


A common problem, alcoholism often goes untreated becasue of the aloholics reffulas to admit the issue for fear of social stigma. Our discreet services ensure that one can seek remedial action without feeling subject to scrutiny.